APEX RF-1050 Alkaline Filter Cartridge: Appliances

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Removes Chlorine taste and odor, Heavy Metal and controls Microorganisms in your drinking water.

Hydrates your body while adding minerals that our body does not produce such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium to name a few.

Perfect solution for household of any size. Easy installation. Filter effectively removes hundreds of contaminants from water.

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10 reviews for APEX RF-1050 Alkaline Filter Cartridge: Appliances

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  1. Jack Stone

    I like that this product is US made because I always have concerns about food or drinking products that come out of China due to lack of regulations. Because of my tendency of creating kidney stones I am especially picky. This filter is amazing! I’m really pleased with the purchase and based on a recent check up with my doctors office, it does what I need it to do and it does it well (no kidney stone growth! yay!). It does so well that I get requests for gallons of water at my place of employ. Seems some folks I work with need to purchase this awesome product. Very very pleased.

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  2. Knife T-rix

    This filter has been an excellent product for me, and its’ been great to not have to schlep all those water bottles. The only drawback was dreading the filter change that has received not insignificant reviews about the difficulty of replacing the filter. Replacing the filter on mine turned out to be a non-event. Specifics to follow:The common complaint is that the unit is hard to “crack” open, or break the seal allowing the unit to be unscrewed from the base. The first step in that process is to disconnect the black tubes from their connections. Next, drain as much water from the unit as possible. My process was to put a folded bath towel on the kitchen floor, securing the unit between my knees. With the plastic wrench (provided with the original unit) on the outer casing, and bearing down on the base to prevent rotation, steady, firm pressure resulted in immediate rotation of the casing away from the base. The seal was snug, but not so secure that it needs to be wrestled or “cracked” to release. (Disclosure: I’m a 5’11” male w/fairly sturdy but not exceptional build. A tinier or more delicate frame may have more of a challenge.)So mine was a non-event. That said, assuming these are primarily hand assembled or done with some mechanical assistance, there probably is variability in how torqued each particular unit may be. Point being, my experience represents only my unit, which surely isn’t universal. But … I continue to be pleased with the unit, new filter, and overall experience.I give a strong “buy” recommendation.

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  3. Finn

    So far, I’m extremely pleased with this filter cartridge. I purchased it to replace a more expensive alkaline and carbon filter cartridge that I would have been stuck buying one every 6 months. Fortunately, that filter that I purchased was not supposed to be sold or available to California residents (probably hadn’t been tested by the California Water Resources Board). I thought I would be stuck and not able to get a replacement cartridge, but I researched many cartridges and found that I liked this one the best, and it turned out that this filter fit the housing (standard 10″ water filter housing) and I am enjoying the same benefits of pure, refreshing, clean, alkaline drinking water out of the tap of our kitchen faucet.We already have a whole house hard water filter system that softens the water and does offer some filtering, but I wanted to add this to the kitchen faucet on the cold water line which I did. I used 3/8″ Pipe to 3/8″ Compression fittings on the filter housing, then connected the outlet of the filter to the cold water line on the faucet, the inlet side I used a 20″ long 3/8″ Compression water line and attached it the angle stop to the inlet side of the filter.I will eventually add a tee fitting so that I can send the filtered water to the refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker, but it currently has a charcoal water filter attached, so I will adapt it later.

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  4. Tobias Hoffman

    We bought the Apex countertop filter last summer and after about 7 months of use we started to taste the tap chlorine again, so it was time for the replacement filter. I read reviews about the housing being difficult to open, and at first mine was too, but I found that completely draining the unit of water before attempting to open it made it very easy to unscrew. The instructions that came with the replacement filter also recommended putting petroleum jelly on the threads to make opening it even easier next time a replacement filter is needed. Overall I am very happy with this filtering system–it makes the water taste great, the filter lasts a reasonable amount of time, and it is easy to install and change the filter.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    What I like the most is the quality and function of this US made water filter. Really looks good on counter in clear filter base, does an excellent job filtering, and lasts for a reasonable period. Have read some complaints in replacing filters, but when followed instructions like draining and soaking prior to, the process was a snap. I did have to contact the company on a minor issue, and good news there is that they were ‘very responsive’ and quickly took care of it with a solution far greater than I expected. So for this product and company I have 100 percent positives and zero negatives. They certainly know how to treat a customer!

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  6. Sabako

    I’ve been using this for 3+ years. My wife says she could taste difference with or w/o filter but I can’t. We are happy with this anyway.One of the things I learned was…1) indication of filter replacement time is amount of water through filter is getting less and less.2) if water starts leaking from filter housing, it’s time to replace big O ring. I bought 3 O ring pack directly from manufacture. As soon as I replaced it leak stopped. Plumbing is always one of the mysteries…Overall we are happy with the product.

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  7. randa najjar

    I’m obsessed with this filter after my (very knowledgeable) brother put me on to this. I recently moved to Chicago and when I would boil tap water (for spaghetti) crystalized bubbles would form at the top once it reached boiling point. I’d buy bottled water and I still felt icky. It was so bad I didnt eat for 3 weeks and lost 27 lbs (yay I guess?) Finally my brother told me about this filter even tho he has an entire 3 filtered tank in his kitchen I needed something small for my apartment but effective and didnt care the cost. I bought this and boiled water immediately and alas! No weird crystal bubbles at top! I ended up moving from that god forsaken state back to Brooklyn and my beautiful filter came with me. So easy to install and remove to wherever you move to. I changed the filter a year later and yuck! The disgusting slimy mustard yellow goop that was filtered from the water. UGH. I vouch for this filter 110% and they offer 10% discount after buying the filter for replacement pieces. Thank you filter man for making this. This saved my marriage because I refused to cook with crystal water lol

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  8. Karen A Jenner

    After many hours of research this won me over for its effectiveness removing metals and bacteria compared to many other countertop filtration systems. I was looking for removal of chromium, arsenic, rust but this impressed me with even more benefits. Its 5 layer filter is unlike most available especially because it allows us to have the magnesium our bodies need without removing it. My water is clear, tastes smooth and it’s very refreshing. My dog is loving it too! It’s affordable and worth the purchase!

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  9. Muzikmaidn

    I was worried about ordering the replacement filter because of the reviews that it received, and was thinking I was going to just be stuck. I ordered the replacement and it actually came earlier than it was supposed to come it looked very small so I thought I ordered the wrong thing and then my son was insistent on replacing it right away so he found that white circular thing that comes with the original filter and it must have taken him a good I’m going to say 3 to 5 minutes before I hear him yelling “oh yeah we’re in”. It was done and we are drinking good water again.

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  10. Tony Hancock

    This is a great filter, and I won’t go into detail as many others have here. What I do want to write is how to get the thing open when it comes time to replace the filter… I have seen in the reviews that many others have had problems with this. Here’s what finally worked for me:1. Unscrew the spout and the white line on either side of the base, they will just get in the way, and it’s impossible to drain with them on.2. Drain the housing of any water. The water will only flow out one way, so if nothing is coming out, rotate it 180 degrees.3. Put a screwdriver into the deeper of the two holes in the base.4. Put the tool that came with the filter over the housing, ideally 90 degrees from the screwdriver.5. Squeeze the two handles together. Make sure you’re loosening and not tightening. I had to sit on the edge of my bathtub and push the two levers together with my legs, but it gave way pretty easily this way. I’m convinced it would be impossible to do this just with your hands and without the screwdriver.Hope this helps someone!

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    APEX RF-1050 Alkaline Filter Cartridge: Appliances
    APEX RF-1050 Alkaline Filter Cartridge: Appliances


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