11″ small Leather messenger bag shoulder bag cross body vintage messenger bag for women & men satchel man purse compatible with Ipad and tablet: Clothing

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Buckle closure

DIMENSION: The external dimension of this distressed bag is 11″ Height * 9″ Width * 3″ Depth. It is a small satchel bag which is good for school, college, business, work, City Commute, etc.

PREMIUM MATERIAL: Superior Top grain Goat leather ,masterfully sewed with durable waxed Thread to ensure long lasting Satchel bag. The inner lining of the bag is sturdy canvas . The bag, when filled, stands on its own!!

LARGE CAPACITY : The Bag has three compartments, The main compartment accommodates Ipad (Upto 11 inches), Wallet, keys, Power Bank Etc . The other two smaller compartments can be used for small charger, mouse, compatible with Ipad . There are additional zipper pockets inside the bag on the inside-front and inside-back to keep concealed items. The bag has a front pocket for quick access to small items like keys, spare batteries etc.

FLEXIBLE VERSATILITY: Adjustable shoulder strap . The shoulder strap has a shoulder drop of 25 inches. The metal used is all brass finished making it rust proof. The bag has buckle closures, these buckles are real, super secure for city commute . Users gets used to it very quickly, a few days usage and its super easy to use.

Leather & color : Leather used is full grain soft goat leather. Full grain leather retains the scars / marks on the goat skin giving each bag a vintage look & different look. These are not defects they start to give special character to your vintage leather bag.


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10 reviews for 11″ small Leather messenger bag shoulder bag cross body vintage messenger bag for women & men satchel man purse compatible with Ipad and tablet: Clothing

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  1. Traijan Jones

    Shopping leather shops this bag would be substantially more expensive. Heck even a nylon bag to carry my Surface Go would be around this price.Yeah it stinks when you first get it. When I took mine out of the plastic bag, it stunk of chemical smell, almost like an adhesive chemical. I let it air out for a few days before using it and that’s when I could finally smell the leather smell (which doesn’t turn me off), today I left it in my office for 40 minutes while at lunch with the door closed, when I returned the whole office had that leather smell.This satchel fits my Surface Go with type cover attached nice and snug in the padded pocket, the charger, a pill carrying case, an insulin meter case, insulin syringes and bottle and a few little extras. So it holds all that I need to carry around with me all the time.The reason that I bought this was the first image for the product that is showing it EXTREMELY distressed and worn. I had hoped the new ones would be a bit more towards that kind of wear and distress level but they’re not, they look like brand new leather product as stiff as can be. This is a bit surprising as the thin leather is lined with a seemingly canvas type of material but apparently that canvas stuff is stiff.Overall, if I needed a second one, I’d probably buy this again.Pros: If the first image is true, this is going to look fabulous once it’s fully broken in, and should accommodate a tiny bit more stuff inside.It holds what I need it to hold.Cons:The shoulder strap is not removable, I will hardly ever use it and even on the shortest loop it pretty much drags on the ground. I will remedy this by taking it to a leather tailor and have them cut it off and put clasps on the end of the shoulder strap so that I can put it on when I want and take it off the rest of the time.The handle is a tiny bit too narrow. I can get my hand through it but it’s a squeeze.The straps have no quick release, they are true buckles and it takes a bit of use on each hole to get them to slightly enlarge to fit the prong on the buckle.The buckles themselves are a bit stiff. When trying to move the prong away you can only move it so far and that isn’t enough so it tends to catch on the strap as you’re pulling it out of the buckle.It’s got some pockets that are not very useable when new for me, inside there is a padded pocket and a main pocket and a zippered pocket. The satchel is so stiff when new that I can barely slide my fingers into the zippered pocket when my bag is full. I believe this would have been so much more accessible had they put it on the back outside. However when the bag gets fully worn in, it should be more accommodating to insert a few things into the zippered inside pocket.The shoulder strap holder is too loose and regularly slides off where it’s holding the excess strap and then you have a flapping shoulder strap unless you use it on it’s longest position. I think this can be rectified by just getting a cloth and pair of pliers and squeezing down on the strap holder just a tiny bit, just a tiny bit so that it’s tighter when holding the excess strap but not so tight that it mars the leather.The leather is extremely thin, but this may actually turn into a pro if it breaks in nicely and becomes super soft and supple.So far, good bag especially for the price.

