The Tinkle Belle Female Urination Device | Portable Urinal with Case! Stand to Pee While Staying Fully Clothed! Easy, Compact, Reliable for Hiking/Camping/Travel/Concerts/Festivals/Dirty Toilets Sports & Outdoors

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USE IT FULLY CLOTHED No need to bare all of your assets! The Tinkle Belle is specifically designed with a hard shell portion so that you can use it with all of your clothing without it collapsing! It doesn?t overflow or collapse like silicone funnels. Just insert it into a fly or move clothing down in front, point the spout down, and you are good to GO! NO NEED FOR TOILET PAPER Yes, we know when you are out and about that you may not have extra tissues or wipes with you. No problem! The Tinkle Belle is designed with a soft wiping “squeegee” lip so that you can remove any remaining drops. No wet clothing for The Tinkle Belle! COMPACT & FOLDABLE The Tinkle Belle is LONG when unfolded and being used, but compact when you are out and about! We know that #sizematters .This longer spout allows you to pee further away from your body. No more peeing on your feet and clothes! You can now have a longest pee distance contest! When you’re done being victorious, you can fold it in half to make it compact and be a discreet champion! DESIGNED WITH YOUR SHAPE IN MIND-The Tinkle Belle is engineered and designed to be anatomically shaped to fit you! Pee in confidence without leaks or overflow. The anatomical shape allows for the correct seal against your body and our built-in thumb-rests assure proper placement. Aim with precision! PORTABLE AND EASY TO CARRY-The Tinkle Belle is lightweight and easy to carry with the included case! You can carry it to any outdoor activity, hiking, airplane travel, road trips, camping, festivals, concerts, dirty restrooms and more! Carry one in your glove box, in your purse, or clipped to your backpack! You will find the convenience of The Tinkle Belle necessary for wherever you go!


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11 reviews for The Tinkle Belle Female Urination Device | Portable Urinal with Case! Stand to Pee While Staying Fully Clothed! Easy, Compact, Reliable for Hiking/Camping/Travel/Concerts/Festivals/Dirty Toilets Sports & Outdoors

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  1. Sarah RSarah R

    I ordered 2 of them. I do have a go girl and a Venus to Mars. I do really like the Venus to Mars and the tinkle belle setup a lot better then the go girl. I really do like how the tinkle belle is longer, it folds up and comes with pouches.

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  2. SCNewYorker1125

    Lifesaver or bladder saver in this case! This is the BEST female urinal device I have EVER purchased and have tried nearly 15 others.  As a women BSA leader, mom and avid kayaker and camper the Tinker Belle works flawlessly while standing, squatting and even sitting. The best part is I am able to slide the Tinker Belle through my open zipper, align it up to my body and go (now I know why men always pee on trees).  I have also been able to use it while sitting in my Hobie Kayak all I do is the same as above but insert the spout into my collapsible urinal and go. All in all I am overly impressed at the ease of use, functionality and ergonomic design. The instructions are incredibly well written and easy to follow. The compact design allows for easy travel. Well done Tinker belle! Do you have a referral program? If so sign me up!Here is the link to the colapasble urinal that pairs great with the Tinker Belle especially if you spend a lot of time on the water.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    My daughter-in-law told me about this. I was skeptical but ordered it because as an older hiker it’s hard taking long hikes when you don’t know when that urge to go is going to hit you. I got this in the mail today and promptly hopped in the shower, clothes and all to get the full effect, and tried it out. OMG! Works perfectly!! I didn’t get any on my clothes as other product users report. Wonderfully discreet. I am so excited about this product and can’t wait to go on our next hike!

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  4. Debra

    Very handy item to take and use especially when hiking and backpacking. Practice in the shower to get confident with use. Discrete carrry bag with carabiner allows for quick access. Doesn’t collapse or spill when using. Long spout allows directional control and prevents splash up. Speedy cleanup with minimal to no mess. Also bought one for teenage daughter and sister. If you don’t want to bare it all, we would highly recommend it!

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  5. G-Mama

    I feel dirty and messy after urination while using crotchless shapewear — hence purchase of this device. I was hesitant at first, and even asked hubby to show me how to aim. With his advice, the first time was tried in the bathtub (yes TMI & gross!). Easy to aim, no drips on my hand, no spillage & definitely no pee stain on my garment.After using this device (easy, comfortable and hygienic), I should always pee standing up.

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  6. Mina

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     I received my Tinker Bell today and I used it right away. I did not have to practice in the shower like so many people have. I went straight to the toilet, unzipped, my pants, peed and done! There was no mess at all. Not a single drop on my panties, pants or fingers! I will never go hiking with out this device again. No more squatting and exposing my privates! It was so easy to use and so comfortable. I totally and confidently recommend this product!

