Benvo Mosquito Head Net Mesh, Face Neck Fly Netting Hood from Bugs Gnats Noseeums Screen Net for Any Outdoor Lover- with Carry Bags Fits Most Sizes of Hats Caps (2pcs, Grey, Updated Big Net) Patio, Lawn & Garden

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DURABLE MATERIAL: Benvo mosquito head netting is made of 100% nylon, breathable fabric keeps you form mosquitoes and any annoying bugs but allows fresh air in and clarity of vision through the net, super easy to put on and take off. UPDATED BIGGER SIZE: 21.25 inch/ 54 cm in height, bottom perimeter is 37.8 inch/ 96 cm; top perimeter is 15.7 inch/ 40 cm(approx.) fits comfortable over any adult and child size hats. Neck drawstring from the bottom of the head net mesh allows adjustment to really keep the little buggers out and provide comfortable wearing. WIDE APPLICATION: Save you from the mosquitoes, bugs, flies, gnats, no see ums, etc. Good portable equipment to enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing at night, hiking, camping, trekking, traveling, cycling and gardening. EXTRA FINE MESH: 522 holes per square inch/ 81 holes per sq cm, not dangling strings to catch on objects, a real solution for irritating mosquitoes to stay away your face and neck, a great gift for a traveler, hiker, hunter, fisherman, gardeners, etc. FREE STORAGE BAGS: Each face mech netting comes with a small toggle bag, save spaces during traveling and easy to store in your pocket. We take care of all quality-related issues with a replacement or a full refund. Efficient customer service if you got any problems about your order from Benvo Official! Products will all be shipped by Amazon from their US-based warehouse so delivering time is also guaranteed.


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11 reviews for Benvo Mosquito Head Net Mesh, Face Neck Fly Netting Hood from Bugs Gnats Noseeums Screen Net for Any Outdoor Lover- with Carry Bags Fits Most Sizes of Hats Caps (2pcs, Grey, Updated Big Net) Patio, Lawn & Garden

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  1. NJseabreezeNJseabreeze

    Horrible biting gnats in WI farm country has made late spring miserable. Bites on head face neck and ears leave red welts that itch for days. These grey nets make outdoor life bearable again. Used constantly for dog walking, gardening, mowing

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  2. amydamyd

    This is perfect and exactly what I needed. I previously bought an 8 x 10 mosquito bug insect net barrier roll. This roll was messy once cut and hard to cut in even pieces (I ended up cutting pieces and then dumping them because they were weird cut) I had to bunch the net up around the bottom and use clothes pins to keep it tight so snails and other bugs wouldn’t get into herbs. This net is awesome! This solves all my pest problems. I don’t know how long the elastic will last at the bottom being outside, but not a problem I will just buy more.

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  3. Lenore Case

    It’s a little hot in the sun, but it’s fabric mesh that goes over your head so I kind of expected that. What I didn’t expect was how fun it would be to emerge from the garage with garden tools wearing this thing and scare the new neighbor kids. Keeps the bugs off my face and neck, is easy to throw on, stores in a tidy little pouch, startles the five year old and frightens the three year old next door– it’s a multitasker![The oldest one is already over it, and the second kid is starting to get used to it, but they have a little sister so when she sees it I’ll update this review lol]

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  4. BethanyFLBethanyFL

    I bought this head net for a trip to north Iceland after reading it suggested a few places. The area around Lake Myvatn is known for having tons of flies in the summer months. (Which is unfortunate, because otherwise it’s gorgeous and there’s tons of interesting stuff to see there!) I ended up only needing a net for one place, but MAN I was glad to have it! The flies were awful and kept going for my eyes and mouth. Put this thing on, and I became the only person on the trail NOT swatting at bugs as I walked! I had several people comment they wished they’d thought of that or wished they had one. It folds up tiny and in its own little bag. Super light. I’m throwing it in every hiking pack I use in the future, because I’ve been swarmed by mosquitoes and flies up north before, and this would really help!

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  5. RyanT

    I’m so glad I purchased these! I was first looking at gardening type hats that had a net attached. I didn’t like how dark a lot of the netting was and I liked the idea of using hat I wanted or none at all. Best decision I could have made. The light grey ones were perfect and didn’t obstruct my view at all. The material is actually very durable for a thin bug net. Most bug netting will rip with the slightest snag. I snagged these on several tree limbs and not one tear. Also you can wash these which is very convenient. this last summer in Oklahoma had one of the worst mosquito infestations I’ve witnessed. It’s usually bad, but this summer was extremely dry and they were very hungry. With these nets I was able to do yard work once again. I normally wear long sleeves and pants when I do summer yard work. I know, sounds crazy, but there is actually a science behind it. Besides the obvious skin protection. So with my long sleeve and my netting I was one of the only neighbors out every weekend havin a good time lol. Just buy em you won’t be disappointed!

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  6. MathAppeal

    I bought the product to wear at home during the coronavirus crisis, to help me keep my hands off my face and develop a better habit in that regard. Although there were several colors from which to choose, I decided white would be best for me, because I wanted to be able to read.White was a very good choice! I “tied” the head net at the back of my neck so the front would be close to my face, which made it easy to read, use the computer, and watch TV. The netting can be worn directly on one’s head (as I do), and it’s wide enough to be used over hats when out in the sun to protect against mosquitoes.The information given in the description is clear, and the two headnets that come with each order arrive in small orange pouches as pictured. When I got mine, I was worried that the wrong color had been sent, because the trim on the pouches was black. However, the headnets actually *were* the white ones I ordered.I hope that those of you reading this review find it useful!

