CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, Water Resistant Ripstop Cargo Pants, Lightweight EDC Hiking Work Pants, Outdoor Apparel Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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65% Polyester, 35% Cotton CQR Men’s Tactical Pants? Series designed for law enforcement, military, and outdoor activities. [Materials] Mix of Polyester & Cotton (Ripstop Fabric) is breathable, wrinkle-free, and comfortable. [Duratax Ripstop Fabric] Ripstop fabric has excellent durability and has water-resistant and stain-resistant. *** Exclusive Tactical Belt is NOT included *** [Elastic Waistband] Side waistband is to make a secure fit and support the active movement. [Tactical Layout] Multi-purpose cargo pockets allow carrying various tools and equipment without having to hold them in your hands. It is suitable for tactical, combat, military training, fishing, climbing, hiking, motorcycling, and outdoor activities.

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10 reviews for CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, Water Resistant Ripstop Cargo Pants, Lightweight EDC Hiking Work Pants, Outdoor Apparel Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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  1. Cypressina

    I got these for my boyfriend as a Christmas gift. He loved them, washed them, and wore them to work. He decided to ride his scooter that day. On his was home he took a corner too fast, worried he was going to miss the train. As you can expect, gravity decided that it was game on.The left side of his face and somehow his right leg slammed into the concrete. His face was bruised and had road rash (the beanie he wore offering a little protection). He has one heck of a black eye. But the right leg is merely bruised. It was barely scaped and even though he was very concerned he had ripped the pants to shreds, they were a little scuffed but not really damaged.He was grateful he was wearing those pants. He was sure that if he had been wearing his regular pants, his leg would have tried to contest his face for damage. He immediately bought 3 more pairs. He said he appreciated how they also kept him warmer while riding than the other types pants he wears. So, yeah, no regerts.

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  2. C. Pilot

    I was a big fan of Duluth Trading’s original version of the Dry On The Fly Cargo Pants. However, in their “infinite wisdom” Duluth Trading decided to redesign these pants and the new version is horrible and the reviews on their site (as well as all the demanding of the return of the original design) shows it. So as my DT cargo pants are getting a little long in the tooth (and the lifetime “no bull” replacement warranty is now invalid because you can only get the new style as a replacement), I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement. The CQR Tactical Pants are just about perfect!CQR pants material isn’t as thick a DT’s, but I actually like the ripstop material better. The water resistance actually seems to be better with the CQR pants, as DT’s pants would actually absorb the water but dry quickly rather than just repel the water. Not sure how long the water resistance will last with CQR pants, but they seem to be doing very well even after 3 washes. They do advise turning them inside out prior to washing, so maybe that helps(?). They also did not shrink (either in width or length), although I hung them up to dry instead of putting them in the dryer. FYI, even hanging them to dry there was no major wrinkling (nothing that required ironing anyway).Pockets are just about as well designed with the CQR pants missing some zippers that the DT pants have. Still, the number of pockets and placement are actually very good and are at least comparable to DT’s even if not identical.I’m no longer a tall skinny man (hence my moving to Duluth Trading clothes), but I’m also not very overweight. The DT pants fit me rather loose/baggy, which I liked at first because I don’t like tight fitting clothing. These CQR pants are neither baggy nor tight, and I really like this new (for me) fit. It makes me look smaller, but there’s plenty of room in all the right places. Neither pants have flared lower legs, but the DT pants were a lot wider than the CQR pants. I really like this about the CQR pants as they are a more modern style/fit.Overall, I’m very happy with these CQR replacements! And the best part is that the CQR pants are less than half the price of the Duluth Trading pants (and include free, fast Prime shipping, free returns, and excellent Amazon Support). Now, if only they made the same in longer shorts to replace my Duluth Trading Dry On The Fly cargo shorts! (hint hint CQR!)

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  3. Jon Hudson

    Hope this helps: I am 5-11, 210 and usually wear a 34X32 to 36X32 depending on manufacturer. (I’m more of a 35X32, but try finding that). With that said, and after reading others’ sizing input, I went with 36WX32L.After 1st washing and try on, fits well (little loose still on waist but good.I think if I went with the 34, it would have been tight.) I was reluctant on length as I normally go with the ‘R’ regular or ‘S’ short lengths (my inseam actually a 31). Glad I went the L (long), will work well with footwear. I suspect if I went with ‘R’, it would have been a bit too short.* Great pants and well constructed. Will buy again if needed.