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  7. Amazon Customer

    I bought this product to use while traveling as I occasionally find myself in countries with less than hygienic restroom facilities. For anyone who has used the Pstyle, this product is very similar to use. It’s easy to place and requires minimal exposure. I’ve been able to use it with all different clothing options, including jeans.The main difference with this product is the addition of a softer material to the front half of the product that allows it to be folded in half for storage and carrying, which appealed to me as a traveler. This softer material also lines the inside and edge of the hard plastic portion making it easier to grip and also more comfortable to “wipe” with as the hard plastic doesn’t touch your skin the way it does with the Pstyle. I also like the thumb rests which make it easier to push down and achieve the proper angle for use with thicker clothing like jeans or leggings.For me this product is the best of both worlds. It’s easy to use with minimal practice like the Pstyle, but with the added bonus of increased portability and comfort.The carrying case that comes with it is nice too. It’s reasonably discreet with only a small tag showing the product name and the inside is easily wiped clean.

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  8. Jessica

    I had been very happy with my Freshette urinary device, but discovered the Tinker Belle through an Instagram ad. After laughing at their hilarious videos, of course I bought one. I like how flexible the TB is, especially compared to the Freshette, and that it folds down and fits into a provided carrying case. I use this mostly at festivals and burns, where port-o-potties are something to be (rightly) feared. The Tinker Belle would be perfect for hiking as well.Be warned though – if you’ve been holding it for a while and you’ve got a lot of urine to relieve, don’t release the food gates with full force!!! The reservoir isn’t very deep (the Freshette wins out here), and you’ll have a bad, wet time of it. Learn from my embarrassing mistake.Practice makes perfect.

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  9. justashopper

    The Tinkle Belle is very easy to use. It fits the curves of the pelvis so it is very easy to position correctly and use without any leakage. I have used this both outside and indoors with no difficulties. The design and shape make it easy to position even if you are plus size (I’m a 22/24) unlike some other designs that are simply not made with bigger people in mind. (i.e. pibella and other shorter designs are near impossible to reach and position leak free around my belly)It is easy to clean. I keep a wet wipes or two in the pouch with it, but if I don’t have one I just wad up a bit of tissue and place in the closed end and tilt that way. The moisture is quickly adsorbed and the tissue can be discarded. I rinse/wash it with each day of use depending on availability. I use it almost daily and have had no issues with smell. I also haven’t had any trouble with the silicone wanting to stay folded or obstructing the urine flow.I’ve had no trouble with stream volume overflowing the device. You can widen the channel by pushing out on the thumb tabs to open up the trough to accommodate a strong flow. Just be sure the lowest point of the device is the front (the device should slope downward from the back to the front. If it is more level than tilted with the front down it can overflow because liquid flows downhill faster than it does on a level surface.It is soft enough on the top edge to dry pretty well. My guess is that the smoother the skin the better it removes moisture. No need to position between the labia or form any “seal” unlike the pibella and a few others.It folds and unfolds quickly and stores well in the included travel pouch. The pouch fits in my front jeans pocket easily so I always have it with me. I do wear classic boot cut jeans so they have some room. If skinny jeans are your style it would be quite obvious.The longer length and not needing to form a seal with the body enable bigger people like me to use it without having to remove clothing – just unbutton and/or unzip jeans, lower the front of the undies insert the Tinkle Belle, position and go.The only thing that would make it better would be to offer a black (or other solid dark color) pouch without the Tinkle Belle tag or maybe the logo only. I don’t necessarily want everyone to know what’s in my pocket when I go through security at work every day. The cute pouch can bring some “where did you get that cute pouch?” conversations that are a bit uncomfortable since I don’t know the people I’m talking to and how open they are to people like me. I just blow them off with a I don’t remember, I’ve had it awhile. I quickly removed the tag for the same reason.

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  10. KateKate

    This is the best by far. I am an avid hiker and a Boy Scout leader so I’ve had to pee in the woods a lot.Things to love: This is one piece so there’s nothing to lose.It isn’t hard plastic (which can be hard on the lady parts) and it’s design allows one to use it as a wiper to catch the dribbles.The spout is longer so one doesn’t pee on one’s shoes but it folds up so it’s compact. It is very easy to clean and the discrete carry pouch comes with a clip ring. I always take it hiking and I clip it to my bag when I know the toilet situation will be..rustic. I can use it without having to drop my pants to my knees, just open the fly, loosen up the waist a bit and slid my gusset to the side- so comfortable and easy. Honestly, simple to use and simple to carry, just practice first because ladies; you would not believe how difficult it is to convince your bladder to let go standing up!! It does take some getting used to- not our normal tinkle position. ?I have already recommended this to several girlfriends with whom I’m planning a backpacking trip through the mountains.

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  11. unknown

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    The Tinkle Belle Female Urination Device | Portable Urinal with Case! Stand to Pee While Staying Fully Clothed! Easy, Compact, Reliable for Hiking/Camping/Travel/Concerts/Festivals/Dirty Toilets  Sports & Outdoors
    The Tinkle Belle Female Urination Device | Portable Urinal with Case! Stand to Pee While Staying Fully Clothed! Easy, Compact, Reliable for Hiking/Camping/Travel/Concerts/Festivals/Dirty Toilets Sports & Outdoors


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