HULKMAN Alpha85 Jump Starter 2000 Amp 20000mAh Car Starter for up to 8.5L Gas and 6L Diesel Engines with LED Display 12V Lithium Portable Car Battery Booster Pack (Space Gray) AutomotiveLive viewers eye icon

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Easier & Safer Start Assurance: Product status is intuitively shown on a 3.3-inch smart screen, so you can start your car easily. Over 9 types of protection, free your worries of misoperation and sparks. Powerful Performer: 2000 Amps peak cranking amp can start the vehicles up to 8.5L Gas/6.0L Diesel engines. A single charge can achieve 60 times jump-start. 65W High-Speed Charge: Charge from 0% to 100% in less than 1.5 hours, with our patented 65W Speed Charge. But just over 20% of power is enough to start your car if necessary. More than a Jump Starter: It?s also a 20000mAh battery bank for charging devices and a flashlight with 3 modes. Plus a 12 volt 10 amps port for powering any 12V DC devices, like tire inflators, inverters, and more. WE GOT YOU BACK: Rugged build for a life of adventure, and features an IP65 function (Rain-resistant & dust-tight, and drop resistant). 24 months of hassle-free warranty and lifetime technical support. Contact us anytime with any questions
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10 reviews for HULKMAN Alpha85 Jump Starter 2000 Amp 20000mAh Car Starter for up to 8.5L Gas and 6L Diesel Engines with LED Display 12V Lithium Portable Car Battery Booster Pack (Space Gray) AutomotiveLive viewers eye icon

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  1. 5th Finger of Death5th Finger of Death

    As shown in photos, the huge white/green LCD display is easy to see, understand, and use. The powerful AC-USB-C charger really charges fast, or you can use just about any compatible phone/tablet/laptop charger with USB-C. Output is safety-timed to enable most cars with weak battery to crank over enough to start. A special mode enables totally dead cars to start, too. THIS FEATURE is most significant, as many competitive battery packs of lower cost cannot do this difficult task. I’ll report back on long term lithium battery longevity. Actual Pack capacity is close to 12,000 so the 20,000 reading must be peak output. I wish it came with a carry case, but most handy bags work. Edit: PERFECT CASE fits Hulkman and ALL its accessories… Made by “Caseling” on Amazon, intended for Noco GB70, p/n X001EV6DL1, SEE ATTACHED PHOTOS OF PERFECT FIT, open and closed up.

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  2. stephanie l j

    Jumped off a 4.7 Durango that has been sitting for six months with a battery at zero volts twice with no struggle at all. Honestly it sounded like it was cranking from a new battery and a booster. Better yet it only showed a ten percent drop in power battery power. The clamps are sturdy and the cables while short are of heavier gauge wire than allot of others. This is a good thing since that means less resistance. The included charger is well constructed as well. Bother the charger and the USB c cable that come with it have Velcro ties seem to them to make storage neat and easy. The worklight while not insanely bright is just about a perfect amount of light to illuminate a wide area for work while not blinding you. All in all this is one impressive jump starter that will see allot of use at work and at home. In an Auto tech and Jane used a great number of boosters from smaller units like this to massive dual deep cycle units and this will be my go to every time.

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  3. 20eagle16

    About an hour ago, I received my Hulkman Alpha85 and had to write this review. Here’s my story.I have 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis. I do not drive it much and definitely do not drive it during the winter, preferring, instead, to use my smaller, more gas efficient car. But, I love my Grand Marquis and have taken good care of it over the years. However, a few days ago, I went out to the garage to crank the engine over and take the car for a brief spin. The battery had other ideas.So, I got out my jumper cables and proceeded to jump the Grand Marquis, as I have done in the past. That did not work. I decided to look at Amazon to see if there might be a solution. There was a lot of good talk about the Hulkman Alpha85, so I made the purchase.Last night the temperatures got down to 18 degrees. Pretty cold.When I received the Alpha85, the charge was at 75%. I plugged it into the house outlet, and it was charged to 100% in eight minutes, according to my stop watch…yes, I put my stop watch on to see how fast it would charge. Now, with a charge of 100%, I headed out to the Grand Marquis.At this time, the temperature outside was at 36 degrees.I attached the negative to the negative and then the positive to the positive. It took 1-2 seconds before the READY light came on. I got into the car, turned the ignition, and the car started immediately. Zero hesitation.For well over 20 years, I have been purchasing items from Amazon. Most purchases are fine. Some…not so fine. But, when I get a product like this Hulkman Alpha85, that worked so well for me, I really felt compelled to write a review promptly. The folks at Hulkman seem to know what they are doing. I am grateful for their determination to produce a product that actually does what it says it does.I highly endorse this product.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Update 5/21 Hulkman has gone above and beyond to make it right. Great response, as a result of this scenario they have created a help center so it doesn’t happen again. Customer service has been great at addressing the issue and going above and beyond to make things right, so I’ve updated my review. When using the product to its instructions it works great.Orig review: Typical bad scenario, trying to rush my sick dog to the vet and my car battery was dead. Good thing I have my brand new Hulkman jump starter right? Wrong. I connect it, error 2 appears on screen. What does that mean? I reconnect, restart, try everything and nothing works. I Google the error code, nothing.So hulkman must have a website, YouTube channel, etc. with support options to troubleshoot right? Wrong yet again! Who redesigns a web site and takes down the entire site? Including all contact and support options for their product.

