Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute for Student (International Version) Musical Instruments

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About this item Footjoint marking, A unique footjoint alignment mark facilitates proper fitting by young players Neoprene key bumpers, Stronger and more durable than cork Specifically designed for a clean attack, sensitive response, and accurate intonation Nickel-silver, power-forged keys, Very durable and less susceptible to breakage. Closed-hole (Plateau) keys facilitate ease of playability for beginners 1 year seller warranty. Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product.


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10 reviews for Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute for Student (International Version) Musical Instruments

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  1. Ms Me

    This is the second Yamaha student flute I have purchased off of Amazon. Just like the first, this is authentic, looks great, plays well, and is half the price of what the local music shops sell it for. My daughter loves it. We had to buy a second one because marching band takes a toll on instruments and we needed a back up for when her older flute was in the shop or she forgot it somewhere. From what I was told, these are overstock flutes from different countries and as such, Yamaha will not honor the warranty. But the warranty really doesn’t cover anything anyway and you would have to pay for shipping there and back. Unless this has a major manufacturing flaw, you are better off bringing it to a local music shop. So far, so good with this flute.

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  2. KimberlooleeKimberloolee

    I LOVE MY FLUTE! In June it’ll be three years since i purchased my flute, and it was the BEST investment. This is a picture of my flute, taken a couple days ago, after i polished it with my silver polishing cloth. I love how it looks brand new.I play my flute just about every day, sometimes for 2+ hours at a time. The sound of this flute is clear. Low notes down to low C are easy to play. Upper octave notes flow with ease. I went to a music store and checked out a couple flutes double what i paid for this one and they felt cheap and didn’t look as nice.I would buy this flute again and again, but as nice as it is, i don’t think I’ll need to.

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  3. Jw

    Excellent quality, excellent tone. Makes the last three flutes I owned look bad! I’ve played for 45 years.. this is a really great silver flute!

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  4. David F

    We needed a flute for our middle school daughter’s band class and shopped for new and used flutes when we discovered this grey market flute on Amazon. Priced between the used and new flutes, our only concern was whether the flute was an authentic Yamaha manufactured instrument and not a knock-off. Since the add stated it was returnable, we took a chance and ordered it from seller D-Solution. Delivery was from overseas and arrived in 3 days to the West Coast. Flute came in a factory Yamaha box with all the appropriate packaging and serial number stickers on the box. Flute appeared legit and was in new condition. Comes with a hard plastic case inside a soft case w/ handles for carrying. Plays and sounds nice and daughter couldn’t be happier. She has rented a flute previously and said this was better than the rented Yamaha flute. Highly recommended!

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  5. KS_Daybreak

    I played the flute back in school 30+ years ago and have only recently picked it up again as a hobby. Off and on over the past 2 years, I’d been playing a used Yamaha YFL-221 that was in decent shape, but I decided to go for a brand new, slightly upgraded student flute.Like many others who have posted here, I was very concerned about the authenticity of this model given the seemingly low price for the Yamaha brand. I did a lot of research before finally pulling the trigger, and I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Delivery was quick (2 business days), and when I took the flute out of the packaging I went over it with a fine-tooth comb. It was flawless: the overall appearance and quality of construction (pads, corks, screws, etc.) were exactly what I’ve come to expect from Yamaha. The sound is bright and the tone is quite good for a student flute. The pointed key arms add a classy touch, and the hard and soft cases and cleaning rod/cloths are nice inclusions.Overall, I think this was a great purchase. I hope to post a follow-up in the coming months when I’ve had a little more practice under my belt.

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  6. Walt Ginsberg

    So, so, much better than the thrice overhauled Emerson I have been playing. A very bright tone, very well constructed, plays well. Comes with a hard case, cleaning rod and cloth, owners manual. I would certainly buy it again. Official Yamaha dealers want almost twice as much for the same flute. The only thing you would be getting for your extra money is a longer warranty.

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  7. alim

    I was not sure if it is genuine or if it is fake as the price is much lower than the US version and its bag and box looks different than the US version and people had mentioned that they have bought lots of fake Yamaha flutes on Ebay. But I ordered and have it tested by a flute teacher. She told me it should be a genuine one and actually it sounds very good too! So very happy with my purchase and I recommend ordering it.

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  8. JakeJake

    It is good for a great brand as Yamaha. This is my first one. I have orderred a cheap flute but the quality was not as good like this yamaha flute. Recommended

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  9. Guy T. Schafer

    I waited until I had this flute for 6 months before writing this review. I took up the flute 8 months ago with a cheapie flute from the bay. After 2 months of self-study, I could not really play, but my interest was only increasing. So I got serious: bought this flute and got a music teacher to come to the house every week for an hour.Now I know enough to give a competent review:Everyone says you can’t buy a flute in a poke; trials and techs and repairmen and teachers must all be involved. That’s fine for someone who knows these people, but what if you’re just starting out and want to get an instrument without this support?This is where Yamaha shines. Go to any flute message board (I like the r/flute subreddit) and the ONLY flute anyone feels confident in suggesting buying blind is a Yamaha. Almost every thread goes like this: “What flute should I buy?” “Well, you have to get a team of 6 experts together to examine the offerings and xray your skull cavities while you play.” “Can’t I just pick up the Yamaha?” “Oh, sure, if you want to spend money.”I bought the YFL-222 blind because I’d had absolutely no flute training, but I made no misstep here. I LOVE this instrument and there’s a lot to love. It has become one of my most cherished possessions.It plays easy, the embouchure hole must be perfect. Low tones are mellow, highs are crisp. Attacks are easy, it responds to articulation effortlessly. I swear I can get nicer notes out of my 222 after 6 months than my teacher can get from his Artley after 6 decades. His Bb sounds like an ocarina while mine is a host of angels.I’ve played this heavily (even playing outdoors on occasion), the light patina that’s starting to form is attractive and soft. But the instrument looks just as pretty as when it was new. The screwheads, rods, springs all look unblemished and without corrosion. The pads look new and there are no leaks from the lowest to highest notes.The only 2 quibbles I can find:1. The hard case (inside the soft carrying case) has no handle. I like to tie my cleaning cloth to the outside of the case (so the wet rag isn’t in the case with the flute) and tying it to the handle would be great. I had to add a brass eyelet to the outside of the case to hold the rag, a handle would have been more elegant.2. The D# trill key is just a hair too close to the D key. With my huge mitts (I can palm a basketball) and thick fingers, I sometimes graze the trill key when fingering the D which renders it mute. I’ve been getting better at avoiding it. My teacher claims it’s a non-issue, if I was fingering correctly I’d be fine. But his Artley definitely has a few extra critical millimeters between those keys.The tone of this instrument is world class. It has been reliable, seems robust. Love it, makes me smile. I claim it’s the only flute that a student working alone can buy without risk.

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  10. S H

    If I was allowed to give more stars, I would. The flute is well made and it is easy for beginners like me to make sounds. I tried the cheap flute before and the situation was completely. I could not make proper sounds with the cheap flute. And that discouraged me to continue. So glad that I have made up my mind to buy this flute. This is THE flute for beginners. Even though it is not made in Japan, the YAMAHA quality is still there. Really cannot compare it to the professional one.The flute comes with the cleaning rod and cloths. The cloths are from Japan and well made. I am going to return the rod that I have purchased separately.

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    Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute for Student (International Version)  Musical Instruments
    Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute for Student (International Version) Musical Instruments


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