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Endless On-Demand Hot Water; Consistent hot water when you need it that never runs out; Continuously monitored water temperature and controlled flow rates ensure efficiency and consistent performance within 1 degree of selected temperature

Save Space; EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters are 90% smaller than traditional tank heaters; may be installed on wall or at point of use; Dimensions 11.5 x 8 x 3.75 inches

Save Energy; EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters are 99% thermal energy efficient; Only heats water when called unlike a tank heater that maintains water temperature even when not being used.

EcoSmart ECO 11 Sizing; 13-kilowatt tankless electric water heater ideal for providing hot water for a bathroom, small sink, office breakroom and other point-of-use or low-flow applications; provides between 1.3 and 3.1 gallons-per-minute depending on the inlet water temperature; refer to the sizing guide to select the proper solution

Warranty and Certifications; Lifetime Warranty on electronics, exchanger and element; UL-499 certified; ETL Listed

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10 reviews for EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 13KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology – Instant Hot Water Heater – Amazon.com

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  1. Mike

    We have 2 of hese a large on and a small one so far they are great. However the warranty is worthless. It cost more to higher a plumber than the unit cost so why bother. Im a electrician so I installed it myself. I would recommend valves on each side and turn down the output valve so no one can use more water then the heater can Handel. They used to tell you this but current instructions say nothing about it. You open the largest valve in your house and turn down the output till the water is the correct temp. Water running to fast through the unit causes it not to heat.

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  2. GaryNC

    I bought the Eco 11 and the aquapure pre-filter in Nov 2012. So it’s 5+ years old and still going strong. We’re a 2-person household and have 1500 sf house, single bath/shower, dishwasher, clothes washer. We never run anything at the same time as the shower so I can’t say how it would do for multitasking but, for our purpose, it works great. I replace the pre-filter as needed and haven’t had any problems with the heater.We have hard well-water with a high level of iron but I have 2-stage, 30 micron filters for the whole house (no softener), and the aquapure pre-filter does final cleanup. The water comes out of the ground at about 50F and I set the control to generate 112F output, so we do have to run the water for a couple of minutes for the 20-foot run to the plumbing wall.What I really love about it is that I was able to replace an electric 40-gal heater, that took up half of a 3′ x 6′ closet, with a unit that hangs on the wall and is about the size of a shoe box. Since this runs on a 60 amp breaker we did have to pull #6 AWG wire, which was kind of a pain, but that’s my only complaint.I’m back on this page to check current prices for another one for my workshop, so I thought I’d add my review.

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  3. Hayden M. Landry

    I have a small apartment out over my garage and needed to replace an old 10 gallon hot water heater. This little guy (EcoSmart ECO 11) was the perfect fit. I have a bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet and one kitchen sink. It keeps the hot water coming. The slim and small profile is also nice in that I could install it under the cabinet and it doesn’t take up much room at all. I did learn that you definitely need a 60 amp breaker as they suggest. I had a line already run that was set on a 50 amp breaker and this heater tripped it after 5 minutes of running(while I was in the shower i might add, lol). It was easy to install for me. I do have some experience with plumbing and electrical so if you don’t then maybe have a qualified plumber and electrician install it. Overall I’m extremely pleased with it so far.

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  4. Edward Ambriz

    Reviewing the Eco 11 model. I purchased to replace a different manufacturer water heater. The Eco 11 requires a 60 amp double pole breaker and #06 wire that requires you to take apart the heater and connect (both breaker and wire are not included). A dial is used to adjust the temperature and has a small readout screen. I am using this for a kitchen sink, restroom sink and shower, only ever using one faucet at a time. Works good for it’s designed purpose. In comparison to my former electric water heater, this one has a higheroutput rating, but seems to not be as consistent. The water doesn’t seem to stay consistently hot (fyi – my water pressure is perfect psi for this heater), what I mean is that it fluctuates from hot to warm to hot. My other heater was constant with temperature. Still, this heater does it’s job, and is a good value, if you look at other similar models and brands. I’ve been using for a solid month from time of installation to this review, so not sure of the products longevity. I am satisfied, and do recommend, as I will be purchasing another for an upcoming project. Hope this information is helpful!

