Broccoli Seeds for Sprouting & Microgreens | Waltham 29 Variety | Non GMO & Heirloom Seeds | Bulk 1 LB Resealable Bag | Rainbow Heirloom Seed Co. : Patio, Lawn & Garden

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BROCCOLI SPROUTS & MICROGREENS have a well regarded nutrient profile, which includes sulforaphane, a compound found in cruciferous vegetables.

TOP QUALITY SEEDS for sprouting with high germination rates. Our non-GMO & heirloom seeds are grown & packed in the USA.

EASY TO GROW in microgreen growing trays, sprout jars & countertop sprouters. It’s fun to grow your own at home!

A DELICIOUS CHOICE for year round indoor salad gardening. Broccoli microgreens & sprouts have a delightful fresh flavor that’s loved by many.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY FAMILY FARMERS who have been growing for generations. We offer full customer support & we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you’re growing your best ever! We’re always here to help.


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10 reviews for Broccoli Seeds for Sprouting & Microgreens | Waltham 29 Variety | Non GMO & Heirloom Seeds | Bulk 1 LB Resealable Bag | Rainbow Heirloom Seed Co. : Patio, Lawn & Garden

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  1. Hilary L.

    I make cold process soap. I have settled on using broccoli seeds as an exfoliant because coffee and chia seeds are sharp and painful. Broccoli seeds are perfectly round and don’t scratch. Didn’t think you’d be reading a review about putting these in soap did you.

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  2. aZchicago

    2 year Sulforaphane sprouter, Dr. Rhonda Patrick follower, Health Growers seeds are comparable to the leading brand, FTL. Sprout rate is >>90% and drip tray smell is identical to the expensive one. My sprouts are pleasant tasting even after freezing. So so seeds (in Ebay) really smell funky, makes me skeptical of the quality. Hope this product stays great and affordable

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  3. Lorena Tello

    They took 6-7 days to sprout. I use 2 different ways for it, one on the jar and the other one I put a damp paper towel in a container and then spread some seeds on it and just used a spray bottle to keep the seeds wet. Great taste ?

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  4. Mike Z

    I got a yield a little better than seeds I purchased from my local Whole Foods. The price was about half as much!It is normal that some seeds don’t completely sprout, but with these I noted fewer than in the past. 2 Tablespoons will end up filling a quart jar when sprouted.

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  5. Dempo

    Amazing seeds – Amazing company with fabulous products and people.Special mention to Micki- exceptional service…Tried many other seeds – sadly, got low harvest yields. and became frustrated with this growing stuff.Tried Rainbow…The photo I have posted is day 5 – it’s a quart jar packed full with delicious and nutritious Broccoli sprouts. Yield rate : I would estimate is ~ 96% ! Which is very very high.Before Rainbow seeds – I nearly gave up, for it is frustrating to constantly go through the effort with poor results.Now – I want to grow more sprouts / microgreens – I will only use seeds from this company.Quality seeds = Success !

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  6. Jeff loggins

    It took a few tries to figure it out but now I’m booming with these using the mason jar method. These seem to take longer than normal sprouts to grow as they don’t really start popping until day 3, and I usually give them 6-7 days. I use mason jars and use 3 tablespoons per jar. The key is to rinse them at least 2 times a day, every single day. If you stop rinsing them, they stop growing, its as simple as that. You can harvest them before 6-7 days but its worth the wait because they really don’t start exploding until around day 6 and 7. I then take them out and freeze them for maximum sulphoraphane. Rinse them once right before you freeze them to take some of the weird smell away. The crazy part is once you freeze them and take a sniff inside the bag, you can smell how potent these guys are and that’s what you’re looking for my friends. To health!

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  7. DanTheMan

    This was our first go at growing microgreens. The broccoli sprouts are very easy to grow. Without soaking the seeds, our first batch was ready in 6 days. We’re using black 10×10 trays from a lab supply store. Each tray used 0.60 ounces of seeds. Growing medium is potting soil and watering with hard well water. While we grew 3 trays the first time, it’s far too much to consume for 2 people. We’ll drop down to 1 or 2 trays for every 2 days of eats. =)

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  8. D. maxwell

    These sprouts are so easy to grow and very delicious- the flavor is different than most of the common sprouts and a bit strong- which I like and they make nice addition to a salad or sandwich. I keep a small bowl at my desk and just grab a little every once in a while. Feel like I am doing something so very good for my body.My first batch I made – only about 1/2 of the seeds germinated. I emailed the seller and he got back to me right away and gave me helpful hints and the next 2 batches were amazing- I’d say over 90% germinated! I use a sprout jar but am looking into the newer sprout trays- I think they would work well for my needs.

