Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter , Blue Automotive

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1,700 Peak Amps; 425 Cranking Amps 22Ah Clore PROFORMER Battery 46″ Heavy-Duty #2 AWG Cables Voltmeter provides charge status of onboard battery.The ideal storage environment is room temperature, or 68?F DC outlet to power 12 volt accessories; DC input to recharge internal battery Built-in Automatic Charger
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10 reviews for Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter , Blue Automotive

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  1. Eric O Starnes

    I love this product. I have a current leak in my radio which I haven’t been able to fix which has been draining my battery. I have used this JNC six times without recharging and my large SUV fires up within 10 seconds everytime. I had a more expensive Shumacher unit that was more expensive and had more gadgets it didn’t last. This JNC is half the size as the Schumacher and jump starts cars much better and much much faster.Two weeks ago I was up in the Sierras and the temperature was around 5 degrees. In the morning my battery was so dead, I didn’t even get a ‘click’. The JNC got my car started within 10 seconds. I figured it would take a minute or two at least.Also I’m surprised about some of the comments I’ve read about the cables being a bit too short. When jumping my SUV, I can easily rest this unit on the ground with slack in the cables. But the unit is small as well and could easily rest somewhere in the engine bay, if needed.

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  2. The Little Red Bedtime Book .com

    I bought this as a dual purpose jumper for 2001 Cadillac and My 91 ford F250 Dual battery 7.3 IDI Diesel.It WILL Jump the diesel and turn it good for about 8 seconds (Max you should ever hold a starter) before you can hear it start slowing.This is with Batteries drained to the point they will only turn the engine half a rotation before the solenoid just clicks.Second try is a bit slower turning and if it doesn’t start within the first 4 seconds, the jumper won’t turn fast enough to start without a recharge (Unless maybe you let it sit to recover? Dunno didn’t try).This testing was “INTENTIONALLY” done on a COLD hard to start 7.3 IDI engine.>I don’t need to test it on the Cadillac to know this charger WILL turn it and/or any single Battery vehicle over several times for long periods of time.As for purchasing to start a dual battery Diesel, I would suggest getting the next size up if has any kind of starting issues “Besides dead batteries”

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  3. RobertRobert

    Best jump box you can get for the price. Simple, easy to use, thin unit (probably about 4 inches thick), replaceable battery around $30 if you ever needed to, solid clamps and 2 gauge wires. I love it. It’s just a simple to the point sturdy jump starter. Comes with 12v cig lighter charger but you’ll need to buy your own extension cord to charge it in wall. Can’t beat it for the price and quality.

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  4. Susan Campbell-Skelly

    This is a Lifesaver!!!!!!!! My honda civic is 2007, never gave me a problem. I needed my car jumped last week. The other guy pulled out a different brand charger and jumped my car immediately. But i was going to order it and it had great reviews and some not so great. Well i found this charger with great reviews and everyone is right. Get this charger!! I charged my car twice yesterday evening and the car started right up both times. Charged it over night. Then at the car place their charger was not charged up. Well our charger worked great! Car turned right over. I bought one for myself and one for my adult daughter. Im telling everyone about this charger. Just buy it!!

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  5. AAM

    For this price, you’d expect them to provide a cable to charge it. You have to buy one separately. It came pre-charged, however.It’s also very durable, and reliable. I’ve kept this in my car over the span of two years and it’s held its charge, even after six jump starts.It also has normal usage instructions. Just connect the cables to your battery and you’re good.I’ve used the cheaper Chinese batteries on Amazon and I only ever got one use out of them before they went defective. Not what you want in an emergency.The price for this battery pack is very, very much worth it. It’ll quickly pay for itself.

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  6. James Lambert

    I have used this a bunch of times to jump start smaller equipment like 4-wheelers, mowers, etc. But I finally had to use it on my truck a few days ago (2011 Super Duty Diesel). Honestly I was a little worried that it would have they strength to do it because as soon as I connected it to the battery my air compressor kicked on (for train horns), I quickly shut off the air compressor and then said a prayer….. turned the key and it started right up without hesitation. It didn’t even turn over slow or anything.This thing has saved me so many times!!!BTW, I also used it to charge my phone, my wife’s phone and my kid’s tablets while camping using a 12v to USB adapter.

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  7. Gene P. Louie

    Here are the “good” and “bad” on this product…ADVANTAGES.1. It is the highest rated jump-starter on the market. Among various on-line reviews, the JNC660 is consistently rated with the highest score or placed in the top three. Here are the various sources… . . . . 2016 Best Pick.. . . . . Best Reviews Guide: Score of 9.1.. . . . . Best Mid Range.. . . . . AutoDeets: Top 10.. . . . . Amazon Users: Score of 4.7 among 2,274 reviews..2. With 1,700 Amps of peak power, the unit is able to jump start the failed heart of a Blue Whale..3. The cables are extra long..4. Professionals use this…DISADVANTAGES.1. It is very expensive..2. The device lacks an air compressor feature and an ON/OFF switch.

