Powerstep SlimTech Pinnacle 3/4 Insole, Blue, Men’s 5-6.5 / Women’s 7-8.5 (Packaging May Vary) Health & Household

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About this item [POWERSTEP PINNACLE SLIMTECH]: 3/4 length insoles, neutral arch support, moderate cushioning, high activity for moderate support. [FOOT PAIN PREVENTION AND RELIEF]: Powerstep Pinnacle 3/4 insoles are ideal for pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, shin splints and other foot, ankle, knee, hip & back pain. As the #1 Podiatrist recommended brand, our mission and purpose at Powerstep is to create a more comfortable and happier life for our customers. ~ The Powerstep Pain Free Life [NEUTRAL ARCH SUPPORT | LOW PROFILE | MODERATE CUSHIONING]: Powerstep Pinnacle SlimTech insoles are 3/4 insoles with a tapered edge which allows for extra room at the toes, while the built-in neutral arch support, supple top cover and dual-layer cushioning create the perfect balance of comfort and support in a low-profile design. The proven Powerstep arch shape which cradles the arch and heel, adding stability and motion control to limit excess stress on feet, ankles, joints, and tendons. DESIGNED FOR CASUAL & DRESS: Powerstep Pinnacle 3/4 insoles are made to fit sized, meaning no trimming, you order your shoe size. Powerstep 3/4 insoles are made specifically for tighter fitting, low profile shoes such as athletic (walking/running) casual and dress. These 3/4 insoles are intended for footwear that does not have a removeable factory footbed. [PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA]: Your 100% satisfaction is our #1 concern so all of our products are backed by our 30-day guarantee.

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10 reviews for Powerstep SlimTech Pinnacle 3/4 Insole, Blue, Men’s 5-6.5 / Women’s 7-8.5 (Packaging May Vary) Health & Household

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  1. Bead Nut

    I bought new athletic type walking shoes. The insoles were not removable. I almost sent them back because my full length orthotics made the shoes too tight and my heel was slipping due to being up higher than normal. I decided to try the Powerstep thin 3/4 length orthotic. PERFECT! They are thin but supportive. They fit on top of the shoes’ insoles without making the shoes too tight. The shoes became very comfortable and I was able to wear them the whole day without any slippage. The price was a little steep, but I’d buy them again because they work. I haven’t tried them in dress shoes. Usually I don’t wear orthotics in dress shoes with a small heel.

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  2. Alison R. Tiller

    These products have made my almost daily runs bearable again. I have Morton’s Nueroma on my left foot and the start of a splayed arch on my right foot. I place these inserts on top of the existing foot pads in my Asics running shoes and I am able to knock out much longer distances without the pain I used to get in miles 2 and 3. These work for me because I do buy traditional lace-up shoes with wider toe boxes. I think it is important to use these in shoes that are lace up or able to be tightened from the top side, as the foot will be elevated and pushing against the tongues or top surfaces of any shoe they are placed on. I have some of the slimmer inserts for my dress shoes, but these 3/4 lengths have been the most helpful so far in alleviating the burning in my left foot. I’m 48, 129 lbs., wear a size 6 dress shoe and 6 1/2 regular running shoe, and I buy the women’s small. On long runs, I wear toe caps on my second toes to prevent rubbing and blisters under the toes, but I do not feel like the inserts created that problem…just my weird feet.

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  3. Greg

    I have these in the 3/4 and the full length and they are great. I use them in casual shoes for good arch support and stabilization of the heel. When my Asics become uncomfortable after months of wear I can replace the original insoles with the full length ones and its like I have a new $100 pair of Asics. They eliminate foot pain especially in the arch and heel. I highly recommend these to every one with pain from fallen arches or people who suffer from plantar fasciatis as these help stabilize the heel and support the arch to decrease stress on the fascia of the foot . I have had them for almost 2 years and wear them regularly with different shoes . They have held up well and I will be ordering more as needed. I also ordered them for my grown children to wear in their work shoes as they work on their feet a lot and they also have less foot discomfort and say they make a big difference in their leg and foot comfort.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    My old custom orthotics were slim like these over-the-counter ones and fit in most any shoe. I had new custom ones made recently and they are huge, far to wide for most any shoe but trainers. Not wanting to spend yet another $250, I thought I’d give these a try since they have such a slim profile and are a reasonable price. They are great! They fit in any of my shoes without filling them in too much and making the shoe slip. They stay in place (with no adhesive needed) and offer just the right amount of arch – probably a bit lower, not an exaggerated “hump” as some brands. I’ve only worn them twice for several hours so I cannot comment on whether the blue lining on top is going to come unattached as some reviews mentioned. For me, I like them well enough that I’ve ordered another pair so I don’t have to move them from shoe-to-shoe so often. Great product so far . . .

