Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural Musical Instruments

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About this item Features a Spruce Top Laminated Nato back & sides. Satin Finish Chrome covered Tuning Machines Rosewood Fretboard


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10 reviews for Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural Musical Instruments

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  1. PaulaPaula

    I’m very pleased with my purchase! This guitar sounds lovely and has nice low action. The frets are nicely sanded with no burs or sharp spot. Neck is nice and straight. I bought a “used acceptable” from Amazon warehouse and I love it. The neck was pulling up a bit and I glued it back with no problem (I’ve never done that before but it’s no problem in the age of you tube). I would recommend this guitar for any beginner, teen or someone middle age like me not wanting to spend an arm and a leg till I’m sure guitaring is my thing. I would have loved one new but I wouldn’t trade the deal I got for this absolutely solid guitar! .. and I got some luthier repair practice in too!Update: after a month of play the nut went out. The 4th string was fully riding on the first fret and buzzing. I sanded the fret a bit but the nut was just shot (or at least that slot… It was just made by factory too deep and the humidity and tuning just finished rubbing it down too low). I knocked it out and ordered a bone nut and bridge. “Blisstime 2 Sets (4pcs) 6 String Acoustic Guitar Bone Bridge Saddle and Nut”. The Blisstime saddle fits to perfection. I am no luthier, I’m a beginning guitarist, but just a bit of wood glue and a clamp the new nut is on and it sounds great again. No buzz at all. While the strings were off I checked for poor fret leveling and found them all to be very well done. No unevenness. It was simply the nut needing to be replaced.I am still highly pleased with my purchase especially now upgraded with new strings and bone nut and bridge.Beautiful sound!

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  2. Just Me

    The Background:I am a professional singer and musician who has been at it for decades. I’ve played Taylors and Martins, but prefer a nice Breedlove because their tone seems to sit right in the middle between Taylor’s cut-through-the-mix bite and Martin’s perfect-tone-for-blend smoothness.I bought this as a gift for my daughter for Christmas. I would have loved to have had $500+ to spend on a starter guitar for her, but we simply didn’t have it. I did a lot of research on sub $200 guitars and came across this instrument. I was a bit surprised by the rave reviews and have to admit that I had high hopes because of them. However, as a musician who has seen his share of bad, cheap instruments, I was fairly certain I was going to be disappointed. After all, $70 for an acoustic instrument is…well…ridiculous. Again, I was hoping against hope that it would be as good as the reviews said, but I was more than ready for and expecting things like sketchy construction, uneven fret spacing, substantial fret buzz, poor tone, and more. In short, I was more than pleasantly surprised!The Good:I pulled it out of the under-whelming packaging and was instantly taken by the look of the guitar. It’s beautiful. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a $700+ instrument, but I’ve seen plenty of $400-$500 starter guitars that didn’t look nearly as nice. Love the satin finish.Because of the reviews I’d read, I was ready for rusted strings and praying it didn’t have any damage due to the poor packaging. I’d purchased some nice D’Addario strings to put on it and was fully ready to go through a lengthy set-up process to get it playable as some reviewers suggested. However, the strings were in perfect condition and, when I tuned her up, the guitar had nearly perfect set-up and sounded pretty stinkin’ amazing out of the box! I’ll still take it in after Christmas to have it fully set up by a pro, but out of the box this things was extremely playable with a very respectable tone.As for tuning, the frets are nearly perfect. My first guitar was a much more expensive Epiphone that sounded great open on the lower frets, but lost tonality quickly as you moved up the neck, especially under capo. Not this little gem. She sounds great all the way up the neck. The neck is narrow and very playable, the frets are smooth with no jagged edges, and the size of the instrument just feels right. The guitar itself is not huge, but it’s also not tiny like a travel guitar. Again, it just feels really nice to play.The Bad:There’s not a lot at this point, really. If this were a $500+ instrument, I’d have some things to say here, but even if it was in the $300-$400 range, I’d have to be fairly picky to write much in this column. The only thing that even crosses my mind is a some concerns for longevity. For instance, the tuners are functional, but you can tell that they are entry-level. They tune just fine and hold tune surprisingly well (again, better than my Epiphone did), but will they last? Only time will tell. Worst case scenario, though, is that they tank and I spend $20-$25 to put some nicer tuners on it. Even if that were to happen, I’d still be in this thing for a ridiculously low price! That almost moves this “bad” possibility into the plus column, in my opinion.Here is my only real concern for this guitar – it’s light. I mean, really light. So much so that it almost feels fragile (it doesn’t feel fragile, but it’s close). My Epiphone was a tank, and I never had to worry about hurting it with the normal bumps and bangs that often come with a first guitar. This guitar, however, is just the opposite. My daughter is very good at taking care of her things, so I’m not too concerned about it because of that. However, if I were getting it for my son who is notorious for destroying everything, I’m not sure it would make it to 2019. Again, only time will tell how this guitar holds up. I’ll try to keep this updated as time goes on.The Wrap:BUY IT! It’s $70, and I’d be shocked if you could find something of this quality for anywhere near this price point. If you are in the market for a sub $350 guitar, don’t spend a penny more than the $70 it costs for this gem. To do so would just not make sense. Even if you had to replace the tuners, strings, and get a better nut, bridge, and pegs right out of the box, you’d STILL be in this for less than $150. You’d also have an even BETTER sounding guitar. In my opinion, the only reason to spend $350-$400 on a different guitar is NOT to get better tone or playability (I doubt you’ll find it, honestly), but because you will have instruments in that range that are sturdier and that have solid tops/backs, etc. But, again, this is only SEVENTY BUCKS! What do you have to lose?

