Windscreen4less Heavy Duty Privacy Screen Fence in Color Solid Green 6′ x 50′ Brass Grommets 150 GSM – Customized Wood Decking Planks : Patio, Lawn & Garden

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Product measures exactly 50′ long x 5’8″ tall, perfect fit for a fence that?s 6 ft tall. Constructed of new high density material- polyethylene, allows maximum air to go through. Prevents harmful UV sun lights from damaging for up to 90%, and fabric has a 2.5? enforced binding, so it?s able to hold up even in extreme weather condition. 2 grommets on each side of fabric to ensure strength, and it?s easy to install. Has a 3 Year Limited Warranty under normal usage and weather.


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10 reviews for Windscreen4less Heavy Duty Privacy Screen Fence in Color Solid Green 6′ x 50′ Brass Grommets 150 GSM – Customized Wood Decking Planks : Patio, Lawn & Garden

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  1. CountryKrackerCountryKracker

    Update: I purchased this windscreen 9/16/2016. It’s 2/26/2019. We live in coastal South Florida. This windscreen has not been taken down or come down once since I installed it almost 2.5 years ago and it looks EXACTLY the same! We’ve had hurricanes, crazy hot 100+ degrees with a crap ton of humidity, nuts rain and wind, and really cold (for Florida) weather in the upper 20’s. This screen is solid! There are no rips, tears or any issues I can see with it. It keeps the nasty vines that are behind the fence out of view and obscures the views of any maintenance workers. Correct size for your application and a tight installation are key to the fence working as it should. I re-read my previous review and realized I neglected to mention one of the steps I took. After the screen was completely secured, along the perimeter, I used the UVA rated zip ties and pushed the zip ties through the screen folded them back through the screen with about an inch of screen inside the zip tie loop and secured them on the backside of the fence (I call these mid-screen anchors). Our screen is 6’ tall x 50’ long. I did the mid-screen anchors at 3 different vertical heights (1.5 feet, 3 feet and 4.5 feet) to prevent a horizontal tear point due to a straight line. I also staggered them so there’s essentially a diamond pattern if you look very closely at the screen. The 3 foot (height from bottom of the screen) anchor point is about 10 feet away from the next anchor point of the same height and about half the distance of the lower (1.5 feet from the bottom of the screen) and higher anchor points (about 4.5 feet from the bottom of the screen). Having these mid-screen anchors limits the amount of wind the screen can hold and doesn’t allow it to become a “giant sail” that will rip. I ended up purchasing 3-4 more of these 4’ tall by 50’ long and attaching them to the inside of our aluminum fence. We have a thick calusia hedge around the perimeter of our yard and the screens have added so much more privacy and keep the dogs much quieter and completely unable to escape. They also keep our bantam chickens in our yard! Hope this helps.So it took me a bit, to get the time to clean off my back fence; finally I got it done! Taking time to make sure your fence is clear of debris is key to the installation on the screen.The screen is awesome. It appears to be very well made. It has 3 holes in each corner of the screen. Each hole is reinforced with metal eyes. The eyes run along the entire perimeter of the screen and are evenly spaced. The holes are spaced approximately 2 feet apart. I started at the upper right hand corner of my screen and did the vertical. I secured my screen to the fence using UVA rated zip ties. I used 3 zip ties for each of the 3 corner holes x the 4 corners. Once I did the upper right hand corner to the bottom right hand corner I went along the top of the fence. I secured each eye to the fence with 2 zip ties and kept the screen taught, but not too tight. Once I reached the upper left hand corner I again used 3 zip ties for each of the 3 corner eyes and worked my way down the left vertical. I then went back to the right side and worked my way along the bottom of the fence. Again keeping the screen taught is key to the screen looking and functioning well.The purpose of the screen in our yard is mostly for privacy. We have 2 young girls. We have a pool. We have dogs, that LOVE to bark at anything that doesn’t live in our house. We live in Southeast Florida with lots of sunshine, hot temperatures, humidity, rain, thunderstorms, and crazy unpredictable weather patterns. We also have a power pole behind our property and the power company is constantly working on maintaining equipment and access to the pole. The power guys are nice, but I’d rather have a bit of privacy.The screen is nice as it blends in with the green of the foliage, and provides a level of privacy without completely closing off the back yard. We live in an HOA and can’t have anything permanent on the back fence. So this screen is a perfect compromise. I’m stoked with how it looks and like that I can see if there’s someone back there… Only I see a silhouette instead of every detail and they see the same.

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  2. FJV

    I bought this to see how it would cover a wood retaining wall in the rear of my house. I was getting tired of staining it every other year and it was not on my property either. The material was nice and heavy duty and grommets were spaced out in a good pattern. I laid it out on the ground after it was delivered, then next day I put it across the wall so it would hang for a while to get the folds out. This color was perfect for me, it blocks looking at the faded wood color and shows a nice dark green where the wall was. It is semi transparent and probably used for chain link fencing but this worked perfect for my uses. After a few more days I will stretch the bottom down and secure it with stainless screws and or plastic ties. And price for this size was excellent.