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  8. Hillbilly

    This 18 amp 12V DC power pack is the must for jumping about any sized home car or pickup truck, including most eight cylinder engines. Not suitable for large fleet diesel engines, it would certainly be at home in any auto dealership to jump any of their inventory that has been sitting a couple of months for a test drive, auto mechanic shops and, most likely, owners of compact utility diesel tractors (40 hp or less).This is an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) lead acid battery driven unit. Not Lithium Ion (LION). A critical plus, as if left in a car and gets very cold, most LION powered batteries lose all power at around 20 degrees F. Lead acid batteries do not (though lose much of their capacity at 0 F). This makes a world of difference if being used in a temperate or northern climate where heavy cold can seasonally be expected and the cold “kills” your battery.This is really an entry level pro series unit. It is always “on” with no on/off switch, so it very important to prevent the clamps from touching and stored in the shown holsters accordingly. While the clamps are externally insulated to prevent accidental contact from sloppy storage, with the type of jump starter this is, should you ever happen to make electrical contact this way, the results will be ‘epic’ lol. It comes with an exposed three pin male pin AC port that allows you to charge it via a shop/home medium – heavy duty AC extension cord you supply.Also provided is an automotive type plug DC power port (‘cigarette lighter” port) that is of the type usually found on a car’s dashboard near the radio location. You can use this port just like said port on your car. Plug in a car’s DC cell phone charger you may have and pretty much anything else that is made for portable car use, like an AC power inverter (up to 400 watts supplied AC power). Supplied too is a male DC plug to male DC plug extension cord to allow you to recharge the jumper from your car’s power/cigarette port when driving. Place in this jumper pack on the floor board passenger area, plug in this extension to recharge/top off this unit when driving. A very thoughtful addition if your car’s battery is suddenly starting to die and you are not sure if it will start the next time you shut off your car’s engine. I have had this happen to me with modern car batteries (they are a wear out item that needs periodic replacement).A charge status gauge is present to activate with a press of a button on it, plus there are two charging status light on it (completed or still charging). A major plus is that you get an $85, no expiration, coupon to repair this unit. Worth saving, as ALL batteries eventually go bad/dead and med replacement. This unit is no different, plus, you can replace its internal battery yourself if you are mechanically inclined and buy a replacement (approx $40) via screws in the rear to access it.UPDATE 2/2018.I have since bought a tire inflater air pump that runs off of a car’s cigarette lighter/power port. It pulls ten amps at 12 volts. I initially used it it plugged into this unit (18 amp hour battery) as the power source. It ran for about 20 minutes in this test, drawing down the battery about 25 percent, per ratings. I plugged in this unit to recharge and the indicator ‘said’ that it did not need recharging. (still put power into it any, lol). A very solid battery drives this unit!

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  9. Marge M

    So I read the reviews and the suggestions and then did what made the most sense to me. I’ve been keeping this charger in the car year round since receiving it in December 2015. Initially I took it into the house to charge it every 3 months but it didn’t need a charge even after I’d used it so back it went.Due to the reverse slope of my long drive, I don’t park in or even near the garage. I’d have to dig out just to open the garage door and the drive gate. Instead I park on a level section opposite the pedestrian gate and use a car cover. The cover helps to keep the door from freezing as long as I remember a seasonal silicone spray on the gaskets but the cover doesn’t do much to protect the battery from running down during the cold weeks/months.The JNC660 has started the car immediately when I needed it. I used it once more the following winter but it declined to take a charge so I put it back in the car. (I have another battery charger which will provide a trickle charge on up and prefer to use that when the car sits in the cold for too long)I totally neglected the charger throughout the past year. I was terribly ill from January to April 2017 and went nowhere from mid-January to the end of March. A couple months ago I got a call from a friend who needed a jump when his van wouldn’t start. I loaded the dogs in the car and off we went to the parking lot where he was waiting. Van started immediately. I put the JNC660 back in the car and left it there – did not take it in for a recharge.For the past week we’ve had temps in the very low teens and below. It occurred to me that I ought to start my car while we had a “warm” day in the high teens. She was not willing to turn over. Hauled the charger from the back of the car and within a couple of minutes I was winding up the cables and closing the hood. Car started at the first try – battery was weak, not dead. I decided that it was time to charge it again so it is now on the charger and did indicate that it was indeed ready to be recharged.I’ve seen a few reviews for the Jump-N-Carry with the air compressor but the blue model doesn’t have a built in compressor. I’m perfectly happy to have a charger which does one thing well.Another reviewer suggested that this was a flimsy product – I don’t understand that. It seems durable enough. It isn’t that heavy – the model with the compressor is about 9 lbs heavier.

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  10. Megan Osborne

    I own a used car lot and when I need to jump a car I need a box that works and this one always works. I read the instructions for use and I really don’t follow them very well and the box still never lets me down. “Only charge the box for a specified length of time… do not leave charging.” Ha. We forget for days that it is plugged in and it still holds up.”Charge after every jump.” Are you kidding me? We charge this thing like once every 3 months and she still has what it takes to start a full size truck.We have killed a few. For example, an alternator went out and we strapped one under a hood to drive the car home. The charging part would have been fine, but it was sitting near the exhaust manifold and melted. Guess what? That thing still jumped cars for 4 more years. Eventually the melted plastic just couldn’t take it anymore and disintegrated.I have tried many boxes and this one is the absolute best. I have never had a better box and I just don’t try other ones any more because why try to improve on perfection?

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    Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter , Blue  Automotive
    Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12 Volt Jump Starter , Blue Automotive


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