Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil 4oz Hair Regrowth Treatments : Beauty & Personal Care

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About this item Perfect as a HOT OIL TREATMENT or scalp massage oil to encourage hair growth REDUCES hair frizz and breakage by restoring your hair’s natural moisture and improving circulation in the scalp Pimento is known to slow the graying of hair Contains Tropic Isle Living’s 100% natural Jamaican black castor oil for maximum hair softness and shine Great for healthy BEARD growth


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10 reviews for Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil 4oz Hair Regrowth Treatments : Beauty & Personal Care

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  1. Tye R.

    The hair near the nape of my neck was broken off from a texturizer I applied back in 2011. That area remained weak, short and broken off and I thought maybe it would always be like that. Even wearing sew in weaves would not help this area grow back. Then a hairstylist recommended jamaican black castor oil and I found this exact product at a beauty supply store. I started wearing box braids in March 2016 and applying this product all over my scalp once a week, and didn’t wash it out. Maaaan this combo did the trick. The hair around my nape has grown in so well. It went from an inch long to 4 or 5 inches long over a 7 month period. My nape hair looks so much better and thicker. Very happy with the outcome, thank you.

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  2. Brenda Bitonti

    Received this today and the oil was semi solid. I read previous reviews about this issue, but the product label says it has coconut oil in it. I know that coconut oil solidifies if it’s cool so I decided to place the bottle in hot water. After 5 minutes I removed it and it was perfect clear oil. Excited to use this and the smell is wonderful. Hope this helps someone.

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  3. Sydnie

    I have to say, this product is amazing. I’ve purchased three bottles over time so far and had spotty usage, because I’m inconsistent and lazy about my personal care routine. But seriously wow, because of my irregular usage it’s SO obvious how well this stuff works. I heard about this oil from a YouTube beauty guru forever ago who I don’t even remember the name of, but I was trying to revitalize my dry, easily breakable, frizzy curly hair. She recommended it as an overnight scalp treatment, so that’s how I tried it.The thing is I can’t say anything necessarily about the strength of my hair, I think because I don’t use it regularly enough, but it solved a different problem for me almost instantly that had been bothering me for years. Dandruff! And shedding! I have had flaky, itchy scalp for SO LONG and I’ve tried a bunch of different dandruff shampoos and the tar based ones that smell like asphalt…none of them worked.But this product literally makes my dandruff completely vanish after two treatments. AND I lose significantly less hair in the shower. I did some research on dandruff a while back and figured out why I believe that is, I never knew that dandruff and flaky scalp are two different things, and that actual dandruff is caused by an overgrowth of some type of fungus that lives on the scalp. While flaky scalp is generally caused by dry skin. This being the case, it makes perfect sense that an oil treatment would work wonders over a dandruff shampoo designed to kill a fungus I apparently don’t have an overgrowth of at all.I also shed hair EXCESSIVELY and notice a very significant lessening whenever I use this product, even after a single treatment, I’ll lose much less hair than I’m used to in my next shower. I’m attempting to get an actual schedule together for this product so I can be more consistent about using it…twice a week overnight treatments I think will be plenty. I haven’t tried this as an actual hair treatment but from other reviews my hair type would probably benefit from it.

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  4. Zoey

    This product is amazing!I love how castor oil makes my hair feel after a good soak and a wash. I tend to wash my hair everyday out of habit, I use hair oil or a hair mask every once in a while to restore health and shine to my hair and for it to look happy again. The pimento lends a cooling effect to the oil when it’s on your scalp. It absorbs fast as well and doesn’t feel sticky, it washes well with any shampoo, I use the JBCO shampoo from Shea moisture.I try to stick with natural hair products. This castor oil mix from topical isle is one of the best oils I have used, and as an Indian I have tried too many different oils to count. I bought two more bottles to stock up on the product before I run out.

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  5. TheBrandQueen

    I have been using this product since August 2018 and can honestly say my hair has grown at least 3 inches! I was watching a YouTuber one day with gorgeous locks ( Penny Tovar) and she said this was her holy grail so I decided to try it. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I actually use this on all of my kids’ hair and not only has one bottle lasted 7 months their hair has grown as well!