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  5. Rebecca G

    These are a life saver for me. I have very high arches and needed better support in my shoes. However, a typical full insole made my shoes too tight and my heels come out of the back of all my shoes. These are supportive, but are also thin enough that I can put them in shoes and still wear them (without needing to purchase bigger shoes). The support itself is pretty rigid, but not completely solid, and the padding is nice on my feet. I wear these every day in my thin flats.

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  6. Dave

    These were recommended by my podiatrist. You aren’t here to read about my plantar faciitis problems, but these are definitely a big help. At first usage, you will probably notice them in your shoes. I was worried I was going to have that “walking on a dowel” feel in my arches. After a couple of hours of these supports taking the pressure off my plantar fascia ligament, it just began to feel comfortable. Now I find shoes uncomfortable without these inserts and my heel and ankle pain is 85-90% improved (almost gone). I haven’t had any issues with quality of the materials. I would maybe like a little more anti-slip, but I’ve become adept at slip-on shoes and keeping these in place. I find the 3/4 length very convenient as they provide the support while fitting easily into any shoe I own. I was told that custom orthotics are about $350 and last 4-5. The doctor said to replace these about every 6 months, which is about $80/yr. That makes the cost of these about the same as the custom orthotics. For me, there’s no point in the custom route, but I understand your needs may be different than mine My only wish – make some kind of a slipper sock with these inserts attached. I hate wearing shoes inside, but life is just more comfortable with the inserts.

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  7. Lavender

    My podiatrist recommended this to me, to wear in flat shoes without taking out any insoles that might be removable. So far I’ve worn them in 3 very different pairs of flat shoes for a full day in each pair. They have been very comfortable. I thought they might cause pain because most shoes with arch supports cause pain. To my surprise, the arch support of these inserts is not painful. They also don’t slip forward. One drawback is that they raise the feet considerably, so in some shoes I am not able to wear them…they squish my feet too much against the top of such shoes.OK, time for an update after a few weeks of wear: They DO slip forward sometimes. Not bad, not often, but occasionally I do have to pull my shoe off and push the this orthotic back into the right position.Also, in sandals that have an enclosed back, these orthotics work just fine, but the blue on top and offwhite underside colors show out the sides, so I wish they were available in a plain brown or black.

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  8. Zenguy

    These allow me to wear Converse and other types of flat-soled, old-school sneakers. I have the typical flat foot problem that drives people to buy arch supports. For years I have used Powerstep Original and Pinnacle in all of my athletic and causal shoes. However, those styles just take up too much room in a Converse or something similar. The 3/4 length is just right, keeping my midfoot supported while not crowding my toes. If you are seeking more support for tighter-fitting shoes, look no further.

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  9. CJH

    If you have high arches or are just on your feet all day, these insoles really help support your feet.I wear them in boots, tennis shoes, and loafers. I have tried several other products including Dr. Scholl’s,and Spenco. When I bought my first pair, I thought they wouldn’t work because they are hard on the bottomand have very little cushion on top. But boy was I wrong. They have been a Foot Saver!

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  10. judithjudith

    My Dr. recommended powerstep to me for my plantar fasciitis and also because my arch is dropping. He told me to get the 3/4 Because it would be easier to insert into my shoes. Well, let me say it’s a game changer. I really started to see the results for using this. Unfortunately having plantar fasciitis had cause problems with my hips and knees. My hips don’t feel so tight anymore and he also told me that my knees ache will get better within time. Which I am starting to see small improvement.When I ordered them from amazon my Dr. wanted to see them, he was very impress with them. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

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    Powerstep SlimTech Pinnacle 3/4 Insole, Blue, Men’s 5-6.5 / Women’s 7-8.5 (Packaging May Vary)  Health & Household
    Powerstep SlimTech Pinnacle 3/4 Insole, Blue, Men’s 5-6.5 / Women’s 7-8.5 (Packaging May Vary) Health & Household

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