vAv YAKEDA Tactical Vest Outdoor Ultra-Light Breathable Combat Training Vest Adjustable for Adults 600D Encryption Polyester-VT-1063 (Black) Sports & Outdoors

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?ITEM SIZE?Adjustable for adults, S-XXXXL: the maximum waist is 57 inches (145cm), the smallest waist is 35 inches (89CM); the longest length is 22.5 inches (57cm); the shortest length is 20.5 inches (52cm), it could be adjusted to fit the shoulder and waist size. NOTE:Different people and different assembly methods will cause differences in waist circumference and belt size on both sides,please be patient to adjust it. ?ADJUSTABLE?Adjustable shoulder and side straps,belt design allows you to adjust it according to your needs, so you have full freedom of movement. ?HIGH QUALITY? Made from durable, comfortable high-density 600D Polyester,With mesh design, more breathable and light. ?MULTIFUNCTION?Has plenty removable pouches and Hook-and-loop Closure, Drain Holes and Elastic excellent plug in systems, so it is reasonable and well organized when playing the CS game . ?USES?CS Game,Army fan, mountaineering, fashion, business,outdoors activity,Target Shooting,Law Enforcement,Air Soft&Paint ball,Cosplay of Counter Strike game.


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10 reviews for vAv YAKEDA Tactical Vest Outdoor Ultra-Light Breathable Combat Training Vest Adjustable for Adults 600D Encryption Polyester-VT-1063 (Black) Sports & Outdoors

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  1. D A McGD A McG

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     As a lightweight, tactical vest, this is a cracker. It comes in one size, which is a great plus. So no matter your size, this vest will do you fine.Do not be mistakes into thinking that this is a Flak jacket or the likes. It’s purely a multi accessory, multi use vest. If you are into Airsoft or paintballing then this vest is for you. Alternatively, if you are in the law enforcement or security business, this is a useful addition to your kit.The vest is mounted of a nylon mesh giving it both ventilation and a lighter weight. It zips up the front and has 2 straps down each side for fitting it to your body. It will also adjust at the shoulder, which a lot of these vests do not. I have a very light body mass and I got this vest to fit perfectly in no time, and with no effort, at all.Starting on the inside of the vest, there are 2 zip up pockets left and right. These may be useful for documentation or similar. The mesh used is strong and lightweight. To the rear of the body you have a reinforced pull handle for cell extraction or rescue. There is a compartment for a hydration bladder. I’m not sure what size you can get in there though. On the hydration bladder compartment there are some Molle straps for attaching additional items.There are also magazine/torch pouches. On the upper back is a large Velcro area where you can put your company or personal patches.To the front of the vest are a radio/phone pouch on the left shoulder. Just below that there is a removable 3-pocket pistol mag pouch. Again this would be useful for magazines/torch or for batteries. Below this is the removable pistol holster. This is what it is and I don’t see that you could use it for anything else. On the other side of the vest there is a shotgun shell pouch and this has 2 large utility pouches underneath it. Attached to the bottom of the vest is a heavy duty adjustable belt which is removable and can be used as a standalone item.The materials used in the manufacture of this product are of a high quality and I can see this vest lasting a long time even if you put it through the mill and use and abuse it. It is extremely comfortable to wear and I am sure that during long time wear you won’t even know you have it on. The accessories that come with the vest are also very well made and being able to add and take away from the vest is a great asset.A top class product from a top class seller. Yakeda always come up trumps with their good and I would recommend this vest to future buyers.Declaration: I received this product without charge, without obligation, in the hope that I might review it. This has not affected my assessment of it – it remains objective and unbiased. One of the reasons I have taken a number of photos is that I do not want you to take my word for what it is like – I want you to judge for yourself.If you’ve found this review to be helpful please click on the button below.

