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Ameristep Hunting Ground Blinds & Accessories. Hunting success begins with the element of surprise. That’s what Ameristep has given hunters for over 20 years: Ground blinds & accessories that cleverly conceal positions from up above and down below

The Care Taker comfortably accommodates two hunters, but its small size makes it easy to transport and deploy in a variety of environments such as heavily wooded areas

Integrated wheels for easy transport

Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo covers the entire blind and shoot-through mesh windows. Inside, black ShadowGuard coating ensures shadows and silhouettes won’t give away your hideout

Dimensions: 55 L x 55 W x 60 H Inch. Window System: Silent Toggles. Shell Fabric: Durashell Plus. Footprint: 55 x 55 Inch Shooting Width: 60Inch; Includes: Hub blind, carry bag, ground stakes, high wind tie-downs


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10 reviews for Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind, Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Model: None : Sports & Outdoors

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  1. Tom G.

    First one failed to arrive, after a five day wait from original delivery date, Amazon asked if I wanted product or replacement. Upon asking for replacement I received it in two days. I had order 3 and received only two. I ordered 2 for my brother in law and one for myself. I’ve have one that is over 6 years old and is still in good shape just a little faded from the sun. Very happy with amerastep and their products. Very affordable, would not hesitate to order again in future.

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  2. Serg

    Color of camouflage matches dry grass and forest too. Last hunt other hunters had their blinds and people easily picked them out. But I was told mine was hard to notice from a distance. This blind doesn’t have loops for native vegetation but I just pushed small branches on top through the ring of the frame that sticks out to hide the straight lines. Frame rings on the side allow you to stick bunches of grass or small branches. Windows are nicely adjustable to multiple configurations to allow maximum concealment or to reduce wind on a cold day. It is a bit noisy when rain hits it but snow is okay. Easy to set up and lightweight. Roof keeps the rain out except for couple of pinholes. Windows do let rain in since they are angled slightly up but that water runs harmlessly down the inside walls to the ground.

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  3. GTV4318

    I set this up on a logging deck that was cleared in mid Aug. I had it up all year through multiple storms with some nasty wind over 50mph, the wettest year ever, and even some snow. It held up great through it all. The snow buckled the roof, but I brushed it off and popped it right back out with no damage at all. I actually am glad it did instead of stressing the fabric.The zipper is loud on a dark quiet morning, so maybe figure out another way to use that. I used a couple safety pins.I had squirrels and birds climbing all over me all year, even with my 5yr old who never was too quiet.I brushed it pretty good as you can see from the picture and it held up well with the limbs on it all season. A few tiny pinholes, but nothing that got me wet.I shot one deer through the mess and it didnt impact the shot at all… In fairness I was using a 6.5 Creedmoor and only had a 125yd shot.Folded it up after the season and will be ready to use next year. I imagine it will last 3 maybe 4 year’s before breaking down. Unless it doesnt over winter well. I’ll try to update that next year.Make sure to air out a couple of days before bringing it into the woods. Has a slight smell from being packed but that is expected and goes away.Last note I put my kid in it with white clothes on and stood back 25 yards and couldnt see them inside. So I was pleased with that. Plus I had a coupld huge tracks 30yds behind me one day. Too bad he wasnt on the other side!

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Love how big it is, love that theres no velcro, easy to set up and take down and durable. I’m buying another. UPDATE: I was going to buy another but they raised the price by like $45.

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  5. Willard Short

    I used this for the 2019’s opening day of PA buck season in the mountains near my camp. Set up was easy. I brushed it in with fresh cut branches under a large spruce tree. Still it stood out like a tank. However, within a few hours of opening day I had a buck come in and stand broadside at about 60-70 yards. I could not find the required antlers, 3 points on one side, so I watched as he turned and ran up over the bench and out of sight.I’d have to say it did it’s job. Did the buck spook from the blind or me inside? Not sure which but we are required to wear blaze orange even while inside of a blind in PA. It did provide the opportunity for a shot had that buck been legal.It snowed the next day and the blind was covered in 4-5” of snow. When I set up, I had taken paracord and tied all of the hubs open, including the top so the blind held up under the weight.I did not treat the outside with camp dry for this hunt but I will be doing that before spring turkey season. After I was in the blind with it snow covered, the snow started to melt and any place that I touched, especially on the top, began to bead up and leak. Still I was comfortable and relatively dry.The real challenge came at the end of the day when it was time to take the blind down and leave. It was wet, covered in ice and snow and very difficult to take down and pack. Fortunately, I used a trucker’s knots to tie the paracord so it was easy to untie. Because it was still frozen and wet it weighed 3-4 times more then usual making it difficult to pack out. I would have left it set up to dry out a few days but I had to return home the next morning.All in all it was easy to set up and worked well but with challenges that were caused by the extreme weather conditions.I would definitely recommend this blind.