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  3. scott a wallace

    This is a very nice, well built simple acoustic. It is NOT the most wonderful, best ever made, so fabulous I can’t believe it-instrument that a lot of reviewers have built it up to be. Don’t get me wrong-it is a good sounding, solidly built banger or starter guitar. It is NOT a child’s toy. It is a quality instrument. But some of the reviewers have made it sound like this is the holy grail of inexpensive guitars. It is not. It would be perfect for a student or to take camping, but you are NO WAY getting a Martin or Taylor quality for under $100.00. That being said with the usual tweaks-new strings of course, setting the truss rod and making sure the saddle isn’t all jacked up with extra shims and fits properly; you have a perfectly serviceable instrument for under a hundred bucks. I bought it just to see what all of the fuss was about, not as something I would be playing on a regular basis. I will be taking it with me camping or sitting in the backyard playing. Personally I would search the pawn shops for a banger/beater. But a lot of people are unfamiliar with guitars and/or don’t have someone with that knowledge to help them with the purchase. So if your new to the instrument and need a good starting point, you can’t go wrong with this. Just remember it takes practice, practice practice. And YES your hands will hurt a LOT while first starting out. It’s just part of the process. Just stick with it and you will be forever blessed with a gift/talent/skill that will last you a lifetime, no matter what particular type/brand you play. Happy picking. Good job!

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  4. Fiona the cat

    Some reviewers have criticized this guitar but, as one positive reviewer said, it is amazing that you can buy a musical instrument of this quality for such a low price. If you are a guitar enthusiast and avid player, you probably will immediately notice that this guitar is not nearly as good as one that sells for $300 or $400. But of course not–it is not a $300 guitar; it is a $70 guitar. For $70, you can’t go wrong. It is a beautiful guitar. The action is not as high as others have said and the strings are fine. I tuned it and played it right out of the box and it sounds great. I love this guitar. You cannot go wrong for $70.