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  2. aMANazon

    **************************THIS VEST IS IN THE PIKE… 5X5*****************************Reasons why this is better than most other vests in its class:I like that the right butt shoulder rest has a semi-firm tube that extends up the shoulder all the way up thereby adding extra absorption for a shotgun butt and that its not a soft cheapy impotent feeling support like other saggy type foam inserts. Your hydration tube WILL hold securely to this one!I like that the outer upper mag clip slots have a nice feel to them, sort of a thick rubberized texture and rugged and not just a vinyl feel or look.The belt is EXTREMELY FIRM which adds support like a tool belt type and doesn’t bunch up or spot sag like many do. The design on the hook and loop size adjustment is nice because it is on both sides so you keep the belt centered.The shoulder straps are wide strong adjustable hook and loop and give great overall support to the vest once weighted down.Now here is what makes this vest WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER:What I really REALLY REALLY like about the inside back ‘BLADDER’ slot is it will fit on the back perfectly an 11″x14″to15″ KEVLAR INSERT… PERFECTLY!!!!!!!! Now THAT my friends you gotta admit that this is a Bad @$$ OPTION!!!It has a Velcro closure to keep it packed solid. You can buy the raw Kevlar IIIA insert for about $60 bucks, if not here then “E”lseware. In the inside front gut area is on each side of zipper are (2) 8″x10” zippered panels for Kevlar IIIA Inserts costing $36 apiece “E”lseware!!!! Now, for full on protection you will want and need to create a simple upper “T” shaped sleeve insert that will hold Kevlar IIIA that will cover the full wide top heart chest area and that will extend down the zipper center about 4″ wide to under lap the gut side panels and then you effectively have a full flac that is A LOT MORE LOWER PROFILE and even better than buying another vest and wearing it underneath!!!!!!!!!! And not to mention MUCH MUCH less cha-ching than buying a separate vest. What is really nice is that the material on the inner vest sleeves front and back is an open mesh material that is rugged yet helps function to keep you a tad bit cooler than if you had solid material up against your undershirt. Those under-mesh types of shirts are pricey and bulky and this has it built in all over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This concept effectively turns this Vest into a $1000 Vest in my humble opinion!The Velcro everywhere is pretty tight hook n loop and is not the MOST expensive on the market I have found but it is as good and better as any other quality typical vest on the market that I have found in this class. You do not need better than I think.The sides have three “PULL” tabs each and make it really nice to custom secure your vest depending on the undergarment thickness and depending on if you put your Kevlar Inserts in or not . Probably the best side design I have seen for quick sizing. I would prefer to have Velcro on the tab ends so they may be folded back to secure onto the vest back so they are not flopping around so they are not so easily grabbed in a combat situation. I am 5’10” 190 pounds and there are effectively 4 more inches of room on each side(8 inches total) when these are both fully extended on me beyond the 2 inches on each side (4 inches total) I pulled out and sized on me already without the Kevlar inserts.The six shotgun ammo secure slots are tight thick stretch material that should not wear out easily. It is affixed via its hook n loop and can be worn outside the also removable or adjustable hook n loop upper chest pocket or AS A GREAT BONUS may also be secured on the inside of the pocket to hold things from rattling around depending on your preference.The vest will hold four average assault gun magazines and a total of six hand gun magazines! The Velcro is VERY generously sized on ALL pockets, very secure!The back has a very large 6 horizontal x 4 vertical strip webbing which are fantastic because if you use the internal slots for Kevlar then you can attach a bladder and more to the exterior webbing.There is a very large bumper sticker sized hook n loop on the back upper that can be taken to an embroider or you can iron on your necessary or “personal” (“DEPLORABLE1” is my) statement (Thanks Hillary For The Idea!). Alternately you could affix a large machete sideways to it for quick deploy in a combat situation, only of course if you warn the perp first that “they will not get that hand back”… ;).The holster holds my Beretta 92FS LE INOX Police Special 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol Perfectly and it is a longer pistol than others so it should hold just about any reputable semi auto. The Baretta fills it out well but it deploys flawlessly and smoothly! The gun holster holds very solidly to your gut because it is not just Velcro but also two adjustable straps so you can custom tilt it, one above and one to the left side that keep it from being ripped off. The holster is open at the side end allowing for various sized barrels and some silencer tips can be slid through… “allegedly”.The zipper is thick and smooth but not too smooth. Time will only tell if it will stay of or if it will need a velcro under tab affix… we shall see.If there was one downside to this and its not really a downside to many, it would be that the cell phone carrier on the left shoulder upper is too small for most wider android touch screen cell phones however it does fit a thin flip phone very nicely and might fit some thinner phones and it would stretch the sides out to fit most and I am not so sure if the upper Velcro closure would be long enough to close once filled depending on how long your phone is. it would be good for an Ipod or etc. Sadly the pouch is not removable but then it is so small that if it was it might easily fall off in a combat situation, soooooooo…All in all this is WAY MORE vest than you could ever hope to buy for the money!!! I say pull the trigger on this one!BUYERS NOTE: I bought this vest with my own funds and have not been compensated for this review.SELLERS NOTE: I am open to reviewing other products for you so contact me if you have any other great items for review!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.S. If my review was helpful to you please let me know, I like to give in depth reviews for my brothers and sisters who are ON the ready…

