Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor All-Weather Speakers with Bass Reflex Enclosure (Pair, White) | Broad Sound Coverage | Speed-Lock Mounting System Electronics

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About this item Install your Atrium 6 Speakers in any large or open space?by a pool, in the patio, the sunroom, halls or office areas. They will deliver EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT SOUND, OUTDOORS OR INDOORS, no matter where you set them up Equipped with 5 1/4″ Dynamic Balance driver 1″ dome tweeter provides WIDER SOUND DISPERSION & SURPRISINGLY POWERFUL BASS. At 100W, frequency response is as low as 60KHz and PowerPort bass venting, CUTS THROUGH LOUD, JARRING BACKGROUND NOISES These loudspeakers come with a steeply-angled baffle design that fills expansive spaces with full-range sound that is sure to impress! GREAT AESTHETICS COMBINED & BEAUTIFUL LIVELY SOUND makes these speakers a preferred choice among music lovers worldwide Atrium’s one-click SPEED-LOCK MOUNTING BRACKET offers EASY, ANTI-SLIP ONE-HANDED INSTALLATION – mount speakers vertically or horizontally, to deliver the best sound in a variety of situations. Simply mount the swiveling C-bracket, adjust the angle and fasten the speaker with a click THE SPEAKER FOR ALL SEASONS ? it?s rugged durability, high environmental endurance & superior quality has helped Polk Outdoor Speakers win the all-weather Certification. They EFFORTLESSLY WITHSTAND EXTREME TEMPERATURES AND HEAVY RAIN year after year


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11 reviews for Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor All-Weather Speakers with Bass Reflex Enclosure (Pair, White) | Broad Sound Coverage | Speed-Lock Mounting System Electronics

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  1. Vincent J. CacciatoreVincent J. Cacciatore

    I could not be happier with this product. I recently built an external 16’x20′ patio and firepit area for my Maine vacation home. I debated putting in a Sonos system on the patio but since I had to run power to the patio anyway, it seemed foolish to spend additional cash for that system when I could easily run speaker wire to the speakers. After much research and evaluating systems on line, I landed on these Polk Atrium speakers. I was originally going with the Atrium 5 but decided to scale up to the 6 version given the volume I intended to cover. From the moment I turned the speakers on, I was blown away. The sound quality was incredible. I played a Billy Elish song and her voice was fluid. You could here the highs and lows and every nuisance in between. It made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck it was so good. Thank you Polk Audio, I will be looking for other places to put a set of these speakers.

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  2. Zmanwithdog

    These things are GREAT for a back yard! I’m definitely glad I went with the Atrium 6 size. They are indeed more money then the next size down BUT the sound is beyond great. Buy once, cry once… I’ll definitely never have that thought of wishing they had a bigger sound… If they are too load, that’s what the volume is for, LOL… These have been installed for a few months now and we use them all the time. No issues yet with quality, so fingers crossed. The mounting of these was supper easy. I have one installed inside a roofed/screened gazebo facing down at a 45° angle pointing at the hot tub. I have the second one installed outside the gazebo just under the roof lip so that it’s protected some and it’s facing the back yard so 90° off from the one inside. The biggest issue I had was actually due to the receiver I was using and the wiring path I used which was initially too close to some power wiring. Once I got a functional receiver and moved the wires away from power wiring more, these sound perfect. This was surely one of the best outdoor home improvement projects I have done yet. Very highly recommended.

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  3. D. Anderson

    After 5 years, my 251s had failed due to extreme weather conditions. I replaced with the Atrium 6 units and found these vastly superior, especially considering the cost. I have the speakers mounted on a large deck about 50′ apart, and have about 5 acres in the back yard. Observations as follows:Sound quality: Much better highs and lows than the 251s. You’ll need to break in the speakers for 4-6 hours (to loosen up the voice coils) and once you do that, you’ll find much better range than the 251s. Clearer sound, much less muddy than the Bose unitsArea coverage: The Bose units do disburse sound well, as they are essentially cross firing, so for small spaces you’ll have good coverage. However, at say 100’+ straight out, the Atriums extend the sound much better and are a lot clearer.Installation: The Atrium gets the nod here, as the brackets very well designed for single hand installation. These are fairly heavy speakers, so this is really a nice factor when working off a ladder. The only thing I’d fault is it’s not possible to use straight banana plugs as the housing does not have enough room to insert these in.Warrantee: Bose does provide 5 years against 2 years for the Atriums. But if worried, get the extended warrantee package and you’ll still be money ahead of the 251sPower required: I have a big back yard (no neighbors) and like my jazz pretty loud, but even so a 50W/channel amp provides plenty of power. Pretty similar output compared with the 251s, but again a lot cleaner. Note-these are 6 ohm speakers, so be careful if you plan to run 2 sets of these in parallel.It the money was equal, the Atriums would be a better choice than the 251s. In reality, the 251s are a lot more expensive so this is really a no brainer choice. Wish I would have seen these 5 years ago before I got the 251s!

