Maskal Teff, Brown Grain, 16 Ounce : Grocery & Gourmet Food

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Maskal Teff Brown Teff Grain, 16 Ounce (1 Pound), resealable stand up pouch

Ancient Grain of Ethiopia; 100% Whole-Grain; Grown in USA

Naturally Gluten-Free and Allergen-Free; Non-GMO Project Verified; Kosher

Nutrient Dense. Good Source of Protein and Fiber, High in Iron

Contains Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese, and 9 Essential Amino Acids


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10 reviews for Maskal Teff, Brown Grain, 16 Ounce : Grocery & Gourmet Food

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  1. RuthR

    It cooks fast. It is very dense, some might find the flavor bland but I like the earthy taste and texture. I cook 4 oz daily and add it what ever I prepare, Boiled eggs at breakfast,put in salad for texture. I add flavored olive oil either lime or even a very spicy flavored olive oil to moisten.Have low blood sugar and this is slow burning and makes me feel full and so far gives me energy even this very very humid weather.

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  2. E.M.B.

    Delicious! If you are familiar with quinoa, this is similar but much, much smaller. Slightly sweet taste, and the texture is similar to polenta when it’s cooked and has cooled some. I made a big batch of this for “teff bowls” as my weekly lunch meal prep with chicken and veggies, and it was a very satisfying lunch. Easy to prepare – also similar to quinoa. Would buy again! Hard to find in my local grocery store, so it’s nice that it is available here – and eligible for prime shipping too. I especially like the high iron content. As a female athlete, iron is a very important nutrient, and this is a yummy way to increase my intake without using a supplement.

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  3. Deedle

    I followed the package directions except I added a little almond milk instead off all water. I did half and half. I sweetened it with some honey and added chia, flax, and hemp seeds then blueberries and bananas. It came out like cream of wheat which I like. I also tried it with maple syrup and raisins. You eat it however you like, it’s very agreable. I just made it for myself so I used 1/2 a cup which was more than I could eat. If you’re looking for extra iron in your diet this plus hemp seeds and you’ll do well.

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  4. thamnosma

    Teff is not all that easy to find these days, especially good quality from a reliable source. This is it. “Bob’s” is okay, but too pricey and doesn’t offer a 5 pack like Maskal does. Teff is more a porridge cereal along the lines of Cream of Wheat or Rice. Maybe that’s why it gets a few bad reviews. I have no idea what those people were expecting. It’s not oatmeal. I find it has a pleasant mild nutty taste. It does take about 20 minutes to finish, nothing instant about it. I recommend it as another option for a hot breakfast cereal.

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  5. USmapleleaf

    Teff, an ancient Ethiopian grain, is considered a super food packed with nutrition. It doesn’t have much taste but one can easily add the seasonings they prefer. I add maple syrup, honey or brown sugar together with cinnamon and fresh fruit. I’ve been eating it as a hot cereal for several years though there are various ways to consume it.

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  6. Harifa

    I ordered this because of the whole corona virus thing that’s going around. In my culture it’s believed that teff seeds are good for keeping the body warm or hot and is often given to individuals in green tea during a cold or when the chest is congested. It’s suppose to raise body temperature(allegedly) AND, apparently, the virus can’t survive in hotter environments. My father got sick and since we couldn’t have him tested properly to confirm for the virus, we just kept giving him teff seeds boiled in water or boiled in milk. He also took Tylenol and a bunch of other natural spices to keep his body warm and his immune system strong to fight whatever he did have. So far so good, he has been recovering and continues to recover. The product itself was nicely packaged and in terms of favor, doesn’t really have flavor unless boiled then it becomes a bit bitter. overall, I am satisfied.

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  7. Sherm

    As a lover of Farro and any other grain less traveled, when my girlfriend told me about Teff, I was quite intrigued. I found this stuff at Amazon of course, ordered it, and after some diligent googling discovered different ways to prepare it. It’s definitely a unique flavor and texture. Sort of has the texture of cream of wheat, but with an earthy, savory flavor all it’s own. I love it and have used it several times now… my latest venture was Ethiopian chicken stew with teff polenta… wonderful! Another grain to try after this, if you haven’t already is Amaranth… quite good!

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  8. James H. Hankins

    I bought this teff as a morning breakfast cereal, cooked like oatmeal and served with fruit, plain greek yogurt, honey, cinnamon, etc. It has a funky consistency but tastes great. Then I got the idea of grinding into a flour and mixing it with my buckwheat for pancakes. Fantastic! Then I ran out of buckwheat and just used the teff flour to make pancakes. Even better! With the nutritional profile, you know you’re eating something that’s good for you (plenty of minerals and no gluten). And makes just amazingly moist pancakes. Add some fruit, cinnamon and a little syrup and you have a breakfast that will hang with you till lunch or even later.

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  9. Wireless

    I mainly use this as a breakfast treat. In describing this grain, it reminds me most of creme of wheat, which I grew up enjoying. However, Teff is naturally slightly sweet, with a slight nutty flavor, where creme of wheat was pretty bland. I prepare 4 to 5 serving at a time, and than a add a little water, and microwave to warm up the leftover. It should be noted, Teff gets very dry when refrigerated, and requires stirring when reheating, to regain its original consistency. The cooked grains do stick together, after cooling. I follow this same process with my extra cooked steel cut oats, and they return to their original consistency, with not near this much effort. However, Teff is worth all your efforts, and I am glad I discovered this wonderful grain.

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  10. 1-900-MIX-A-LOT

    I cooked up a half cup of this for breakfast, and sprinkled some Ceylon cinnamon and honey on it. That was at 6:30 AM and by 10 AM all hell broke loose in stall #3 at work. I’ve never had both feet come off the floor in an involuntary reflex as i reached for something to hold onto. This evacuation was similar to an exorcism, and every demon that ever lived inside of me has now been expelled. I feel lighter, happier, and feel like everything is going to be ok; life has a new purpose. Thank you, Maskal Teff! I will make sure to never be without you. It tasted pretty good too; like Cream of Wheat with smaller grains.

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    Maskal Teff, Brown Grain, 16 Ounce : Grocery & Gourmet Food
    Maskal Teff, Brown Grain, 16 Ounce : Grocery & Gourmet Food


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