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  4. Eric Griffith

    I’ve been using 5.11 TacLight Pro pants for a few years. By comparison the CQR seem a little more like stiff canvas. It’s interesting they are both a 65/35% poly/cotton blend, so the weave must be a little different. The 5.11 feel a little softer and more flexible at first, but we’ll see how the CQR break in.I expect, going by the seams and material, they should be durable and dependable for heavier duty tasks that hiking or travel pants won’t stand up to.As far as sizing, I found that choosing the same size I use with other pants I get worked well. In other words, the sizing is accurate for me using my standard waist and inseam.

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  5. Aunt MouseAunt Mouse

    I’m a 59 year old, overweight, woman 5’3” about 195 lbs. I find it difficult to get women’s pants that fit comfortably and have “real” pockets that are actually useful. I often end up getting men’s pants. Carrying a purse is not practical for me, so pockets are important. I carry lots of stuff. The stuff needs to stay in the pockets and the pants need to still be comfortable with the stuff in the pockets. I also need to be able to have quick access to my stuff.I purchased two pair of tactical pants to compare. I like both and will be keeping both.The Proper woman’s size 18 were not hemmed and I needed to do that myself. I could not find a good match for this gray color for the thread. Doing my own hem is alright as I can give a bit of extra length for blousing my pants with my boots. The CQR are men’s size 38×30. As you can see from the photos, both fit very similarly.The Proper fabric is heavier and thus also hotter in the Southcentral KY summer heat and humidity. The gray color is quite different between the two. I like the Proper color just a bit more than the CQR.The pocket on the right front thigh was significantly different. My cellphone (iPhone XR) fits better in the Proper pants. The pocket is just a bit wider. The CQR pocket is barely wide enough to get my cellphone in. This pocket on the CQR is also canted towards the side seam. This makes it uncomfortable when sitting with the cellphone in the pocket and very difficult to get the phone out. If sitting, it is nearly impossible to remove the cellphone from that pocket on with the CQR pair. I can get my phone out of the pocket while sitting with the Proper pair. And, having the phone in the pocket while sitting is much more comfortable with the Proper pair.The internal fly button on the Proper pants is more robust and stitched more securely. The CQR button is smaller. Both are about as difficult to button and unbutton.The CQR fabric is thinner. This makes them a little lighter in the summer heat. However, the material inside the front pockets is also much thinner. I’m expecting my stuff to wear through this material fairly quickly. The material inside the front pockets on the Proper pair is much heavier. These pockets feel sturdy and I expect my stuff to be carried securely, longer. The trade off for the heavier pocket material is this adds weight/bulk and that makes the Proper pants hotter for the summer.The back pockets on the Proper pants do not have cover flaps. They are closed with hook & loop part way across. I can get my hands in fairly easily, but plant debris also gets inside. The CQR pants back pockets have cover flaps.The small pocket on the left front thigh is smaller/narrower on the CQR pants. This means my minimal wallet is a very tight fit. The canted angle also makes it difficult to remove my wallet from the pocket while sitting. I don’t carry my magazines in this pocket, I prefer the belt for that. My wallet is more comfortable in the Proper pants and I can easily remove it while sitting. Makes the drive through ATM much easier.The CQR pants pockets are placed with an odd angle. I suppose this was don’t with the intention of making them more easily accessible. But, having worn BDU for many years, I’m not accustomed to the angle and it just feels weird to me. I prefer the straight placement of the proper pants pockets.Bottom line, both pairs of pants are similar in fit. The CQR pair is lighter for the heat of summer, but this may lead to mom them not lasting as long under field use. The Proper pants are hotter. Being an older lady who is carrying too much body fat, I’m also stuck wearing thigh high compression stockings. This makes the Proper pants very hot outdoors. Both CQR and Proper do not slide easily over the compression stocking. Both seem to bind my knees when I sit even when I hike them up at my he pockets before I sit.The 30” inseam with the CQR pants as well as my own hemming of the Proper pants allows me to easily blouse my pants with my boots.Both pairs have a gap at the rear when I sit, even wearing a belt. Thus, a tucked in shirt, of untucked with extra length is necessary for me. No “plumbers butt” for me.I give both pairs of pants five stars. I’ll have to post an update in a few months after I see how well each pair of pants holds up to my farming and field work.

