TETON Sports Mammoth 0F Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag; Warm and Comfortable for Family Camping, Green Taffeta (111) Winter Sleeping Bags : Sports & Outdoors

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Made in the USA or Imported THIS BAG IS HUGE: We?re not exaggerating. COMFORT AND WARMTH: Soft lining, zipper and shoulder draft tubes keep the warm air in; it unzips on each side and the bottom for easy access; and it has innovative fiber fill for warmth. WE?RE NOT KIDDING, IT?S MASSIVE: We?ll say it again, because we?ve had a few people not believe us: This bag is gigantic. This double sleeping bag is longer and wider than a queen-size mattress at 94×62 inches (239×157 cm). SLEEP WARM: Fluff your sleeping bag and use a camp pad to sleep warmer; Hang loops for long-term storage to maintain maximum loft OUR PROMISE TO YOU: We think our product support team is the best in the industry, so if you have questions or concerns, you can count on us to take care of you.


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11 reviews for TETON Sports Mammoth 0F Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag; Warm and Comfortable for Family Camping, Green Taffeta (111) Winter Sleeping Bags : Sports & Outdoors

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  1. Sean KingSean King

    Best sleeping bag ever. I’m 6’2″ and my girlfriend is 5’10” and both of us fit with a ton of leg room as well as room on the side for a terrified medium sized dog (scared of the wind). It’s kind of a pain to put back in the package by yourself but with 2 people it’s no problem. I’m so glad I got this bag. Super warm too.

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  2. Mr. AwesomeMr. Awesome

    Product was/is fantastic! The fam and I were extremely comfortable, not too hot and not too cold. The lining in this puppy is extremely soft. Overall I would absolutely recommend this to a friend. It is a PITA to get back in the stuff sack but worth the extra effort. A+

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  3. WSDM

    I bought this a year ago so I had to find my old orders just so I could review this thing. My wife and I spent Thanksgiving at my in-laws. We decided to sleep in the tent… It was FRIGID!!! It took me three years to talk her into sleeping with me outside(usually I sleep in my hammock at their house and she sleeps inside because it’s cold). She loved it. She said it was the best nights sleep she had ever had at their house :)… Now I did put two yoga mats side by side under us. But that Mammoth is warm and soft as some flannel PJ’s. The low was 28 degrees. With the two of us + fleece throw it was warm. I actually kept trying to find cold spots so i could cool off (there weren’t any for more than the sec it took me to heat them up ). I ended up unzipping the bag… speaking of which, the zippers are really smooth and don’t get hung up easily.All that to say, AWESOME sleeping bag… Wife approved!!!Oh, I’m 6’4″ 270lbs. Best Sleeping bag I have ever had…The bag I usually used I got at D i c k ‘ s for $160ish after tax, it was supposedly rated for -20 deg… doesn’t hold a candle to this monster. It had cold spots and was extremely lumpy.That last part was supposed to be the end, but I forgot about the one negative… IT’s REALLY BiG… and can be hard to get back in the bag, but it is doable have faith! (being neat is a handicap with this part, just keep stuffing it in)

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  4. Silly GrandmaSilly Grandma