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  5. Lou

    I was going camping and wanted to take a guitar along to play on that trip, but I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of exposing my expensive guitar to the perils of sharp rocks, fireside smoke, and errant goo from toasted marshmallows. So, I ordered this Jasmine S35 specifically for use as a campfire guitar (i.e. a cheap beater that you buy to play at a campfire, and when you’re finished you have no regrets about just throwing it in and using it as fuel for roasting hot dogs). What I got was a perfectly serviceable instrument that was nicely playable out of the box after tuning. It has a bright, clear tone and sports a nice satin finish. The neck’s truss rod can be adjusted if needed through the sound hole with the included Allen wrench. The S35 doesn’t have the cosmetic appointments that you’ll find on higher-priced guitars, and most people would probably never call it gorgeous, but for just 70 bucks you’re getting a solid little beast that’s a perfect choice for anyone looking for a good entry-level guitar or an inexpensive “just because” instrument. The Jasmine will never replace my other guitar as my favorite, but it will make a nice 2nd instrument to have around for practice or just a change of pace. If that’s the kind of guitar you’re looking for and you’re on the fence about buying the S35, trust the very high proportion of positive Amazon reviews and press the Order button.UPDATE:A week or so after my Jasmine arrived, I happened to be visiting family in a city where there was a Guitar Center, so I dropped in to noodle on a few guitars and then leave without buying anything. (Yeah, I’m THAT guy.) One of the guitars I played was an $800 Martin…and the sound of my Jasmine beat the sound of that Martin all to heck. Seriously. Once again I say, buy the Jasmine. Just. Buy. It.UPDATE # 2:After few nights around the campfire the Jasmine does now have a slightly smoky smell to it, but my wife thinks it’s kinda sexy. Win-win.

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  6. NP

    I want to start by saying that most of the very few negative reviews on here are because these individuals do not know how to set up a guitar, or know that most new guitars need to be set up in the first place.I think it may be done to save labor, but the truss rod is often not tightened, and the saddle is too high.This guitar also has the capability to sound like a $400 guitar, but this will cost 20 in extra parts. A TUSQ saddle and a new set of strings. I prefer medium-light for these lesser expensive guys, if the action is set correctly, it will be easy to play and sound beautiful. These are not necessary, but for all the reviewers who say this doesn’t sound as good as some of the nice ones, put the new saddle on and the new strings, set the action, torque the truss rod, and you have yourself a wonderful sounding guitar.Regardless of your experience with guitars, an easy test to see if this guitar needs to be set up is to stick a quarter under the 12th fret. If it has room on top of it before it touches the string, it will need to be set up. Proceed to step 1, if the quarter fits just perfectly with no room, congrats, you got lucky, you are ready to play.1.) If you are new to guitar, I would highly recommend taking it to a guitar shop and having them set your action. This will usually cost 20-30 bucks but will make this guitar play really nicely, and your progression as a guitarist will be effortless instead of very difficult. I dont recommend spending the extra money on a new saddle or new strings for a beginner. To them, this thing will sound full bodied as it is, and you can switch out the saddle and the strings in 6 months or a year when you replace the strings anyway.If you are not new, or new but handy with little repairs and such, go on you-tube and type in “how to set up your new guitar” A great video of how to set it up. For anyone experienced with guitars, the sound quality will be pretty good stock, but to make it resonate and sound full bodied and amazing (like a true solid spruce top guitar) change out the saddle for a TUSQ or something equivalent and buy some Ernie ball Earthwood medium light 80/20 strings. Together they run $20 and once your action is set correctly and your truss tightened perfectly this thing will sound like a $400 takamine, No joke.I keep referring to the action, this is the amount of space between the frets and the strings, it is the most crucial part of setting up a new guitar and will make ease of playing, sound quality and the whole experience fantastic. The way to decrease action is to loosen the strings enough to pull the saddle out and sand it down 1/32 – 1/8th inch depending on how much is needed. This process takes less than 10 minutes yet many players don’t know how, or don’t know that this is an option.Many reviewers on here say that the “action is too high” which it may be, but it is VERY easy to fix, and makes or breaks any inexpensive guitar. Please don’t listen to the bad reviews from the individuals that have not yet set up their action correctly, this is a takamine (Taak-ah-mani)which is a fantastic brand that makes fantastic quality guitars, do not be fooled by the price tag. This is a beauty, and is simple but perfect for any person with a spare 100 bucks.And honestly, I would not buy any guitar upgrade until you could afford a Seagull s6 (roughly $400) as the seagull will play like a $1,200 guitar. DO NOT waste your money on any other cheap guitar out there, and remember… when you buy a new guitar, it needs to be set up!You now know more than 90% of the people out there, so the next time you hear someone saying “the action is way too high” or “This cheap guitar doesn’t have sustain” or “this doesn’t sound full bodied like the nice ones.” Just smile and know that all they need is to buy a new saddle, some new strings, and adjust the action (all less than 20 bucks if you do the work yourself). I have seen friends buy $1000 guitars and never sand the saddle down, it makes me sad.I know this is long guys, but thank you for reading, I highly recommend this guy, and I highly recommend the seagull s6 as the next guitar upgrade. Have fun playing!