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  7. Betsy

    I have been using this product while working in my vegetable garden which is plagued with gnats and the occasional mosquito. The netting is very effective. I can see the gnats at times swarming around my face, yet foiled from reaching my skin by the Benvo net. The only drawback about the netting that I have noticed is that it is a bit short to fit over my broad rimmed sun hat and still fit comfortably. However, I have pulled the net down in front and raised it in back and have not noticed any problem with the net saving me from insects. I am pleased with the Benvo head net. I like the small drawstring bag it comes in and think it will be handy to store the net for use on hikes.

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  8. lydia

    I received the order very quickly. I started wearing the grey mesh nets right away. We seem to be having a terrible “No See Ums” season this year and I was getting bitten even while sitting on our second floor deck. Gardening was becoming out of the question because of the insect plague. The net is roomy (top diameter about 6″, length about 19″, bottom diameter about 14″ with an elastic drawstring). It fits very well over a bucket hat and it fits over a baseball cap. The net is long, so, on me, it reaches to just below my shoulders. I can wear it that way or tuck it into a loose shirt or sweatshirt. My husband has a larger head and his net fit over his baseball cap and came down around the bottom of his neck with enough room to tuck into his shirt. The grey mesh is quite transparent so there is very little problem with reading an iPad or doing other kind of work. The little bugs can not get through the mesh and just sit on the outside of the fine mesh. The little bags/pouches (about 2.5″ long and 2″ in diameter when stuffed) are a great bonus and it keeps the fine mesh from getting entangled in things or getting ripped. You can also stuff the little bag into a pocket where it’s ready for use. I like these individual nets better than the ones that are sold which are attached to hats. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them for anyone plagued by biting insects.

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  9. Lea S

    RE: Benvo Mosquito Repellent Head Net, 1 black & 1 gray: I bought them for work outside digging a long trench and home improvements. Excellent at keeping out every kind of buzzing insect (e.g. buffalo gnats) that had been bothering me previously. I researched several brands and types and chose this set and loved it because: (1) mesh density of 522 holes per sq inch was tight enough to keep out gnats and still allow air circulation; (2) good length/not too short– it draped to my upper chest/upper shoulder area when not cinched up, so i could have tucked it into shirt top, but I preferred to cinch the drawstring up tight to my neck instead, which worked great and left loose fabric draping a couple of inches from the cinched area so it didn’t press on my face or feel confining–it was easy to tighten and loosen as needed, and stayed cinched when tightened with the tiny built-in plastic push-toggle-attachment; 3) it fit great over a booney hat that had approx 1.5″ brim so it kept the net off my face so I barely knew I was wearing it and wasn’t distracted at all as I worked (part of the good fit was due to the “flat” round design at the top which allows it to rest on top of hat or head to stay in place better); 4) it had a drawstring and cinch toggle instead of just non-adjustable elastic bottom; 5) I ordered dark colors because reviewers on various sites said lighter color nets like white were harder to see through; my set came with one black and one gray but I only tried the black net so far and had perfect visibility! 6) great price/value compared to others like Sea To Summit which would have been my next choice; 7) when my face got sweaty from working, I just blotted it on my shirt sleeve right through the netting; 8) not overly scratchy or uncomfortable. I have ZERO complaints. [Just fyi: when shopping for head nets, things to keep in mind based on reviews and complaints from shoppers with all different kinds and brands of nets was to look for a net that **is long and wide enough to fit over the brim of the type of hat you plan to wear and well below your neckline so you can keep the net off your face and possibly ears and neck depending on your needs; **get netting dense enough to exclude the bugs that are bothering you but not so dense that it lacks airflow; **get one with a drawstring/cinch feature so you can tighten it as much as you want (versus just elastic without a cinch) so it doesn’t just hang open at the bottom allowing bugs in.]

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  10. SLSL

    Bought these to stick in the get home bag. There’s been a lot of rain here in the Northeast and the mosquito population is pretty crazy.These nets seem to hold up pretty well . There is a small drawstring to keep it tight against your neck .I pushed the excess in the collar and buttoned up the shirt. Looks to be pretty good way to keep the skeeters off you face .It fits easily over a ball cap or boonie. I preferred this method.Having used this type of netting before in the northern country it’s cheap insurance to preserve your sanity

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  11. unknown

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    Benvo Mosquito Head Net Mesh, Face Neck Fly Netting Hood from Bugs Gnats Noseeums Screen Net for Any Outdoor Lover- with Carry Bags Fits Most Sizes of Hats Caps (2pcs, Grey, Updated Big Net)  Patio, Lawn & Garden
    Benvo Mosquito Head Net Mesh, Face Neck Fly Netting Hood from Bugs Gnats Noseeums Screen Net for Any Outdoor Lover- with Carry Bags Fits Most Sizes of Hats Caps (2pcs, Grey, Updated Big Net) Patio, Lawn & Garden


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