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  5. ND96

    I purchased 15 ECO 11 tankless water heaters for a new house build in 2012. I was building a large house and wanted to have instant hot water in every bathroom, laundry room, kitchen and a bar. I didn’t want to do an inefficient circulating hot water system that would waste energy by constantly pumping hot water through my walls year-round.The system I designed uses an ECO 11 in every room that needs hot water, plus a traditional 80 gallon tank water heater that pre-heats all the incoming hot water for the house to about 80 degrees. The ECO 11 heaters have enough power to heat water from 70 or 80 degrees to a useable 110-120, but does not have enough power to heat 40 or 50 degree incoming water during the middle of winter. This design basically gives me unlimited instant hot water in every room, but it never wastes energy by heating water unless I am using it.Since it was a new construction project, it was easy to have a dedicated 6 AWG circuit run to each of the 15 ECO 11 heaters. This is essential. The units will never work properly without the correct wiring. I made sure to have a licenced plumber do all the installations to get the lifetime warranty. With a couple emails and a little bit of documentation, EcoSmart approved my registration for the lifetime warranty on all the units.All the ECO 11 heaters worked well from the initial install. However, after a year or two, I began to notice a sandy black and tan sediment starting to come out with the hot water from some of the units (especially the ones with more use). After doing a bit of research and contacting EcoSmart, I figured out that it was hard water scale (I had never noticed with the old-style tank heaters because it tends to settle out inside the tank and not come out the faucet). So, I did a vinegar flush on all the units to clean the elements and decided to try a scale inhibition system (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000NKETXQ/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1). The scale preventative system has worked very well. I have not run into any more issues with the scale coming out in the bath or clogging up the faucet strainers. I would highly recommend the scale inhibition treatment if you will be going with any tankless system.Over the past 8 years, I have had problems with just 2 of the 15 units. Each time I contacted EcoSmart service and they have helped me diagnose the problem and sent replacement parts at no cost. I have some technical skills and am comfortable opening the units up and replacing parts myself. This may not be a realistic option for everyone out there. If you don’t have the technical skills, I am guessing they will swap out units by mail (but that is just my assumption). Either way, I have been very satisfied with their customer service and lifetime warranty support.Overall, I am quite happy with my ECO 11 heater purchase. The units work well, give me unlimited instant hot water in every room, save electricity, and the company has been responsive whenever I have needed service.

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  6. David M.

    In our house the kitchen sink and dishwasher are about as far as they could possibly be from the tank style electric water heater that’s in the basement. This puts approximately 45ft of 3/4 inch copper pipe filled with cold water between the locations. The dishwasher always struggled with dirty dishes and the water had to run a LONG time to get reasonably hot at the kitchen sink faucet so I decided to add the ECO 11 as a booster in between and its working great.I mounted it under the kitchen sink and then ran about 50ft of 6/2 cable from a 60 amp breaker in the main panel. The ECO 11 has a built in cord a couple of ft long so I also had to mount a junction box where I could splice the wires together. The larger models are set up differently and you connect the electric supply directly to them internally which might be a little easier but this works fine.Out of the box the ECO 11 has nipples in and out that are designed to use compression fittings. Included in the package are two adapters to convert them to 1/2 inch pipe thread. I opted to use two short lengths of soft copper tubing that I had to make the connection and then I soldered the rest of the fittings including a shut off valve and another T type fitting to split the hot water flow between the sink and the dish washer. It turned out looking neat and it doesn’t take up much room inside of the cabinet under the sink.I let water flow through the system for a while before I turned on the power to allow any and all air bubbles to escape. According to the directions this is very important to prevent “dry firing” which would destroy the heating elements. After I turned on the power I experimented and adjusted the temperature up and down. The hot water is not instant but it happens very quickly once the flow starts and the ECO 11 starts heating. And then once its going even with the sink running wide open the water can be incredibly hot, scalding! I adjusted it down to 120 degrees as a start.This thing draws a LOT of power when its running and according to the instructions over 50 amps of current. This requires a 60 amp breaker and a number 6 wire. I ran 6/2 which consists of 2 conductors and a safety ground. While it does draw a lot of current this only happens when there is a demand for hot water and the rest of the time it doesn’t draw any significant power.We’ll see how it works over time but right now I’m very pleased. In the future I think I’m going to use another one of these in the guest apartment that I’m currently building. There the kitchen sink is going to be a long run from the water heater. With one of these I think I’ll be able to run just one water line and it’ll work.