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  3. Hannibal

    I am a big guy. 6′ 235 pounds. This fits me perfectly (after adjustments) with room to spare WITH MY AR500 Body Armor on! The adjustment capability is all there that you need to fit this over the shoulders, around the middle and the waist. All of the adjustment straps have loops to tuck in excess strap. Very nice details. Looks like it could be held to military grade standards to me.The vest is not heavy at all!Takes getting use to with the zipper being backwards, but big f*****g deal. What kind of byotch can’t use a backward zipper? Once it’s zipped you can’t even tell a difference. Not an issue folks. Just plain dumb if you ask me it was ever mentioned in other reviews.The materials are middle of the road, but seems to me they will hold up. The pockets are all evenly matched with their covers. So, as I said, the stitching on the vest are right on, just the belt had some messy stitching here and there.I’ve read other reviews that the gun holster could fall off, but there are two (2) straps connected to the vest (side and top of holster) then it’s Velcro after that. Don’t know how they are losing this holster. If you want, you could easily just sew it into place. You will want the option to move it where you want anyway.On top of all that, not only can this adjust to fit perfectly over body armor, it actually stabilized mine so the body armor was more comfortable. Adjustments on this vest are very well done. They don’t come undone so far but I’ve only worn this for a day now. I’ll update if I have issues.The camo pattern size matches my Emerson multicam pants pattern. Same size. I expected maybe the pattern would be smaller or bigger… I was wrong. Another bonus about this vest!Seems the reviews on this product were pretty accurate. There are some incomplete stitches that break off here and there on the belt, the vest stitches are all on par (only the belt had sloppy stitching). Other than that I am impressed. 100% would recommend!

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  4. Justin W.Justin W.

    Perfect TAC/Survival/Prepper vest… hands down! Better to stay ready than have to get ready! Bought one for my 4’11” fiance who weighs around 100lbs and one for me at 5’9″ 226lbs and it’s so easily adjustable that it fits us both comfortably, even with all I am carrying (see below). I have probably 50 lbs worth of tactical gear attached to my vest to include: LifeStraw, bolt cutters, handcuffs, plastic field zip cuffs (6), full size 1st aid kit w/blood clotting and emergency surgical equipment, a muti-tool, 2 aerosol peppper grenades, a large can of 30 foot shot Bear Spray, a nasty handheld Chemical Gel Spray, a full size camo poncho, a black garbage bag (construction size), flashlight, extra batteries, teflon cable and trip wire system, nitrile gloves, tactical gloves, rechargeabl ham/2way radio w/ear piece attachments (attaches very nicely), extra battery powered 50 mile radius (maybe 3 in all actuality but…),handheld radio, a fire making kit (lighters, cedar, magnesium stick), compass, solar cellular and battery charger, topographical and aerial region mapping, pen and pad, emergency whistle, mylar blanket, binoculars, large and powerful taser, 3 various sized and purposed knives, a knive throwing set, a SOG mid-sized machete (crazy looking big ass knife, we will just say), and if you were to desire, there is also room for a firearm and extra clip. I have also attached a Czechoslovakian Gas Mask to the back of the vest. Oh, and a full-size bladder bag that fits perfect! You CANNOT go wrong with this purchase. As someone who firmly believes in being ready, it is a must have. Quick to put on and whala, ready to get it, if need be!

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  5. Hirise

    This is a very nice tac vest. Are there better out there? Probably but not at this price. Glock 19 Gen5 fits perfectly in the holster. If I had to find something that I didn’t like about this vest it would be that the front zipper pull is on the left hand side. I can definitely get used to that though. The vest is built very strong and is very very adjustable. I’m 6,1” 200 lbs with a 36” waist. It will adjust a long way in either direction from there. Shotgun shell holder is Velcroed on. The good Velcro. Not the cheap stuff. Or it would be a good place for a name tag/patch or other equipment. It has so many mag holders, pockets, mole attachments and tie downs that I would never fill up all the space. During my career I’ve had to defend myself from…let’s just say, Not nice people. So the last thing that I want is to roll around on the ground with 40 pounds of equipment falling off or getting in the way. This vest allows you to secure your equipment down tight and close. My MK9 (pepper spray) holder and handcuffs fit comfortably on the belt like they should. Glock 15rd. mags and 30rd. AR mags are also a perfect fit. The six side adjustment straps were each dangling about 8-10 inches after I adjusted them but they tuck in nicely under the included elastic loops. The pistol holster is attached with Velcro an a strap for security. The holster is fully adjustable 360° so if you really wanted the pistol to be aiming up toward your head for some reason, you could. But you shouldn’t.Bottom line is that I really like this vest and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Very well made and at a great price.Hopefully 2021 will be a better time but it doesn’t hurt to prepare for the worst.Stay safe my brothers and sisters.