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  6. Pat R.

    The media could not be loaded.

     These are by far the best tactics pants! Always hesitant when they have over 10k reviews but definitely live up to the hype. Bought a pair in khaki and black. Size 30×30. Definitely true to size. Wore them for a whole week camping trip.Pros:Pockets held so much was able to carry a glock 19 and the mag in the designated pocket.Easily brush off dirt keeping the pants looking clean.Even after wearing for a week didn’t have that bad of smellReally comfortable and easy to move around in.Fit well over my bootsCons:Uncovered mag pouch was a bit small and don’t think you would be able to fit a mag bigger than a handgunNot necessarily a con but would an option for a slimmer boot/leg style.Would highly recommend buying these pants

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  7. R. Nashville

    I see a lot of reviews stating how they are too baggy or too long but it seems like they are tailor made for me. I wear the 38 X 32 and am 6’3″ 220 pounds and the length and wide is perfect. I don’t even have to wear a belt with them since they stay on. I am able to do yard work and they are able to flex with me doing odd movements around trees. I really like the deep pockets, but haven’t had much use for the additional pockets even though I tend to carry a lot of stuff. I really love and never seen the smartphone pocket that exposes the top part of your phone. I use that when I am near my house but afraid to lose it in public in case it falls out, but it seems like it will keep it in place. I bet every single pants in the future will have that feature since people are addicted to their phones. If I had to nitpick I wish they had made another set of deep pockets that are the same as the two main ones on the sides since I use them more often for ease of access and size.

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  8. LarryV

    I have about 4 or 5 pair of these pants, as well as, shorts by this brand. All their products are first class, fit good and true to size and perfect for hiking or other uses, but nice looking enough to wear anywhere you’d dress casual. These have a water repellent feature that is amazing. I tripped and fell on a hike in the mountains and hit in a muddy shallow puddle. My wife said “Oh no, in your new pants.” I laughed it off and when we got back to the Jeep and got in she looked at my pants and there was no mud and they were not wet!! We were amazed and I was glad because we went directly to a nice, casual restaurant on the way home and I would have hated to have wet, muddy pants on. My wife kept laughing and said the funny thing is you didn’t have anything on those pants. Highly recommend. Great price too when comparing to some big name brands that are just like these, but at twice the price.

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  9. Mama bear 3

    Okay first I bought papa bear a size 32w because that’s the size he actually wears but when he put them on it was so much extra material around the legs it looked like he was wearing those “diaper pants that justin beiber wore” Thus, sent them back and ordered next size down (30) they still fit around the waste and so much better around the thighs.Now to the pants themselves. I bought them because Papa Bear does landscaping. So these pants have enough pockets for his phone (without falling out) for his headphones case and for all his little tools he keeps in his pockets for quick accessibility. They are also thick enough that he no longer gets knicks or scratches from flying rocks or twigs or what ever else that gets kicked up at him from the job. Now even though they are thick enough for protection the material is still comfortable enough so he doesn’t feel like he is overheating. This is a big deal because we live in Arizona the average is like 113 in the summer. This is all coming from him. So I just ordered another pair and will be ordering another when a certain color comes availble in his size.Update; got the second pair. Still ordered one size smaller and they are still great pants!!!

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  10. Ana Monroe

    There are two reasons I buy men’s pants: pockets and durability. The CQR has both in spades.Not even sure what all the pockets are for, to be honest, but I have to wear my equipment, so I’m sure I’ll find a use for all of them. I like that the square pockets have velcro flaps. I wish at least one had a zipper, but the absence of a zipper does not detract from the overall usability.Fabric is definitely sturdy, almost stiff, but a couple washes before the first real wear test helped. The fabric is lightweight but not linen, so be sure to hydrate. I never really did see sweat spots so that is a plus.Belt loops are BOSS. Can’t see ever having to repair these.The fit for a standard female body shape is not bad at all. I definitely didn’t buy these for their sex appeal, but they did exceed my expectations in this area. They hug female curves quite nicely.

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    CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, Water Resistant Ripstop Cargo Pants, Lightweight EDC Hiking Work Pants, Outdoor Apparel  Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
    CQR Men’s Tactical Pants, Water Resistant Ripstop Cargo Pants, Lightweight EDC Hiking Work Pants, Outdoor Apparel Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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