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We are One Tribe, with Our Benevolent Creator, invite like minds, to grow into a more loving, caring and compassionate sharing society.  We artfully weave sustainability, permaculture and environmentally friendly practices for everyone to experience local and international agritourism to learn, heal and relax in a sacred space.  Our aim is to create sustainable intentional societies and replicate the process worldwide.   Through ecological restoration, land development, and international trade alternatives, we make fresh agriculture more accessible, productive, profitable and sustainable.

Ecology, Agriculture, Trade, Inc, also known as E.A.T., Inc., is registered in the State of Florida, IRS Tax Code 501(C)4 as a Civic League Social Welfare Organized Nation & Indigenous Sharing Society, Member: United Nations (ECOSOC) Economic and Social Council join in a sacred sharing society, to build in oneness.  E.A.T. members and vendors include registered families, male, female, youth and elders from all nations, kindred and tongue.

We AGREE that E.A.T. plays a significant role to eradicate poverty and end hunger through food distribution, land preservation, market access and food safety. Our shared resources combine natural farming systems to increase yields in growing certified private label agriculture. E.A.T. preserves biodiversity, provides ecosystem services, environmental training and doubles as a fundraiser for development of sustainable communities.  We host special events and create customized green spaces.


  • Practice collective economics to fund seed capital for “HIVE FINANCIAL”, Our central financial system to ultimately provide private funding for members needing funding for sustainable projects.
  • Gift, Share, Trade, Lease, Buy, Sell, Bequeath Information, Services, Goods, Land, Real Estate, Vehicles, Vessels
  • Grow and provide clean food; cultivate healing and medicinal herbs and botanicals for private label, sacramental and liturgical use
  • Offer grow local, farm-to-table options to local and international communities, while helping to regulate organic guidelines and food safety
  • Honor and protect Mother Earth and the rights of original peoples, the environment, local communities, farmers, gardeners, and growers
  • Provide Members in good standing with access to, Digital Bridge, social media for business network and international marketplace where E.A.T. members and vendors can thrive; 24/7 international access to networking with like minds, sell and trade in the online marketplace. Members receive first in line for discounts, deals, special offers, free stuff, green technologies, multimedia, resources, software, databases, manuals, guides and directories to share alerts, data, information, ideas and opportunities for investments and growth
  • Recruit students to join our Environmental Ambassadors and eco-preneurship training, specifically at-risk youth in rural and urban communities in developing nations. E.A.T. doubles as a fundraiser for economic stimulation for
    Science, Technology, Engineering, Art+Design and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) programs and provide scholarships at
    participating schools. We aim to provide a garden for every participating school.
  • Provide alternative and renewable energy, solar, wind, hydro and natural sources of power
  • Provide humanitarian aid and legal services, disaster relief and clean up, emergency search and rescue, medical transport, and refugee relocation services
  • Commit to making our earth a cleaner and greener place, adapting to purer and healthier life changes, calling this Declaration to protect and serve all stakeholders, members, policies, investment plans
  • Allocate land to build a model society, using monolithic domes, container homes and other sustainable homes building with sustainable supplies such as but not limited to, aircrete, hempcrete, bamboo; upcycle
  • SEED BANK preserve and harvest non-GMO, authentic heirloom seeds and native seed preservation
  • Increase local and international trade across borders to deepen access to expand market share
  • Identify and address major research priorities that will support healthy food production, distribution, logistics and agriculture systems.
  • Produce content and Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) to sensitize society about the multiple benefits of
    ecological preservation, plant identification and benefits, access to organic agriculture and the importance of living sustainably.
  • Liaise and work with socially responsible businesses and trade partners and foster peace and goodwill.

WE EXPRESS THANKSGIVING and sincere appreciation for the support of all members and participants who gift and offer all of the above to strengthen us and advance for the integral prosperity for all E.A.T. Members and for those who provide spiritual, emotional, financial and technical support.

WE UNITE to solidify our bonds toward self-reliance and join E.A.T. today as One Universal Family.

This DECLARATION cannot be amended or modified except in writing. Any amendment makes prior writing null and void signed by authorized representatives of each of them. This Declaration is accompanied by a mutual non-compete, non-disclosure agreement.

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