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  3. Bjboyd719Bjboyd719

    Has done the job so far! My dogs bark at the neighbors and one man sits and watches us while we’re in the yard or pool…creepy! Has reduced their barking and he can’t see us so easily. It does not completely block out everything but distorts the view enough. If placed in direct sunlight, you will obviously be able to see through it a little bit better than if it was in the shade. Attached with zip ties to wire fencing and T-posts. Probably should have went with the 5ft, instead of the 6ft, so it would have been pulled tighter but I’m still satisfied.

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  4. Romans828Romans828

    Works better than I thought. Privacy is very good. They say 90%, true. Also I installed this in my Phoenix Arizona yard and 2 days later we had a monsoon hit with rain and wind gusts over 50 miles an hour and this held fine! Tip use 10″ ties easier to work with, I used” Heavy Duty 10 Inches Long 150 Count Mega Value Pack by Strong Ties” cut and paste and find on make sure you stretch the material tight and cinch with ties. Looks great by the way. Very good value and it’s truly commercial I just walked by a building project and they had the same material!

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  5. Evan

    Easy to install and works great. Stretched this across my back fence and now I finally have some privacy from the road directly behind the property. The reviewers saying this isn’t private enough I feel are expecting too much from a woven fabric privacy screen, if you absolitely need no eyes off get a solid fence. For everything else this works great, this offers great coverage and exceeds my expectations.

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  6. Rex Dean

    I’ve never seen anyone do this before, but I tell you, these privacy fences can become really nice fences in their own right. I installed 4×4 pressure treated posts in concrete every sixteen feet along my property line (150 feet), and then stretched these privacy fences up…and it’s really quite beautiful, I think. I went from resenting my neighbors every single day (a developer purchased my neighbor’s house, clear-cut 2 acres of forest, and erected three ugly, vinyl-sided houses…in an historic neighborhood in my town), to not caring about my neighbors at all. I can still see lights going by on the street, and vague outlines of people if I look hard, but for the most part, I just don’t think about my neighbors any more. The quotes I had for a decent wood fence of this length and height were in the $7k to $10k range. At roughly $50 for each 50 feet section, plus 4x4s and a few bags of cement, and cables and fasteners, the whole fence has cost me under $400. Because we have high winds where I live (near Boston), and in order to get enough tension, I got a series of plastic covered cables (wire rope) and stretched them, with tighteners, between the 4×4 posts. I tried to weave the cable in and out of the grommets, but in a couple sections I forgot to do that first and ended up using zip ties (which I know from past experience will fail) or stainless steel wire twisted around the grommets and cable. Last winter I had two sections of this fence strung up between trees, and it survived the weather just fine (even buried in snow, because my cables weren’t installed very well then and sections fell into snow drifts). I’m hoping the current fence will last 2 or 3 years, or longer, at which time I may just decide to buy a new set of privacy panels, or else opt for a wood fence. For now, I enjoy watching the shadows play across the screen as lights go by…it feels like some sort of Christo installation.

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  7. J SavJ Sav

    Currently looks as expected. Green blends in with nearby trees, because it is breathable can see through just the right amount. Used double ties on every hole, hoping to limit the movement. If the product doesn’t hold up I will update this review. The pic I update was close up. To show you can see through a bit but from a far you cannot see through

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  8. Kim StoneKim Stone

    I needed a fast temporary solution to block my neighbors and help prevent my dogs nonstop barking at their dogs. I don’t have a chain link fence so I used 7 foot metal fencing post and zipped tied it to that. Ran mechanics wire through all the grommets up top to make it rigid. Stakes the bottom to the ground. Two winds storms and still standing. I have zero regrets doing this. Very HAPPY. HOWEVER…I’m sending one back because the grommets didn’t match up top and bottom. Important since I’m attaching to metal posts.

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  9. M.McFlyM.McFly

    I bought two of these 50′ windscreens 3 years ago. I zip tied them to my fence along the grommets and within the body of the windscreens (about 5 in a diamond shape very 8-10 feet). These worked great! You can still see through the windscreen, but it’s like looking through a pair of dark glasses. After 3 years, the material of the screen has deteriorated due to snow and sun. This past winter we had strong winds and it ripped part of the screen. I ended up buying another 50′ to replace the ripped screen. Overall, I’m happy with this product!

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  10. Carmindy StevensCarmindy Stevens

    Brilliant!! Exactly what I wanted as a visual block for the neighbors crazy pit bull who barks anytime he sees me or my dogs in MY YARD. See the before and after pics– took me less than an hour to put up using 8″ zip ties and a little step stool. I am a 5’4″ able bodied woman and didn’t struggle with it one bit. I am so pleased with it!!

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    Windscreen4less Heavy Duty Privacy Screen Fence in Color Solid Green 6′ x 50′ Brass Grommets 150 GSM – Customized  Wood Decking Planks : Patio, Lawn & Garden
    Windscreen4less Heavy Duty Privacy Screen Fence in Color Solid Green 6′ x 50′ Brass Grommets 150 GSM – Customized Wood Decking Planks : Patio, Lawn & Garden


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