    2020 Updated Review -We’ve been using this bag since 2017. We have not had one problem with this bag. We haven’t had any rips, tears or broken zippers. It’s still like beans new. This bag is VERY warm which is great for camping in the Sierra’s or anywhere it gets cold. We haven’t had any issues with trying to stay warm since we bought this bag. I sure wish we’d bought it years ago. I do take a sheet when we camp at lower elevations and the temperatures are warm or hot. We unzip the bag and just use the sheet as a cover. When my husband doesn’t go camping I get one of my adult daughter’s or a grandchild to help me put it back in the sack. I’m a pro at it now. It’s really not that hard once you know how to do it. Just watch and follow the video that the manufacturer put out.ORIGINAL REVIEW-I read what seemed like a thousand reviews for every sleeping bag under the sun. I really wanted a sleeping bag that both my husband and I could sleep in together… one that would actually keep us warm on camping trips. We’ve spent many a freezing night huddled up trying to stay warm… The reviews for this bag led me to believe this could be the perfect bag.When we went to sleep the first night of using this, I was pretty sure we would be perfectly warm all night. It’s thick! This bag is really substantial. We didn’t wake up cold once!!! We were comfortable all night long!!! In fact, it was a little warm when we went to sleep so we unzipped the bag and put the top down by our feet.This bag is heavy duty… I can’t imagine getting cold in this bag. The baffles on the side by the zipper are a great touch to keep the zipper away from your skin and any air out. There is also a tab on the outside that folds over the zipper. It’s a nice touch!! You can see it in my pictures.Some people complained about the neck area… There is a baffle there. You can actually tighten or loosen it. It didn’t bother us at all. We just put our pillows over it. I don’t think we even felt it. I’ve got a picture of that also.This bag is huge!! You are not buying this to backpack or even hike in a few miles. This is strictly for car/trailer camping. We could probably fit our two grandkids in the bag with us… Keep in mind that they’re toddlers and we are not really big people. That being said, the bag is long. We purchased the Coleman “queen size air cot” this year and this sleeping bag hung over the end. But we’re short so it didn’t matter a bit to us. I’m sure if we had put the bag on the ground we’d of had a lot of room at the bottom. I think tall people would like this bag.As for putting it away back into the compression bag… a lot of people complained about that in their reviews but… We did it!!! First try too!!!! The key is to fold it up and then start stuffing it into the bag, turn the bag a half turn with every stuff or two and with a little effort and a tiny bit of sweat you’ll get it in there!!! (There is a YouTube video from the manufacturer that helped greatly.) I really wish they’d make the bag just a few inches bigger… It would be even easier… But it can be done and we are retired grandparents!!!!We have recommended this bag to our kids and to several friends. It’s a fantastic bag. I don’t think you can go wrong getting this unless you are camping where it will be in 85°+ weather at night!!! Then you’ll be too warm. But otherwise this is a really sweet bag!!We paid for this bag with our own money. No discounts or anything. No one asked me to say nice things about it… But I always read the reviews, always… So I try to leave an honest review to help others. I hope this helped you to decide. Happy camping!!!

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  5. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    This sleeping bag is absolutely mental! Deep down I wish it was more affordable, because $130 bucks is kinda steep, but I definitely see the quality. I got it for camping here in Portland, me and my girlfriend needed a duel bag for camping up in the mountains during the snow. It’s incredibly warm! In fact at times we’d get too hot but that’s better than freezing I guess. I highly recommend this for comfort camping. It’s sooo fluffy you could sleep without a pillow or even a mattress. The only downside beside the cost is the size. Once I re packed it, it’s basically a cylinder measuring just about two feet long and one foot in diameter. So I don’t recommend it for backpacking or small packing activities. But it’s so comfy that I use it instead of blankets on my bed at home.

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  6. ilona

    I car camp with my 15 y/o pitbull. We are experimenting, as we mostly go in fall/winter/early spring, with best sleep in the car set ups. After a bad run in with condensation and freezing temps it was clear blankets from home wouldn’t cut it. I wanted a 2 person bag that she could sleep inside with me.This is not a lightweight bag. 16 lbs. It is ideal for use at home/car/rv/van camping. But we have been using it home to test it out. It is awesome! Super warm, great loft, the zippers are heavy duty, and well cushioned for sleeping in or on top.I went with the teal 0 degree. First, color is perfect and pretty. wipes clean easily. Second it is huge. I do not see that as a drawback as i read the reviews on youtube and here and knew it would be pretty cumbersome. It will be in the back of my small SUV so just more cushion IMO. My pup likes soft stuff. She adores sleeping on/in it when I put it out at home.There are convenient little pockets right near the top inside on either side for your phone or glasses. The zippers have a lip to prevent getting caught in the liner. The liner is soft and comfortable brushed cotton. I watched a review on youtube of this exact model (I found at least 2) after I purchased and they were really in depth and extended my adoration that I made the right choice.Also, the Teton was rated pretty highly for budget friendly, high quality cold weather sleeping bags from a couple of gear guide reviewers. I did my research and am very satisfied, just waiting for my chance to fully test it outside and then i can update this.