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  4. Consumer in Puget Sound

    Bought to replace a pair of 10yr old KLH C-180B outdoor speakers, one of which was suffering from an intermittently sticky driver.They are mounted under the eaves above our back deck. Being driven as Zone 2 by an Onkyo RZ series receiver.Quite impressed with the sound, but I was expecting to be… My experience with a pair of Polk DB691 6×9 speakers I recently installed in my car gave me a bunch of confidence in the quality of sound Polk can provide with smaller speakers these days.(For reference, SVS Ultra bookshelf speakers and a Rythmik subwoofer in my main HT & music setup are my benchmark for what good sounds like.)I consider them to be good value at the price I paid on Amazon.The Atrium 6 speakers installed very quickly, without any fuss and sounded great from the get-go. More than enough bass, clarity and accuracy for my application. Looking forward now to some deck weather to properly break them in.I also have to say that Polk clearly put some thought into the bracket / mounting system and the result is very user-friendly, secure and good-looking. I enjoy finding products with this level of attention to detail and concern for the overall consumer experience.Update – April 6th, 2020—————————–I still couldn’t be happier with this purchase.I’m now driving them with an Outlaw Audio amplifier via pre-outs from an Anthem receiver and they sound unbelievably good – And even better with volume. Polk has delivered some very bass-capable speakers here.Whenever I’m out on my deck, I’m reminded that my outdoor speakers sound better than what most people have installed in their living rooms.

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  5. Wes HartmanWes Hartman

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     Large outdoor area coverage is great! I bought outdoor 14 gauage buriable wire, 4×4 deck posts and bored through them each way for a seamless look. Then i buried the posts and cemented them. I have 4 of these atrium 6 speakers with an underpowered receiver and they still sound great!

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  6. Scooty809

    We actually purchased these speakers for interior use only. The only tricky part about using them inside is that they are quite large. You can measure for placement with a ruler, but once you actually have them in hand, the size and weight was a bit unexpected. If attaching to drywall, mollies are definitely in order.We have a room with a cathedral ceiling that starts at 10 feet and apexes at 15′ 6″. We purchased 2 pair, and placed them in each corner at a height on 14′. The direction of the speakers is limited to up or down, or left to right, depending on how they are mounted. We chose a horizontal mounting and angled them down.The sound from these speakers is gorgeous. There is no other way of putting it. We are so glad we did not opt for some bookshelf-type speaker, or ones that were much smaller that claimed to have deep bass notes. These, inside, give fortitude to the music. Both bass and treble are rich. Frankly, these speakers are extraordinary. We look forward to mounting two of them outside during the Christmas Season.The are paired to an old, though, somewhat expensive for the time, 1993 JVC Audio Receiver.

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  7. A_Guy

    I am a bit of an audiophile. I own some of the most prized speakers and amps for my various audio systems. I ordered these sound unheard to top off my home system with an outdoor set. I am powering them with a 200watt SS amp and a Yamaha pre-amp pushing various digital sources. Let me tell you: They sound FANTASTIC. Clear, present and clean. Deep bass, pleasant highs, and more than enough uhhmmmppphhh to push your guests off their chairs and onto the dance floor. Trust me, I am very picky and seldom rain praise. However, these speakers deserve their praise. They are neutral yet present. Solid and clean. Sound great at low volumes and can handle more power than you … Buy them, you’ll love their sound. The ONLY thing I dont like is the shallowness of their wire plugs. Normal sized banana plugs are too long to fit with the speaker mount. So you have to use short ones or none at all. Not a big deal, but was kind of a pain to deal with during install.

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  8. Ronald J. Martinkus

    I LOVE POLK…..and these also sound great. Easy install. I had first gotten the Atrium 5, and returned it. The Atrium 6 has much better bass (big sound difference)…..and also note: while it does not say in the amazon description, it says on the owners manual – the Atrium 6 (and larger Atrium) – have a back port for 3db greater bass response. And it does. The Atrium 5 did not…..So, if you like deeper sound – purchase the Atrium 6. Great for late night jazz. ….also, i got a good deal off the open box WAREHOUSE DEALS with amazon.

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  9. Private

    I’m very pleased with these speakers. I installed them about 6 months ago to complete a new covered patio. They’re powered by an older Kenwood VR-209 receiver (100W/channel). The clarity is absolutely amazing, I’m able to easily understand vocals without pumping up the volume so they don’t interfere with conversations or aggravate the neighbors. I have only one minor criticism, and that’s the lack of bass. When compared to the Klipsch speakers with similar sized drivers mounted in the garage these produce maybe half the bass (driven by the same receiver using zones). The bass is still adequate to appreciate the music, it’s just thinner than I like at the same receiver settings. If I weren’t running two different pairs off the same system I could likely adjust the EQ to overcome the deficiency which is why I didn’t dock a star.Every guest that hears these speakers is impressed.

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  10. TJ Detwiler

    Great, clean, clear, tight sound. Using these 10 hours per day outside at the pool in South Florida. Get rained on, wind, sun, and they are holding up fine. Capable of putting out more crystal clear sound than necessary. Have to turn them down sometimes. Running an Onkyo A-9010 Amplifier to these. The amp puts out clean sound & power without effects (like hall, stadium, etc.).

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  11. unknown

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    Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor All-Weather Speakers with Bass Reflex Enclosure (Pair, White) | Broad Sound Coverage | Speed-Lock Mounting System  Electronics
    Polk Audio Atrium 6 Outdoor All-Weather Speakers with Bass Reflex Enclosure (Pair, White) | Broad Sound Coverage | Speed-Lock Mounting System Electronics


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