Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter, Alkaline, Clear (MR-1050): Home Improvement

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REDUCES CONTAMINANTS IN TAP WATER: The APEX Clear Countertop Alkaline Drinking Water Filter System removes contaminants commonly found in tap water, like chlorine, sediment, and radon. It also filters Cryptosporidium, and Giardia cysts, which contribute to water-borne illnesses. APEX water filters remove mercury and harmful pesticides to give you delicious, sparkling, fresh clean drinking water.

CONNECTS TO STANDARD FAUCETS: APEX’s Clear countertop water filter system has been designed to conveniently sit right on your kitchen counter. It is simple to install, and connects easily to most standard kitchen faucets. All the necessary hardware is included for easy do-it-yourself installation. Simply remove the aerator screen from the faucet and screw on the collar of the APEX diverter valve.

COST-EFFECTIVE WATER FILTER: By using an APEX countertop alkaline water filter, you can stop wasting money on small disposable bottles of water that just get thrown away when empty. Buying bottled water for daily home consumption gets expensive and tedious. You don’t have to lug heavy water jugs or cases home to enjoy fresh clean drinking water. APEX water filters are the solution.

ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE: Owning your own bottleless kitchen water dispenser can not only save you money, but it is the responsible choice for helping to eliminate the millions of plastic water bottles piling up in landfills each year. We only have one world, but it is quickly being polluted by unnecessary water bottles that can be reduced by having your own filtered water source at home.

MADE IN THE USA: Proudly made in the USA, APEX makes all of their products according to the National Safety Foundation certified water filter safety standards and requirements. By following the strict guidelines of the NSF and the FDA, we ensure that the water your family drinks is completely safe and healthy. Let APEX clean and protect your drinking water so you don’t have to worry about it.

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10 reviews for Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter, Alkaline, Clear (MR-1050): Home Improvement

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  1. Tony Hancock

    This is a great filter, and I won’t go into detail as many others have here. What I do want to write is how to get the thing open when it comes time to replace the filter… I have seen in the reviews that many others have had problems with this. Here’s what finally worked for me:1. Unscrew the spout and the white line on either side of the base, they will just get in the way, and it’s impossible to drain with them on.2. Drain the housing of any water. The water will only flow out one way, so if nothing is coming out, rotate it 180 degrees.3. Put a screwdriver into the deeper of the two holes in the base.4. Put the tool that came with the filter over the housing, ideally 90 degrees from the screwdriver.5. Squeeze the two handles together. Make sure you’re loosening and not tightening. I had to sit on the edge of my bathtub and push the two levers together with my legs, but it gave way pretty easily this way. I’m convinced it would be impossible to do this just with your hands and without the screwdriver.Hope this helps someone!

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  2. Carwin L.

    The product was very easily installed with no tools required other than your hands, if your faucet comes off easy. I have used the filter for well over a month and the flavor has not changed and has made our lives easier with the constant need of boiling water or buying cases of plastic bottle water.Before installation, after going through many other reviews here, I would suggest to twist off the filter before using it as many here had a hard time doing. This will initially loosen the filter which will make future filter changes much easier. The only reason I gave a 4 star for the value for money was the filter does in fact leak a squirt of water after each use and the dripping will trickle for a little. As mine is installed right beside my sink, it was not as a big issue.Last word of suggestion, DISASSEMBLE FILTER BEFORE INSTALLING. This will make your lives easier down the line when replacing with a new filter :).

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  3. Ned Ryerson

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     I was using a new wave enviro 10-Stage water filter before I got this. It started tasting weird even though I change filter not to long ago. So the. I purchased the APEX.So easy to install if you have a standard water faucet. Literally less than 2 mins I was drinking delicious and smooth alkaline water.I love the clear housing, and the water faucet spout makes a very strong flow when not filtering water!The knob for turning on/off filtered water is effortless and easy to turn.The water is smooth (mineralized), clean tasting and gets the job done. I like that it is American made and easy to install.My new wave enviro was a pain in the butt to change filter. I will review this again when I have to change filter. So I’ll be back around sept2018.Better than a crappy Brita or Pur or zero water filter. It’s fun to look at and you can taste the difference.

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  4. My6d43

    I just recently found about the benefits of drinking alkaline water. After researching the different systems, I bought this one. I’m so glad I got this one, it is smaller and the installation was easy just like they said it would be.Some have complained about replacing the filter, so this is what I did. If you read the replacement instructions, it says to put Vaseline around the edge of the housing to make it easier to remove for the next time. So, before installing it for the first time, I put Vaseline around the edge so it will be easier to replace the filter the first time. Be sure to put the Vaseline on the base and not the housing. If you put it on the housing, the excess will be squeezed into the covered area. By putting the Vaseline on the base, the excess will stay in the base.

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  5. Mestiza8080

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     After reviewing and comparing similar countertop filters on Amazon and other retailers, I came to the conclusion that this was the best one for our household of 4 plus 4 pets. We live in Colorado and the tap water here smells like chlorine. After buying and receiving this filter, my 9 year old daughter and I (husband is deployed) attached this filter to our kitchen sink faucet in less than 5 minutes. It was very easy and everything I needed was included inside the box. My only complaint would be the tubing being in the way but it was an easy fix using a Velcro strap, another solution would be using zip ties. I did not have any problems with the filter and pieces it came with but I did receive an email from the company that gave me great confidence that if a problem does arise, I can easily contact them for a solution or a replacement for a part. Overall, it’s a great filter, the water is smooth, clean and taste better than bottled water. No more wasted money on buying bottled water for my family and pets. I would definitely recommend this countertop filter to my family and friends.

