Remo RH-1206-00 Rhythm Club Konga Drum – Rhythm Kids, 6″

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About this item Multicultural-themed covering Bright-blue molded feet and bottoms 6″W, 12″H


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10 reviews for Remo RH-1206-00 Rhythm Club Konga Drum – Rhythm Kids, 6″

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  1. Kayla KrattigerKayla Krattiger

    Our baby is 8 months old. I bought this for him at 7.5 months. He would have loved it at 6 months just as much as he loves it now! This is the best “toy” purchase I’ve made for him at this stage.I would recommend this for any baby or toddler from 6 months to probably 3 years old. I bet even up to 5 would love it. He’ll, this is a “real” drum, so even all ages would like it, if they like drums.If you are worried about the red things on the end of drumstick, I don’t know what to say other than they are secure as heck on our stick and I’m not worried about him choking on it.This is a solid purchase and I would gladly buy again for a gift!

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  2. Mbc family

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     8 month old can’t get enough. This drum encouraged him to sit up and crawl. First spotted it in a classroom. 9 year old enjoys it as well.

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  3. Lightning M.Lightning M.

    Great quality and sound! I bought this for my son around his first birthday. It has held up to my son sitting in it, sitting on it, standing on it, hitting it with the stick, hitting with his hand, hitting it with blocks, wearing it as a hat, stacking blocks on it and more! I would gladly buy this again for any child or adult.

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  4. Dan

    We purchased this in lieu of a “drummer boy” style drum with a strap. The quality of this drum is excellent compared to the expected quality of the other toy drums. It isn’t surprising, since this is intended to be a drum for classrooms or daycare settings. This is a real instrument and sounds good. It has rubber feet which keeps it very sturdy on a hard surface or wood floor. The only negative would be that the drum only includes one drumstick…two would have been nice.

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  5. Grace

    We have owned these drums for over 4 years now and they have taken a beating! Infant, toddler, preschooler, and elementary aged kids have pounded on this with hands, mallets, and rhythm sticks and our Remo is still going strong! We are big fans of this brand because of the durability. It can hold up to what kids put it through and keep on going. This is a perfect size for little hands and is light enough for even a toddler to carry around. I would not hesitate to recommend this brand or this specific drum to anyone looking for a quality, durable instrument. We have had many a jam session with these bongos and look forward to many more! This is not just a toy, it truly is a beautiful, quality, musical instrument.

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  6. Faith

    We are very musical family, professionally and recreationally. We have 5 kids ages 0-8 and we gave this to our almost-1-year-old baby for Christmas and he loves it. It’s the perfect size and height for a baby to play and sturdy. When he plays it it’s not that loud. But when our almost 3 year old and/or 5 year old get ahold of it, it’s SO DANG LOUD that I started making them wear baby banz whenever this drum is being played bc HEARING LOSS. For real.But it’s really great quality and has little rubber feet on the bottom that keep it from sliding or scratching the floor. Love it. But WHEW!! I suggest getting rubber ball mallets (which are still loud) or soft cymbal mallets to help with the noise if you have big kids that will really wear into it.

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  7. Ming

    I ordered it six months ago for my home daycare. Initially I was little concerned about how durable it is with heavy use in a daily basis.All I can say is six months later, it’s still like new! My kids beat, sit on the top and sit inside, put toys in it, push it all over the room with upside down…… they are just so creative :))The sound— it’s a real drum, as other reviewers mentioned, it’s not a cheap drum like toy. The sound is amazing. Both myself and my kids love playing it! They play literally everyday!I paid full price for the product. You won’t regret.

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  8. Idle Wild

    got this for my 3 1/2 year old. we own several Remo kid’s percussion instruments, and we love them all. i have found that the rainforest print is slightly higher quality than the multicultural kid print (better heads), but this one is still very nice (they all are). the rainforest print ones cost a lot more too, so these are great for your budget. this one has a nice, clear, resounding (and loud!) sound, not unpleasant or tinny or dull. very nice of course that it has a strap- he can march around the house with it, which is what kids love to do. it seems very sturdy. even though it is not made in the USA like our older ones were, it still seems durable and well made. i expect it to last for a very, very long time.i would highly recommend this drum for kids 2 – 10 or even older. i wish the print wasn’t so juvenile, that is really the only drawback i have. it is okay and all, but just looks like i belongs in a preschool. i like the rainforest print much better.i will say, if you are unsure about a drum to get say, as a gift, especially for someone else’s child, please consider a few things. yes, duh, drums are loud. and while i love to hear my little kids clammoring away on the musical instruments, some are…shall i say….less obnoxious than others. i am just being honest! starting out with high quality (like remo) is the first step. but i will just be honest and say that some of the other drums are not as loud as this one, or maybe just don’t lend themselves to being banged on so loud while my toddler tyrant marches around the house to be sure everyone hears him strut his stuff. the floor tom is an excellent choice for letting kid’s get their jollies out, but with a less obtrusive sound. especially for little ones, even babies. i love the remo floor tom. but this one has its advantages with the strap and clear, bright sound. just be warned, the parents and siblings will be hearing a LOT of it! some families won’t mind; it doesn’t usually bother us. and if it does, we just put it up. good luck!!

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  9. Joe BrooksJoe Brooks

    I’ve been playing drums for over 25 years. I have plenty of professional drums lying around the house. I consider them all good instruments, but they are too big and too fragile for my kids. I got them this for Christmas. Great sounds, good quality, and very durable. They are quieter than my professional grade bongos and they sound fantastic!

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  10. Andy Morrison

    Bought this for my 10 month old girl who loves music and enjoys banging on anything that makes sound (like the floor, her highchair table, and my chest).The stick that comes with the drums gets the best sound out of it. The sound of a baby open palm slapping the drum isn’t as good, but it’s enough for a baby to enjoy. My daughter will use the stick, but she also chews on it, so I don’t leave her alone with it.The drum is very sturdy, which is good when its recipient uses it as a brace to practice standing up off the ground.She enjoys it now that she’s just slapping at it, and as she gets older, its durability will ensure that she continues enjoying it as she develops actual musical ability.

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    Remo RH-1206-00 Rhythm Club Konga Drum – Rhythm Kids, 6″
    Remo RH-1206-00 Rhythm Club Konga Drum – Rhythm Kids, 6″


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