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  7. HappyCamper14

    We have had this bag for five years, and it has been *amazing* for summer tent camping in the Rockies and late fall and winter tent camping in NW Arkansas.As everyone else has pretty much covered, it’s soft, warm, and difficult to get back in the stuff sack; it’s also heavy and takes up quite a bit of room in the vehicle. But the pros far outweigh any cons.Before moving to Arkansas, we camped in the Sierras regularly, and night time temps in the 20s F in June and early July were pretty typical. We had supposedly warm mummy bags, but my posterior (a-hem) was always like ice, and I would wake up constantly during the night from the cold. My husband is the opposite, he’s a furnace when he sleeps. So on our first trip out to Colorado for a week of camping after moving to Arkansas, I knew I needed to harness his heat with a shared bag.The first night (30s F) with this bag we went to bed with our typical North Face base layers…and we were hot. Next night we slept in regular pajamas (cotton sweats, yoga pants, t-shirts) and were perfect. I had my first night’s solid sleep camping as an adult, and I have never looked back.Since then, we have used it as low as 17 F degrees (real; real feel was lower), but did top it off with another blanket just for added insurance. We also bought a tri-fold memory foam mattress (talk about taking up a lot of space in the truck bed) to help mitigate my fibromyalgia aches (air mattresses are awful support), and the comfort and warmth wrought by the combo of the mattress and this bag felt, in my husband’s words, “ridiculous.”When we finally acquiesced to the reality that tent camping and aging fibro-Me was not going to work much longer and bought a 16 foot travel trailer, we assumed we would keep using the bag. We stopped that pretty quickly because it was *too* warm. We have the 0 Degree bag; the 20 degree bag probably would work better in a travel trailer, but I’m just as happy under quilts when it’s 60 in the trailer (our plans of being brave little luxury campers and foregoing heat was halted when we realized we had to keep our pipes warm, so the furnace is a must in the cold weather).So our super duper sleeping bag has been in our closet for a year, until this frigid arctic blast plunged Arkansas into a deep freeze. Our room in our house was 45F, but in a tank top and pajama bottoms and no socks, I still kept throwing back the covers quite a bit to cool off. That’s not a complaint–I’ve been super grateful for the warmth the past few days, and am so glad we had this to make this mess all a bit easier.The only drawback is the practical inability to launder the bag. We ended up purchasing a queen size double liner that we could wash regularly, and that’s worked out fine, though I missed sleeping against the super soft interior of the bag itself. The outside of the bag has stood up well–it still looks new, imo, despite two generations now of big dogs sneaking naps on it. And we have never had any problems with the zippers. It also has never felt damp when camping in continuously rainy weather.This is one of those purchases I am grateful I made. I would consider it essential to tent camping in areas with low overnights, but it also gives me peace of mind for future winter power outages–we might be uncomfortable if the temps in the house match outside temps, but we won’t freeze.