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  6. GEC

    Good blind. No real complaints. One issue I’ve had with all hub blinds is the roof collapsing in the snow. A good solution to this is to get an adjustable shower curtain rod and use it to support the hub on the roof when you’re not in the blind. And a cheap snow brush in the blind. You’ll still need to brush the roof off but this is much easier and quieter than having to bush off then pop the hub back up

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  7. deester

    This is my 4th review ever on a product. I think it took me less than 5 minutes to pull it out the bag. Pop it and setup. Then take down. This thing is extremely easy and well built. I looked over the quality and I’m impressed. I hate cheap crap. And for $89 I didn’t expect this. Even the YouTube videos I think show a different version of this. I’m a wildlife photographer so I need as much protection from the elements as possible with easy setup and tear down. This thing is it.

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  8. Travis

    Easy set up for one person. roomy enough for two people given proper seating. I Purchased this blind after the Ameristep two man tent chair blind failed on me mid hunt after its second use. With this blind I found a chair that was comfortable for me (lower back pain) and paired it with this blind and I have no regrets. its surprisingly lightweight and I found little difficulty carrying it along with my chair on my back to multiple locations. In just a month and a half of having this, its been set up in a swamp (that flooded overnight), and in a field overlooking a bottom (where a wind storm blew it 300 yards away a couple days later) and its still whole, and usable. Any hunter looking for a good blind… this one is it.

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  9. Bradley

    I got this at the first of the year for turkey hunting and deer hunting. I hunt fairly thick areas so didnt want an expensive blind getting crushed by a falling limb so I went with this cheaper blind. I’m 6’2″ 190lbs my cousin who hunts with me often is 6’7″ 280lbs and we fit comfortably with no issues so size is great. Despite some small pin holes it only leaks in through the open windows. It has held good in wind and is easily assembled and took down in a few minutes if you pay attention. It does hold better if you stake it down which is why you get stakes with it. (For those complaining of it collapsing) as long as you’re not trying to rip off the tabs that the window flaps hook on they won’t rip off (again for those complaining dont be rough with it and it won’t break) would be better with a split mesh design for bow hunters or some replacement mesh sent with it but ordering new mesh if you shoot through it isnt hard. All in all it for me and my huge cousin and it has kept me dry in rain and hid from the game so money well spent. If you dont wanna risk an expensive blind getting stole or crushed by trees or limbs go with this blind or if you just don’t have the money to blow on an expensive blind this one will be more then fine for you. I hunt almost daily during deer and turkey season and have had no issues to this point after almost 9 months of hard use. Of you take care of it then it will last. Keep it in the case when not using it and don’t leave it to dry rot setting the sun and weather.

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  10. Duck Farm

    My first year harvesting a deer. Two years ago I used a tree stand and never even saw a squirrel but this year I’ve seen 7 pointers as close as 10 yards. I use a Ravin R20 crossbow and sometimes a Savage 30-06. But mostly the crossbow. The shoot-through mesh is fantastic. As she other people have said this thing is not waterproof.I got a 20% off coupon from Harbor Freight and bought a camo tarp. Then I got 2 ten foot 1 inch galvanized conduit and used my Harbor Freight angle grinder to cut them into 4 sections. I used a 4lb hammer and a 6 foot ladder to pound them into the ground at each corner of the blind. Angled away from the blind so it would provide tension on the tarp. Then I drilled some holes into the conduit at the top 9/16 and put a piece of rope in it to create a loop. Then I took 4 carabineers from Lowe’s and hooked them onto the rope loop and onto the corner of the tarp. Basically adding a roof to the tarp so I could stay nice and dry inside. I also took my wife to Harbor Freight and had her use a 20% off coupon to get a moving blanket so I could put that down as a floor. Then I cut up a few piece of plywood to add for the shooting stick and shooting chairs. I also built a small table from PVC pipe and spary painted it black. Then I put mulch all around the outside of the blind and even on the inside. I wanted the tarp to overhang the front of the blind to act as a sun awning. So when the sun starts to set it is not shinning directly in my eyes nor does it light up the inside of the blind. Think baseball cap.This setup plus using the Primos Original Can pulled in several nice deer for myself and my father. I love this country and am grateful for our rights to own a gun and hunt. It’s an amazing experience to be part of nature compared to sitting inside on a laptop all day long.I recommend this blind but it does need some doctoring to make it perfect. Next year I’ll build a permanent raised shooting hut. It was cramped in this blind for two large men so I’d like to have something that’s a bit larger and has carpeted flooring.

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    Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind, Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Model: None : Sports & Outdoors
    Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind, Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Model: None : Sports & Outdoors


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