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  6. Atom Brownstein

    Before buying this filter I did extensive research on amazon and I was using brita filters before. I hated the brita filters, the taste, the filling of the pitcher, the cleaning involved basically everything about them. I decided to go with this filter from the Apex company because I saw that they are a California based company and how their filters comply with the strict state laws on safety. I was considering buying a similar filter from a different company on amazon and then I noticed it had a proposition 65 warning hidden in the description stating how it says this product contains chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. I couldn’t believe that some countertop water filters are allowed to be made of chemicals known to cause these health problems. The concept completely defeats the purpose of using a water filter. I read from the question sections on how all of Apex water filters are bpa free, and I assume that they comply to the strict California EPA guidelines since the company is based in California. I also like the idea that I am supporting a local company which makes products of high quality safety standards, which I am proud to support. I have been using the filter and I am really happy with it and I’m going to recommend Apex filters to my friends and family. The water filter is great but just make sure your faucet is the standard size before your buy it because it probably wont fit if its not the standard size faucet.[…] and I put great effort into pointing out facts that a potential customer might find useful, as well as my own experiences and opinions.

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  7. ned stone

    The original cartridge I received was defective and the company sent me a replacement. Great customer service and very responsive to emails. I tested the PH and saw readings of 9.5-10. Very impressed. In contrast my tap water was about 6.5. The unit itself is sturdily built with stainless steel diverter and has a long silicone like tube that is flexible but sturdy. I chose the clear housing because I like the look of the filter. Installation was simple; simply remove aerator from your faucet, connect the filter’s diverter and turn water on to allow for excess charcoal to flow out. That’s it. One tip for installation is to install gasket on diverter to avoid leakage from the faucet and to use zip ties for tube since it’s rather long.My doctor recommended alkaline water for acid reflux and so far I have seen some improvement. My whole family is now drinking this water and I no longer have plastic water bottles all over my house. This filter should pay for itself in 8-10 months. Highly recommended.

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  8. Imad Daou

    For ultimate health, I am trying to keep my drinking water between 7.3 and 8.5 which include minerals as well.I start to use APEX alkaline filter that add minerals to the water and makes the water Drinkable between 7.3 and 8.5 ph level.I found out that regular filters do the job, however, it filters everything including the good minerals and alkalinity your body needs.Meaning, the water that comes out of regular filter is 4.0 Yellow ph level color which is acidic.My experiment at home clearly shows that regular filters made the water acidic compared with the Alkaline filter such APEX filter which filters the water and add minerals to keep water ph level at 8 drinkable water.And here is the drop tester that I used to test the ph level. pH Test Liquid https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008BMJ8M0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_8GaIyb84AGYPBDon't take my words for it. Do your search. Your body needs balanced water ph level, not high and not too low, balanced at 8. It’s like a body temperature.I recommend you search google for kangen water demo video online, or regenerateyourlife dot com to watch the the demo, however, I am not planing to buy the expensive ionized kangen water filter.I included a pic of my APEX Countertop Drinking Water Filter

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  9. Black Nile

    So far I give this water filter 5 stars I would provide more stars if I could. So far my pros are: easy install, great size for kitchen countertop ‘away from sunlight’, and the taste! So when I removed my aerator from the sink I noticed something in the “filter” ewww ?. I could never get that aerator off of that sink before! One day I was just like try again and it came off so easy! I feel like I have a little helper somewhere lol! I also ordered a ph tester to see if the product will stand up to its 5 stars. The first time I ran the filter brown water came out and then it was clear immediately. I notice no chlorine smell in the water or taste at all! I do smell the chlorine in the faucet water A LOT! my tea tastes better and so does my water. I cannot wait to get started on my lemonade and cooking made with this water! I will leave an updated comment with the PH balance from my tap and the filtered “alkaline” water.Update: this really is alkaline water! I purchased a PH reader and the water reading read 11! My faucet water 7, and an alkaline bottled water I would purchase from the dollar store which has a reading of 9 (no false advertising there)! I am super thankful I found this item! Healthy water for myself and my pup! Oh I must also mention, since changing the water my pup drinks too his breath smells muuuuuuch better! No need for pupamints lol.

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  10. Michael A Banks

    I bought this new through Amazon and set it up today. The quality feels good, the water tastes great, and it was easy to set up and fit my Moen faucet. Let me address a complaint other people have had. I have noticed people complain about the fact that you need a special wrench to open the filter to replace it, and they had to buy the wrench plus the filter. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the wrench comes inside the box, and there is no need to buy the wrench separately. So, take everything out of the box and be sure to keep the wrench that way there is no problem when you have to replace the filter. Also, be aware that if you buy a product used you might not get all of the original items such as the wrench and/or adapters for the faucet. Purchase this new and you will get everything you need, assuming you don’t need a special adapter because your faucet isn’t a standard design, and you won’t have to worry about buying those items separate and becoming upset with Apex irrationally since they aren’t the one selling used filtration systems. Spend a few extra dollars and buy this used, check your box, keep everything that comes with it, and you will be good to go with this 5 star purchase.

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    Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter, Alkaline, Clear (MR-1050): Home Improvement
    Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter, Alkaline, Clear (MR-1050): Home Improvement


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