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  8. vg

    My wife and I recently got back into camping in the Colorado wilderness. It can be 90 in the city but once you get into the mountains, you’ve got to be prepared. We like to snuggle so instead of getting two bags and worrying about compatitibilty, I went with a double. We’ve used it twice now and we’re so happy with our decision. There are a few cons but definitely not enough to warrant a star’s deduction. Here are my thoughts:PROS- Assuming you have someone in the bag with you, DO NOT LAYER UP too much. We were in t-shirts and shorts and we were VERY warm in the Colorado mountains where it was in the low 40s. We even unzipped the sides to put a leg out at one point! Bottom line is that unless you’re literally in below-30 temps, you probably don’t need to stack up the layers. A base layer, something on your ears/head, and some warm socks is probably all you’ll need if the temps start to drop.- Outer layer is sturdy and soft.- Inner lining is VERY soft and cozy. I expected something a bit less comfortable if I’m being honest so it was a very pleasant surprise to find such a lush inner lining.- Zippers are great! While we didn’t separate it entirely, I did notice that both sides zipped independently and each had a lined velcro strap to cover the zippers so the cold metal won’t touch your skin. I was hot one morning and was able to unzip my side while my wife stayed bundled up. Speaking of which, there is also a cinch around the top of the bag to create a mummy-style enclosure as seen in the picture. That little cubbie is also good for stuff pillows to keep them in place.- Lots of straps on the stuff sack; easily carried like a backpack if need be!CONS- Get ready for a workout if you’re using the stuff sack it came with. Unless you have a magic folding/rolling gift, you’ll probably want an extra set of hands to get the first quarter of the bag in the sack. After that it’s just a matter of stuffing all the way down to the bottom of the sack…which takes some effort and time. We are able to get first half of the bag in the stuff sack pretty easily after a few practice runs but fully utilizing the full volume of the bag is difficult. I have found, however, that after cinching the bag closed, the bag molds itself to take up the entire sack so it all works out in the end. If you want an easier time, you’ll probably have to buy a bigger stuff sack but…- The stuff sack is already pretty big and heavy. It has plenty of straps for carrying/tying down but it definitely isn’t suitable for more than a very light hike if any.That about covers my thoughts. If anything glaring comes about, I’ll update but this is a fantastic double sleeping bag, especially for those of you who like snuggling up.

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  9. C Adams

    This bag is AMAZING….it is soft ….warm beyond belief and just super duper plush. I read the reviews about how hard it is to get in the stuff sack so i watched a short u tube how to video and it worked! 1st try…took 3-4 minutes. The trick is to fold it in half lengthwise and stuff it into the sack as if you’re layering it inside the bag… turning the bag every few turns (my turning was hella sloppy and it still fit beautifully). I have not tried to stuff it in there any other way but from what the other reviewers said, anything else will be a disaster and not get it back into the bag. The biggest con also happens to be the biggest pro….it’s BIG. Gloriously big if you are car or RV camping but definitely not for anyone backcountry camping or even if camp is a long walk away from your car. It’s also heavy but duh you’re basically traveling with the sleeping bag equivalent of the sun. The manufacturer recommends storing it outside of the stuff sack so as to not permanently flatten the insulation fibers inside the bag…makes sense….not so convenient but also totally worth it. I really love this bag…it’s rad. Get it and watch the stuff video.

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  10. Heron Navarro

    This is by far the warmest sleeping bag I have ever experienced. I am the type of person that is ALWAYS cold and constantly wakes up while camping. I usually bring a one person sleeping bag, and about three blankets to line the inside with because THATS how cold I am. My partner convinced me to not bring blankets as we didn’t have any room, and because he bought this sleeping bag with my temperature regulation problems in mind. I was skeptical to the point of preconceived ideas, however, there is no denying that this sleeping bag is pure quality. The opening is weighted so that it closes the gaps, not allowing the cold night air inside. It’s ACTUALLY wide about for two people to sleep comfortably, and it is WARM. I mean like real warm. Like napping with a sunburn warm. We camped for five nights and I slept like a corpse through every night, which I can’t normally even do at home in my bed. If you’re wondering if this sleeping bag is worth the money, IT IS. But if you’re a napping camper, I’d suggest a backup that’s less warm because I tried to nap in this sleeping bag and I think I sweat out water I drank in 4th grade. I am 22. Buy the sleeping bag.

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  11. unknown

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    TETON Sports Mammoth 0F Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag; Warm and Comfortable for Family Camping, Green Taffeta (111)  Winter Sleeping Bags : Sports & Outdoors
    TETON Sports Mammoth 0F Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag; Warm and Comfortable for Family Camping, Green Taffeta (111) Winter Sleeping Bags : Sports & Outdoors


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