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  6. Big.DBig.D

    4 star vest, 5 star price. I’ve seen vests pretty much the same quality for $100 and up with all attachments sold separately. Can’t go wrong with this vest at this price. Fully adjustable. I’m 6′ 260lb so it was too tight out of the box but very easily adjusts to a comfortable and supportive fit. Held all this with just a bit of room left. Attached sheath to the belt with 10.5″ fixed blade, whetstone and ferro rod w/striker. Attached paddle holster with G21SF .45acp on my hip. Chest holster holds my G27 or my G21 just right with standard mag or extended mag. Triple mag pouch holds 6x 30rnd .556 mags but will not secure any 40rnd .556 mags or extended Glock mags. Left side pouch can hold 2 extended Glock mags or .556 mags. Belt pouch carrying a folding knife but also holds smaller mags (G26/G27 mags) perfectly. Radio pouch great place for small weapon light. I also carry a small led black light. Chest pouch carrying 12x 2 and 3/4″ 00 Buck shells w/6x 2and 3/4″ slugs in the velcro shell holder. Triple mag pouch on chest holds standard pistol mags but not extended mags. Potable aqua in one of the inside pockets along with Pyro Putty Compact Inferno Kit. Will be putting waterproof notebook/ pens and maps in the other inside pocket. Not sure if a water bladder would fit comfortably but I will try to find one that works if possible. I’ve also been able to attach the molle pouch that came with my 50rnd .556 drums to the belt in the back but took it off and ordered a drop pouch for empty mags in it’s place.

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  7. DanteVDanteV

    Love this Tactical Vest…Loaded it up to the Max with 8 fully loaded 556 mags (30 rounds ea.), 6 mags of 9mm, 1 Baofeng Dual Band FM Transiver UV-5RA, 1 Taurus PT92 9 mm Pistol and weighed in at 16,2 lbs. I did not have shotgun shells so I left those holders empty.

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  8. Tabitha

    My son wanted to have this as part of his Halloween costume this year. I honestly was not expecting this high quality vest for such a small price point! I would highly recommend purchasing if you have any doubts. The ability to adjust the size on the waist and shoulders was a nice touch. My son will be able to wear this vest for years to come as well! He currently is now using it for his NERF guns but would also definitely be great for an adult as well for hunting, paintball, anything you can imagine!

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  9. Light Guardian

    This is a nice vest!Sollid and fits well.Main thing: Holster – doesn’t hold an Sig Sauer SP2022 or anything that size.I just mention that because I didn’t really see any info on that and I still would have bought itknowing my Sig would be too large. If you have a nice smaller handgun you will like the holster.The Holster is removable via Velcro and I took it off.Above the holster are 3 Mag holder pouches.I moved these pouches down where the holster was.Up where the mag holder was on the left side of the vesti put the shotgun/bullet holder where the 3 mags were before.There is a kink in the belt will work itself out. Some kind of twist.Nice strong belt and you can attach your own holster to the vest beltand take a lot of gravity off your pants. I haven’t shot yet and I canstill attach my paddle holster to my gun belt in addition vest’s belt.Mag holder on the belt is the zombie apocalypse.I’m 6ft and at present 215lb which is heavy for me but there is room to spare.Only took me a short time to get the fit dialed in and start putttngmags in pockets a switching the pockets and holster around.SO THEN on the back attached to the molle was a surprise gift.a rectangular green pouch. Pretty nice.Well made too. Inside there wasa Thank you note from the company.Very classy! Thanks. Great StuffGreat Customer Service if you have a problem just email them.Oh P.S.The note began:”Journey to the west (known simply as Monkey)is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.”

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  10. Mike M

    I, like many of you, have tried various tactical items. Vests, carriers, packs, holsters, etc. I have a large file cabinet with one drawer full of these experiments. I have to say this is the best experiment I have tried. I would call it an outstanding success. This vest has 3 adjustment straps on each side for virtually all body types. What is nice about this is no lacing, just tighten or loosen to fit. This vest can be your bug out bag if packed properly. It is as advertised with 30 round mag pouches, pistol pouches, a nice holster that my Beretta 92 fits nicely in. It has utility pouches for first aid items such as blow out kit and tourniquet, shot shell holders. All of this is as described in the description. The belt is highly adjustable with one utility pouch on each side. All snaps, buckles and zippers are heavy duty as is the material the vest is made of. There are many types of vests out there. If this fits your needs you will not be disappointed. Top quality. I would recommend.

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    vAv YAKEDA Tactical Vest Outdoor Ultra-Light Breathable Combat Training Vest Adjustable for Adults 600D Encryption Polyester-VT-1063 (Black)  Sports & Outdoors
    vAv YAKEDA Tactical Vest Outdoor Ultra-Light Breathable Combat Training Vest Adjustable for Adults 600D Encryption Polyester-VT-1063 (Black) Sports & Outdoors


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