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MyEcoHive.com is 24/7 an interactive online social media for business network and international marketplace.  Our mission is to create sustainable intentional societies and provide agro-tourism in a sacred space to educate, heal and nurture healthy families and communities and replicate the process worldwide.  Members interact and empower each other in a digital bridge and shop authentic products from all over the world.  Our Hive is a vibrant and inspiring place for members, and socially responsible vendors to thrive.   Our vision is to create Eco Hives wherever our members reside.  Our belief is food should be free and shared among those in need.  Even if you’ve never farmed before, is a beginning or commercial farmer or desire to sell your products online, we welcome you to My Eco Hive.

                Our mission is to grow and share clean food, create sustainable intentional societies and provide a sacred space to inspire families and communities. E.A.T. plays a significant role to eradicate poverty and end hunger through food distribution, land preservation, market access and food safety.

We have a great responsibility to provide for all the needs of our members in My Eco Hive.  We share a profound life plan that yield transformative properties.  Being selected for membership is a life changing experience and patient process as we adjust to living a whole and balanced way of life.   Membership has awesome benefits.  For instance, the ability and freedom to eat and book a myriad of memorable experiences at multiple My Eco Hive locations around the world.  Together, we inspire a clean, green and healthy life.

  Approval into My Eco Hive will allow you to create profiles where you’re free to promote your mission, services and products.  You can even write articles for My Eco Hive, e news magazine, broadcast in our Podcast or share content in our Vlog.  Take or teach a private or group class.  Access Our Resource Center for loads of valuable data, downloads, freebies and helpful resources.  Form private or public groups and grow your networks exponentially.  

                Through the advent of time visionaries are born to defy all odds.  Through the sharing of information, we have access to a myriad of ways to transform and improve our lives. Years of dedication and hard work has paid off and I am sharing a wonderful way to set the sun ablaze!   You’re Invited to E.A.T.

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