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  7. RS

    I’ve had this guitar for 2 years because I wanted a cheap beater guitar.It just sounds OK when it comes.The action came pretty high and the strings that come with it suck.I replaced the saddle and strings with those recommended in P&P’s review and it’s actually a pretty fantastic guitar.Would recommend it to anyone (with slight modifications).NOTE ON P&P’s review:I replaced my saddle with a Graph Tech PQ-9272-C0 TUSQ Acoustic Compensated Saddle.and strings withErnie Ball Earthwood Silk and Steel Extra Soft Acoustic Set, .010 – .050.

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  8. Eddie H

    This guitar is great value and perfect for beginnings like myself. It feels much higher quality than the price would suggest and the finish is beautiful (I got the natural). It has satin finish as opposed of being glossy, which I think adds to the overall quality and beauty. I was able to tune it with no difficulty and the adjustments were smooth. The sound is rich and warm with the included strings.I will echo the concern (and misfortune) of many that the Amazon packaging leaves some to be desired for this guitar… The outer shipping cardboard box it was in was HUGE… And only had padding paper on one side. When I pulled the box into my house I immediately felt the inner box Jasmine packages their guitar in sliding all over the inside of the shipping box. I became quite concerned, having ready a few reviews with unfortunate outcomes. To my luck, everything was in order and the guitar is perfect. To be fair, I don’t think Amazon alone is on the hook on this one… Jasmine could do a better job at padding the guitar box, too!But, that observation aside, as a product, this is a 5 star guitar in its price range. Definitely punching above its class. If I’m ever good enough to get something of a higher caliber, I will likely always keep this one around. 🙂

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  9. DaleDale

    I purchased this guitar used from Amazon. Before taxes I think I paid $89.00. So let’s start by saying I received my first guitar 37 years ago, so I’m not new to this. I kept seeing this in Amazon and with the reviews, it peaked my interest, and at $89.00, It was worth the risk. What I received blew my mind. When I first received it, I replaced the strings right away as I always do. When I began to play, I could not believe how good it sounded. The tone is incredibly rich and crisp. No humming or buzzing. You’d be hard pressed to find a guitar that sounds this good at any price. UPDATE: Because the guitar sounded so good when I received it, I decided to install upgrades. In the attached photos, you will see that I replaced the tuning machines with Hipshot locking tuners. The stock nut and saddle and string pins were plastic, so I replaced them all with bone. I took it in and had it professionally set up, meaning the bone nut and saddle were shaved to get the strings as close as possible to the neck. Now this guitar is incredible. It sounds and plays better than most $1,000 guitars, and at least as good as any Taylor or Martin in the $1,500 range. It sounds and plays better than my friends Gibson. So the point is, if you are a guitarist, and you don’t need a Taylor or a Martin, and you just want an awesome guitar at a great price, this is the way to go. My total expenses for the guitar with all upgrades and Professional guitar set up were. $254.00

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  10. Calvin Thomas

    I am a guitar player and teacher. In my 10 years of playing, I must say, this guitar surprised me. I purchased one for my son at Christmas because of the great reviews. I own a few acoustic guitars including a Seagull s6 which is a beautiful sounding guitar.I can’t lie and say that this guitar sounds better than my s6, but I will tell you that this guitar is amazing on its own. In terms of playability and sound, it can contend with a lot of other guitars, especially if you have great strings and a nice set up. Which brings me to my next point: the set up was great out of the box. When my son let me strum it a few times I couldn’t put it down.I am now recommending this guitar to all of my students! This guitar is definitely not a throwaway when you get better. This is a keeper for life.

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    Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural  Musical Instruments
    Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural Musical Instruments


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