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  5. TonyTony

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     A-lot of thought went into this product right down to the accessories that are included. Item arrived with a 68% charge and 24 minutes later after being plugged into household power it was at 100% Simple and easy to use. Contacted customer service with a couple of basic questions, they were answered within the same day. Will have to see on its longevity. Down side is that it does not come with any type of case or bag. With that said after trial and error the following case worked great for me… Aproca Hard Storage Travel Case for BESTEK 500W Power Inverter/NOCO Genius G1100 Battery Charger.

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    If u see any bad reviews on this it’s most likley due to people who didn’t read the manual, I spent an hour trying to learn how to use it until I just read the manual ?! GREAT PRODUCT: AWSOME PRICE / HAPPY CUSTOMER NO COMPLAINTS SO FAR… if ur battery if fully drained the READY sign will pop up but when u turn the key a ERROR 2 will pop up and ur car won’t start, all u have to do is press the 2 buttons at the same time for 5 sec and starts the battery and if it dosent just keep doing it, I had to press & hold the 2 buttons more than 3 times but after I heard the engine my heart melted as I fell Inlovewill do an update in 6 months !

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  7. Joaquin Cardenas

    I work for AAA for roadside assistance, and you wouldn’t believe how amazing this product is for the price. I got it when it was on discount (not sure if it still is) but this is a must have. Its one of those things where you don’t need it but must have one on you at all times. Keep in mind since I bought this product I use it 5 days a week constantly on all different types of cars that need a little power to get going (like a honda, toyota, etc…) to cars that need much more juice to power up (like a Mercedes, RV’s, Diesel trucks, etc…). I jumpstart at least 14 cars a day so thats about 70 cars a week. Almost everyone I assist they tell me “That little thing will start my car? *gives a little chuckle* You can try but I doubt it will jumpstart my car.” Then they get a surprised look on their face when it actually jumpstarts their vehicle. The charge on the battery lasts me pretty much all day depending on the types of cars I jumpstart, and the fast charging with USB type C makes it go from 0 to 100 in about 30mins or less. I don’t normally do reviews on things I buy on amazon but this was too great of a product to pass on the review. If you’re looking for a powerful portable jump-starter stop looking and add this product to your cart it will be worth it.

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  8. TheShawnMiranda

    I had a dinky old Napa Blue jump starter lying around that decided to get real puffy on me. And as everyone probably knows, once your Lithium Ion Battery starts to swell, it’s to get rid of it. That said I was looking for a couple of features in a new battery and this one fit the bill perfectly.1. Battery should last a really long time just sitting around: The Hulkman accomplishes this. Where it truly shines however is the 65W USB-C charging. I can leave this thing hooked up to a type C charger in my glove compartment and forget about it. And it’s ready to go when I need it.2. Able to start large engines: While my car has a 2.0 Flat 4 FA-20 motor. I wanted something that could fire up a V8 if necessary. Because my friends have larger engines.3. USB-C two way charging. I really wanted a battery that supported two way USB-C PD so I could quick charge my iPhone if I needed to. The only thing I wish they had done different here would be having a higher output through the USB-C port. While it supports 65W input it only does 18W output. So it can quick charge a phone but cannot charge a laptop.4. Lastly Hulkman claims this thing works as low as -40C. I haven’t had the chance to curry this claim but I have started a battery at around -15C with no trouble. I live in Minnesota so having cold weather charging support is super important to me.I can’t tell you what to buy but I can tell you if I had to buy another jump starter and I had any amount to spend: this is it.

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  9. Satisfied Mr H!!

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     So many uses but by far the Best Automotive Jump Starter Unit on the market. Connect the Jumper leads to the unit, connect leafs to correct colored battery posts, turn unit on, wait for green light, then turn on vehicle. I can charge my Samsung Note 20 Ultra more than 5 times from critical low 5% to 100%. I got almost 7 1/2 charges from 15% to 20%. The unit auto shut off when left on for a certain period of time. Sturdy design with built in Led Flashlight, red flashing lights, and a LED Battery Percentage Display. All this at an affordable price…

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  10. Brad Weber

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     This thing is amazing. I have a giant 7.5 liter big block ford. The hulkman Jumps box turns it over FASTER than my battery does. In the included video I had my truck battery completely disconnected and the ignition off so that the truck would not start. I was simply testing if the jump box could turn the engine over on its own. It does it easily! I tested it 5 times or so and still had 92% battery left. This is way more performance than I expect. I also did talk with customer service and they were fantastic. I will be keeping an eye on this brand and probably buy whatever they produce based on my experience. It’s hard to find new brands that make quality products these days. Actually it’s hard to find any brands that make quality products. Dont buy anything else when it comes to jump boxes, especially since this costs the same or less!

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    HULKMAN Alpha85 Jump Starter 2000 Amp 20000mAh Car Starter for up to 8.5L Gas and 6L Diesel Engines with LED Display 12V Lithium Portable Car Battery Booster Pack (Space Gray)  AutomotiveLive viewers eye icon
    HULKMAN Alpha85 Jump Starter 2000 Amp 20000mAh Car Starter for up to 8.5L Gas and 6L Diesel Engines with LED Display 12V Lithium Portable Car Battery Booster Pack (Space Gray) AutomotiveLive viewers eye icon


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