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  6. PQueen35

    I’m gonna give this oil a 5 star rating due to the ease of use of the bottle, smells great and it’s absorbed very quick. I can’t say it makes my hair grow because i have not been using it long enough to see growth results. I like it very much because it softens the scalp leaving a very light scent. I apply it once a week and leave it overnight. Only at the roots, not all of the hair. Then I do my wash routine next morning. I’m really happy with it!

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  7. MeganMegan

    I stopped straightening my hair in June 2019. It was time to be kind to my hair and embrace my curls. My hair was so damaged, thin, and riddled with split ends from excessive heat and stying. I had so much breakage around my face that I was so self conscious about. I started using the pimento oil and black castor oil in September. FromJune (when I stopped straightening) to September (when I began using oils) I didn’t notice improvement in regrowth. From using the oils regularly September to December, there is a HUGE difference!!! I am no longer self conscious about pulling my hair up in a clip or ponytail, and there’s such a difference in the volume of my hair. Compare the images for the thinness of the hair at my face and notice the difference of the rest of my hair too. I’m amazed and too happy to feel embarrassed of the before picture. I’ve ordered this for my mom and I tell everyone how much I love these oils for overall hair health and regrowth!This oil has coconut oil in it. It is solid if it is at all in a cool temperature. It had not gone bad if it is solid. Let it warm up or just scoop your finger in and it will become liquid.(I do not follow the curly girl method, but do I use curly specific products)

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  8. MsGrillNeACheez

    I was skeptical when ordering this product and relied on the reviews. I’m glad I did. I’ve been using nightly on my thinning top scalp and I see a lot of new hair growth coming! It will be awhile before I see full coverage but at least I’m seeing results and I’m very happy about it. I have to wash the top of my scalp every morning, but it’s the only way I can apply the oil nightly. I’ll eventually apply 2-3 per week. I also like the spicy scent.

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  9. Kindle Reader

    You really know your hair.This item appears to works wonders on hair that is prone to breakage, excessively sheds, and is thin (particularly at the root). IMHOI had bleached (pink) ends that I have been unintentionally growing out for over a year. Even though my roots looked healthy, they were still weak (considering it was all new growth). So, I purchased this item (almost two weeks ago) and immediately put it to use to help strengthen and thicken this area. Needless to say, I noticed a HUGE difference in my root strength after ONLY two days. I am talking about a HUGE difference!My roots are now thicker and stronger, which is what this product is all about. I no longer feel like I am walking on eggshells whenever I am detangling or styling my hair.Even though, I have low porosity hair, I apply this oil to my roots on a daily basis. After a month of usage, I will decrease it to every other day or so to keep things healthy and strong.If you are not experiencing optimal results with this product then it could be because your hair does not take kindly to castor oil, which is the carrier for this product. If castor oil is NOT the issue then try using the oil as a weekly (root only) hot oil treatment. Then go about your regular hair washing routine sans reapplying this oil to your scalp.** I am not a representative, sponsor, nor an employee of Tropic Isle Living. I am merely a customer trying to help others. 😀 **

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  10. Iris F.

    I oiled my scalp with this stuff and it immediately soothed the itchiness and dryness. I have very thick curly hair and suffer from oily scalp + dry hair, whereas my scalp is always overproducing oils in order to condition my hair, which just makes my scalp itchy and smelly and gross sometimes almost immediately after I wash. This stuff solved everything!! By oiling the scalp about once a week or as needed, I was able to adjust the equilibrium and prevent the scalp from producing it’s own nasty smelly stuff, which essentially keeps the scalp clean longer. On application, this stuff feels a little “minty fresh” though it certainly has a different (musky, almost woody) smell. My ideal hair oiling routine now includes a few drops of castor oil massaged into the scalp where I feel I want more hair, then saturating the scalp with this red pimento oil, especially where the scalp feels unhealthy, and finishing off with hair oil (argan or plain old coconut oil) and leaving this on for as long as feasible (like an hour to overnight). Then wash and style. The presence of oil will be somewhat apparent, but the hair and scalp will be so much happier. I did not expect my hair to be healthier so quickly, I’ve only oiled it maybe 3-4 times in the past 2 months, but the effects are apparent (I’ve also switched to sulfate-free hair care products). My scalp doesn’t smell, and my curls keep their curly shape *even after I brush them out* which is amazing (it means they’re not really dry anymore, yay! ^_^)

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    Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil 4oz  Hair Regrowth Treatments : Beauty & Personal Care
    Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil 4oz Hair Regrowth Treatments : Beauty & Personal Care


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