Command Clear Mini Light Clips, 45 Clips, 54 Strips – Easy to Open Packaging, Decorate Damage-Free Home & Kitchen

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INCLUDES – 40 Clear Command Decorating Clips and 48 Small Command Clear Indoor Strips; use 1 clip for every 2 feet of lights DECORATE DAMAGE-FREE – Say goodbye to holes, marks, or sticky residue on your walls and surfaces; Command Clear Decorating Clips by 3M are easy to use and help keep your surfaces looking beautiful NO TOOLS REQUIRED – Hang indoor fairy lights, Christmas lights, holiday lights, twinkle lights, string lights, cables, and cords without nails or a hammer STRONG AND VERSATILE – Command Clear Decorating Clips include hold strongly on a variety of smooth indoor surfaces including painted walls, smooth ceilings, finished wood, glass, tile, and metal REMOVES CLEANLY – From Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, to Christmas, decorations go up and down with ease; Perfect for your college dorm, apartment, and home
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11 reviews for Command Clear Mini Light Clips, 45 Clips, 54 Strips – Easy to Open Packaging, Decorate Damage-Free Home & Kitchen

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  1. mr kw & mr dr

    These clear hooks with clear adhesive are great!They only hold small gauge Christmas lights. The hook is small and tight. We had epic storms and crazy wind and all my lights stayed in place! Plus the clear tabs are nearly invisible. Here is a secret,.. if you install these on your metal railing or other hard flat surfaces,…. I took alcohol wipes and wiped down the area and then you place the adhesive pull at the top facing up so it’s easier to pull off. Really. I messed up a bunch last year facing it down- facing up us waaay easier.

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  2. A.G.A.G.

    I first used these to hang string lights around my ceiling about 2 years ago. I recently moved into a new apartment and got new clips to hang my lights again. They seem to have redesigned the clips to have a larger opening (see photos: left = old, right = new).The last time I used these, my walls were bumpy from being repainted so much, but the clips held fine. One fell off after a month or two but I just put it back up with a new strip. The strips that come with the clear clips are definitely weaker than the foam ones you get with the white clips, but for something as light as string lights, it’s not an issue. When I took the clips down, a few dots of paint kind of came off, but the same thing happened when I took scotch tape off the wall, so I think it’s more likely a result of poor quality paint.I haven’t used the new clips yet, but the strips are exactly the same as the old ones and the clip itself still feels sturdy. The only real difference is the shape of the actual clip/the part that holds the string in (see photos).

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  3. RV

    I bought theses strips so I could hang lightweight ornaments from the ceiling. I recently had painted our ceiling and declared war on using tacks to hold the ornaments putting small holes in the ceiling. I bought these hooks to suspend light weight ornaments. These clips are rated at 5oz. My ornaments are 6.7 oz. I was a little worried because these will be hanging over a dining room table and a glass table. I certainly did not want them falling down so I proceeded with a test. In an inconspicuous place, I hung one 11 oz shoe from the ceiling and left it there dangling for almost three weeks. No problem. The clip felt secure and no doubt would have hung there indefinitely. Part two was removing the strip without damage to the ceiling. I followed the directions and wallah it came right off leaving no marks. I am confident these clips will hold my 6.7 oz ornament safely and securely for the entire Christmas season. If there is no update from me after Christmas you can be assured they worked great for me.

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  4. Davenport, IA

    We “cut the cord” with cable and just have one of those goofy antennaes so we can get local channels and have the long cord from the tv to the window. Unattractive!! I bought a white antennae to run along the trim to make it less noticeable and use these mini command hooks to secure it. Works like a charm!! I followed the instructions and cleaned the wall/trim with rubbing alcohol. I needed to take a few down to reposition them and they popped off as expected but again – I follow the directions. These hooks made an eyesore become invisible without having to drill holes. I love it! These are tiny. Christmas lights, balloon strings, etc…. would be perfect.

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  5. Nate

    Got these to hang all my masks by my door.I’m someone who has to bring at least two masks a day with me to various jobs as an essential worker, so I decided to just take a wall by my front door and put up a ton of these and hang all my various masks so I could pick the ones I wanted for the day/job I was going to do.These hooks work great.I know when I’m leaving the house what jobs I’ll be going to, so I grab the masks that are best suited to the particular needs. (Do I need to go on/off a lot? Do I need to just do a straight 9 hours wearing the same mask? Do I just need something from time to time when I enter spaces with others?)Best setup ever, and I just grab them as I walk out the door. These hooks have made my mornings a lot easier. Plus, once all this is over (if it ever is) I think they’ll be just the right size to use for routing smaller USB/etc cables for various things.

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  6. aswasw

    This is the best product I have found on the market for the securing and mounting of CAT 7 ethernet cable to a wall or other surface. The clips are the perfect size for a CAT 7 flat cable. I’ve used them around the house with success. I am thrilled with this product after trying out many others. It should be noted that these clips would only work for CAT 7 – none of the wider cables from earlier standards.

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  7. Jake BrowneJake Browne

    Snagged myself a pack of these while doing some quarantine nesting and adding lights to a gallery wall. They’re barely noticeable but are helping hold considerable tension and keeping my wire lines crisp, something I never thought I’d appreciate.Where they really shine is helping me train my philodendrons up the wall. Just snap back the clip, slide in a branch, and watch them take off! Just make sure you have the correct side of the adhesive when applying, which is easy to do because they’re clearly labeled. Unless you’ve had a little quarantine happy hour. Then you, like me, might forget.

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  8. Darya

    We used these for indoor hanging of Christmas lights and it worked perfectly for this purpose. We did zero prep on our walls, and went straight in assembling and sticking the hooks. Our wall is slightly textured and painted, so was really impressed with their immediate adhesion. The hooks grip the strands of standard lights very well (the 3 wire bundles), the wires pop in and are not able to slip back out of the hook which is perfect. During the whole process, only 2 (out of 45) did not adhere right away and had to be restuck which worked with the original sticky strip even the second time sticking it down, which was probably user error of not pressing the adhesion hard enough to the wall. Great value, we were able to do very roughly ~60ft of lights. Broke one by accident pressing directly on the hook into the wall–don’t do that and just press on the flat sides of the plastic.

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  9. Jillian R.

    These are great multipurpose mini cord clips! I’ve actually never used them for string lights but they work great for any small cords 🙂 To date I’ve used these for my home security camera cord to make it less visible as the camera is high up on the wall. Did the same thing for my Echo Dot cord as it’s also on a wall mount. Attached another to the side of my bedside table to hold my iphone charger cord when not in use and keep it off the floor. I’ve even used these in my car to manage my QI wireless charger, radar detector and cigarette splitter cords to manage and keep them out of sight/from hanging all around the center console.Overall if you need to manage any small lights/cords in an indiscreet manor, choose these clips! They are barely noticeable, remove cleanly and stick to multiple types of surfaces (painted walls, smooth wood, hard car interior, etc)

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  10. GothamChickShopper

    This is very useful hanging my string of lights on the window pane itself for the holidays. They allow me to create a design around the glass portion of my window, and hold the entire string when place strategically around 2 inches from the wooden edge. They are, however, disposable and will last you one season — so you will need to remove the adhesive tabs for you to hang the lights again the following year. They are easily replaceable, and the hooks themselves are durable and reusable. Highly recommended!

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  11. unknown

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    Command Clear Mini Light Clips, 45 Clips, 54 Strips – Easy to Open Packaging, Decorate Damage-Free  Home & Kitchen
    Command Clear Mini Light Clips, 45 Clips, 54 Strips – Easy to Open Packaging, Decorate Damage-Free Home & Kitchen


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