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  2. Larry

    This was my first messenger bag. I wanted it for a trip to Europe. I figured I could pull it off there and it would come in handy to store my camera, maps, guidebooks, etc. It was indeed great for that. I didn’t feel comfortable putting my wallet and passport in it because I’ve always carried those in the front pocket of my pants where I can always feel that they are still safely in their place. However, l purposely bought one that has real buckles on it rather than a magnetic fastener so it would be difficult for anyone to open and steal anything. I’m 50-50 on whether I’d make that decision again. Certainly this is more secure than a magnetic catch, but what makes this more secure is it’s tougher to get into so that’s both a benefit (for safety) and a hassle (for my own convenience). The quality is great though and I really liked it. I’m sure I’ll take it on all my trips including those in the states where it isn’t quite as common.

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  3. Paul Jenkins

    Bought this for a trip. Stiff when getting initially but comes with instructions on softening the leather. Bout the size of an average tablet, and thinner not bulky. Buckles look very sturdy. Zippers on the inside.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    I have to carry an iPad at work and was looking for a small bag just large enough to carry it as well as keys, a note pad, cell phone, and reading glasses. This is perfect! The inside compartment holds the iPad and note pad, the small outer pocket holds the keys and the back pocket holds the glasses and cell phone. The leather is a little stiff but I plan to use some leather conditioner on it and I’m sure it will be fine. Can’t beat the price! Very happy with it.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    I Love it, Nice Construction, I need to air it some more.. The Leather Oil conditioner smell is strong. But it’s Beautiful..It’s almost aired out enough to use now.. It has plenty of storage room for everything you can think of..

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  6. Amazon Customer

    this is a great bag. it is well-made, solid and made with care, from my perspective. lots of pockets, and places for different items, including a tablet and a cell phone. mine smelled a bit funny, but there is a card included that explains why that can happen, offers great ideas on how to easily fix that. they offer support and a thank you for buying their product as well, always a nice touch to me.

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  7. Ranny

    I didn’t like the stiff not-distressed look when the bag arrived, although it’s very well made of good leather and I found none of the complaints a few had here. It looks really nice distressed which you can easily do.Take fine sandpaper and sand over the corners, edges and areas would naturally get worn with age. Sand areas over the body of the bag to the level you want it distressed. Sand down past the leather polish. You can hardly go wrong with this. When you have it as distressed as you want, take some leather oil and buff over it generously . This will neutralize the lighter sanded color and make it look natural. If you go too far in places take some dark furniture oil and buff in.When you finish all this, take the bag and twist and roll it all kinds of ways, loosening it up until it’s pliable. This doesn’t take as much work as it sounds. Curl the satchel straps around one way and then reverse it. Twist them tight. The twisting and rolling up the bag very much loosens up the leather. You can also stretch and loosen the interior of the bag. What you are doing is putting a hundred years of wear on the bag in 30 minutes, so go for it. Nobody would have been gentle with these bags back in the day. Mine looks great and like it’s 100 years old.

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  8. Homerj56

    This is a perfect bag for light duty, such as a class or study where you don’t need a full letter size bag. It fits my compact Bible, steno book, pens, pencils, etc.My father tanned leather professionally for over 40 years at a commercial tannery and I learned a lot about good (and bad) leather. This bag is great value for the money, and the smell people mention is simply the normal scent of tanned leather. Highly recommend!

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  9. Boge

    It turns out too small for my needs, so I send it back, but it felt pretty good, quality and looks, not bad at all, I think it’s well worth the price.

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  10. Donovan Bland

    It is early to comment on this order, as it has just arrived and was only pressed into service today. BUT… It is a nice looking bag. I purchased it because I had purchased a larger version of it a few years ago and, overall, I was pleased. The only issue with my other bag had to do with the leather stretching after being UBER-oiled. I will not do the same with this one. The leather is a bit stiff, but I am hopeful that this will lend itself to increased durability. I will repost after the bag has had some life. As far as for travel, recognize that this is not a very large bag, and has no special security features for travel.

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    11″ small Leather messenger bag shoulder bag cross body vintage messenger bag for women & men satchel man purse compatible with Ipad and tablet: Clothing
    11″ small Leather messenger bag shoulder bag cross body vintage messenger bag for women & men satchel man purse compatible with Ipad and tablet: Clothing


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