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  7. David A Tate

    I purchased this unit to replace a standard 50 gallon electric water heater. The price of a kilowatt hour of electricity here on the Big Island of Hawaii is .39 cents, and going to go higher. Installation was pretty straight forward with a cardboard template to mark the 3 holes required to mount the unit. I had to use reducers to get from 3/4 inch to 1/2 inch for the connection to the unit. I used the brass adapters supplied with the unit to make the connection to standard 1/2 inch stainless hose. Teflon tape is required to make sure there is no leaking from the brass adapters.The unit says that a 50 amp breaker should be used with #6 wire. I wired the unit temporarily using the #10 (30 amp) wire that went to the original heater. The current draw with a shower and sink faucet wide open was 38 amps with an inlet water temp of 70 degrees. I ran a new circuit of #8 wire as the water temp here is never going to get lower than 70 degrees. If you live in a cold climate or have a well I am sure the current draw will be higher so the #6 wire should be used.The temperature regulation with this unit is very stable. I have it set to 115 degrees and have no problem in the shower when a sink or dish washer comes on and demands more hot water flow.My concerns are #1 how long will this unit last, and #2 because some places here in Hawaii actually have water supplied above ground will the unit be able to tell when the inlet water temp is higher that the set temperature? This could be a problem when you have 1/4 mile of 1.5 inch black plastic pipe sitting out in full sun!!To sum up, make sure you have access to electrical panel to run new circuit, use Teflon tape on the brass fittings, then enjoy on demand hot water.2020 update. When I installed this on demand unit, I left the standard 50 gallon tank unit in place just in case the on demand unit fails. During this 2 plus year period, this eco smart has performed above my expectations. 3 teenage granddaughters all taking showers after a day at the beach was no problem.In 2019 I purchased a 9 KW generator as emergency power back up thinking that said generator would run the eco smart unit. It does not, even though the generator has a 50 amp outlet. I installed valves and piping to the old 50 gallon unit and bought replacement heating elements at 3800 watts instead of the 4500 watt original so the generator would be able to heat water in power outage.(earthquakes and hurricanes here in Hawaii!!) When I pressurized the tank, it leaked from a hole just below the top element!! Go figure.So now I have ordered an eco smart 8 KW to replace the 50 gallon tank and will pipe it in as a back up to the eco 11 My generator should power the eco 8 in case of emergencies or the eco 11 going bad. Will update when installed.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    I have been using this water heater for a few months.I previously had another brand of tankless for many years that was almost identical size, it bit the dust (probably my fault, did not bleed air out of line after working on plumbing not related to heater, but it is a system after all). I didn’t purchase that brand as it had skyrocketed in price over the years. This one was more economical.We find this size perfect for our needs. Even though our home is 1400sqft, and there are 3 of us, we never run out of hot water when showering. But we also don’t try to run dishwasher, or washer while showering either.Installation is easy, and I put a filter before going into heater.Only con, which I knew before hand, is it takes a few minutes to receive hot water especially in winter. This could be remedied by placing heater as close to source as possible.

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  9. ray in Arizona

    After using this product for a little under 2 months I have managed to debug some of the other reviewers negatives, at least to my satisfaction. I do live in Arizona, my initial/incoming water is warmer as compared to northern states.First make sure your wires going to are of the proper gauge. (my wires and associated hardware cost half as much as the unit) If not enough current gets through, the heater will not work right.I originally installed steel connectors and pipe to the unit. Messy, time consuming, and is a potential for rust layering onto the heating elements. Disassembled and went copper tubing with “Shark Bite” brand connectors on copper tubing. A little more expensive then piping or soldering copper connectors, but the ease of install, time savings, and no mess was a real deciding factor for me.Once installed, followed instructions of running water from all hot water faucets at the same time, and while they are running to then turn the unit on. The first few uses I had the hot water turned only slightly on and more cold water than hot. I experienced the hot/cold cycling the some users have noticed. I did leave the input screen on the unit and my shower uses the medium/low flow controllable head. I have found to avoid the cycling hot/cold completely, I turn the water to the higher flow and all is well. I have noticed that when the water is routed from the tub outlet (warming up the incoming water prior to shower) to the shower head, the water temp cycles once. I think it is adjusting to the change in flow to get outgoing temperature correct. Might be why there is cycling at low flow rates.The temperature setting is left at factory 140 F. My old tank water heater was set at approximately 105/110 F. Comparing month to month for the last 3 years, the lowest by far is since the tankless water heater was installed.Performs as advertised. Saves money. Five thumbs up in my book.

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  10. Joel Rodriguez

    I owned this product so far for a month and has been doing great. Excellent performance, consistently hot water and great energy savings. I installed it my self and I have a few tips:Make sure you use #6 electric cable, it’s the recommended and safer cable width. You will need three cables and a 60 amp breaker. For the water pipes. You will NOT need any water heater hose. You only need to adapt the house water pipes to the heater with pressure fitting (which are included with the water heater) make sure that after you install all, BUT before feeding the heater with electricity, open all the house hot and cold water faucets to remove all the air inside the pipes. THEN, feed it with the electricity. After this you will be amazed by its performance.The only thing that I am concern is: how much time will this water heater will last without any problems? For me anything beyond 2 years is acceptable. Before 2 years will be very disappointing. So I will be informing you during time, to tell about it’s performance.If you have read all my review, like it, so I can be more motivated to give you more updates.So far this product is definitely a MUST BUY… And if you have any doubt if this water heater will work for all your house, the answer is yes. It has more than enough heating capacity for any normal house unless you have a huge house with 3 bathrooms or more and expects 3 or more persons taking a bath or shower at the same time.FIRST UPDATE:WOW, My first electricity bill came and I save 33 dollars compared to the previous month. Nothing in my house has changed from previous billing cycle to this current cycle. At this pace the investment will pay for itself in like 6 months, that its VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!SECOND UPDATE (DEC 9, 2013)It’s been 14 months since I installed this water heater and it is working beautifully and it paid for himself in energy savings alone. This product is worth every cent. I hope it last more years…

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    EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 13KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology – Instant Hot Water Heater – Amazon.com
    EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 13KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology – Instant Hot Water Heater – Amazon.com


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