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  9. Time Traveler

    Oh My Goodness! These turned out AMAZING! I read good and blah reviews about this brand, so, I was hopeful but a little skeptical.*I measured out 2 Tablespoons of seeds and then weighed them (25grams) so that I can make a constant batch with the same weight for th seeds each time. (I like to weigh everything -LOL… and I always weight in grams as it’s more accurate than oz.)I used filtered water for all my soaking and rinsing. I dont drink tap water so, it didn’t make sense to “grow” them with chlorinated tap water!*I Soaked the seeds over night, drained, rinsed again and set them inverted in a glass bowl and covered them with a small towel on the back of the kitchen counter in the shady spot under the kitchen cupboards.*I rinsed them twice a day (9am & 9pm) every day. (I sometimes rinsed them 3 times a day because I was enjoying the whole process… lol -however, I think 2x is sufficient.)*After rinsing and draining the water out I tilted the jar around so the the seeds were dispersed around the walls of the jar so they weren’t all clumped together (example of this in the 3rd photo) per some “how to” YouTube videos I watched.*On day 4, the jars were amazingly full of sprouts and I took off the towel and set them on the kitchen counter where they could get some light and start to chlorophyll up. They started greening up AND*TODAY is day 5 and the jar is jam packed full! and They are a nice bright green color.*I got 7.2 oz. Of broccoli sprouts from 2 Tablespoons of seeds.*Vitamix Smoothie: I put half a jar in my green smoothie (along with organic spinach, kale, & chard (the organic power greens from Costco), some pineapple juice (the fresh kind from Trader Joe’s), a cup or organic frozen blueberries, and a frozen banana.*They have a potent strong brocolli flavor -so, I thought the broccoli taste might be strong in the smoothie. BUT, it wasn’t! They blended in with the blueberries and banana and literally no strong broccoli flavor.*NOT that I mind the flavor of them by themselves. They are delicious! I ate the other half jar as a salad.Thanks goes to Dr. Rhonda Patrick for turning me on to the nutrient value of brocolli sprouts. This is a great nutritional addition to my green smoothie ingredient list! AND Sooooo cheap to make versus buying these sprouts. Plus making your own gives you control of the water used!*I ordered a 1 pound bag from this company. I will be ordering the 2.5 pound bag next time to save money as I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase and the results I got from my first batch with these broccoli sprouts.

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  10. jennifer hardisty

    This is my favorite microgreen seed, and my favorite seed from this company (I’ve tried a few, and they are all clean with great germination).I’ve never lost a tray to mold or disease, the germination is great whether done on mats, or in soil (I’ve grown to prefer soil for these, even though they are small seeds). There seem to be no off family seeds in the mix at all, just brocoli. The flavor of these micro greens is great, a mild and sweet brocoli taste.The seeds are so prolific, that I’ve even had them regrow a set of greens twice after the first harvest. As a note, if you try to get a second or third harvest, you might see some white filaments that resemble mold. If you look closely, it isn’t mold, it’s just root filaments from the remaining stalks, or from the yet to germinate seeds if they are near the surface.These are also lower maintence and less fiddly than other seeds I’ve tried. Now that I have the quantity and moisture right, it’s just a 1/2 of soil compacted, drop dry seeds (I don’t even have to soak these), blackout for 3 days, and bang, an entire tray of sprouted seeds. They also mature pretty quickly under grow lights, and I like that they last in the tray for weeks without changing character, so I just harvest them as I use them (which these days is often :)If I had to recommend one seed bag to my freinds to try and grow their first microgreens, this would be it.

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    Broccoli Seeds for Sprouting & Microgreens | Waltham 29 Variety | Non GMO & Heirloom Seeds | Bulk 1 LB Resealable Bag | Rainbow Heirloom Seed Co. : Patio, Lawn & Garden
    Broccoli Seeds for Sprouting & Microgreens | Waltham 29 Variety | Non GMO & Heirloom Seeds | Bulk 1 LB Resealable Bag | Rainbow Heirloom Seed Co. : Patio, Lawn & Garden


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